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Minecraft: How to find the End Portal


Minecraft: How to find the End Portal

The Portal of the End or Portal of the End in Minecraft is one of the main keys to the Survival mode of this game. With it you can reach the end of the adventure and take down the last enemy of all: the Enderdragon. But finding the portal is not easy, at least if you do not know the steps to follow. That is why we are going to offer you a helping hand with this guide that explains how to find the End Portal in Minecraft quickly and easily.

If you want to learn everything about this portal, but also about the rest of the game, don't forget to take a complete look at our Definitive Guide to Minecraft . In it we collect secrets, recommendations, tricks and even special codes for Minecraft. Find out everything we have to explain about the End Portal and then enter it to see the tons of content we have to offer you.

What is Portal End for?

The purpose of the Portal del End or Portal del Fin is very clear . When you activate it, you can enter it and reach the third world of Minecraft , the End . In this place there is only one objective to carry out, fight against the Enderdragon to pass the game. If you want to know how to fight with this creature and how to defeat it, in AlfaBetaJuega we can give you a cable. 

Why? Because the gateway to that place is this portal . Next we will explain how he is and how the End or End Portal is activated in Survival Mode. Because no, this one, unlike the Nether Portal , is not crafted or built, it has to be found and activated following a few special steps. Of course, we anticipate that you will need a lot of patience, and also fight a lot.

How to find and activate the End Portal in Minecraft

To find the End Portal you need to have Ender's Eyes that are obtained from other objects. You have to get Ender's Pearls and Blaze's Dust to combine them. The first ones are obtained by defeating Endermen at night, the second are obtained by defeating the Blaze in the Underworld or Nether, you will have to enter this world and make good stock of this dust. In fact, we recommend having more than a dozen Ender Pearls and Blaze Powders so we will explain later.

Portal to the End deactivated

Portal to the End activated

When you have a good supply of each, go to a Workbench and combine Ender's Pearl with Blaze's Powder (1 of each) to get an Eye of Ender . Now, you have to create several, if possible more than 12 . Once you have them, equip the Eye of Ender and use it in the Overworld. By doing that, you will see that it flies in one direction. You have to follow it until it ends up exploding.

When it explodes, use another Eye of Ender and follow it for as long as necessary . Repeat this process until you see the Eye, instead of moving further forward, rise and fall to the ground. That means you have a Fortress with the End Portal nearby. It is time to prepare your weapons and everything you have to get into it and kill all the enemies.

How to activate the End Portal

Once inside the Fort, it will take you a short time to find the Portal. You will identify it because it is a frame placed on the ground, with a mob spawn near it and a ladder . In addition, inside there is a moat with lava. Now, what you have to do is place an Eye of Ender in each of the blocks of the End Portal . You need to place 12, hence we previously recommended that you prepare more than a dozen.

When you place them all, the Portal to the End will be activated and you will be able to enter it . Now we have to insist. Prepare yourself well, because the battle against the Enderdragon is coming.

Can you create a Portal of the End?

The truth is that you can create a Portal of the End, albeit by making "cheats." You have to enter the Creative Mode of the game, select the End Portal block and build it following the pattern you have in the game. In fact, it is recommended that there be a gap under it. Once built, the rest is to place the Eyes of Ender on the corresponding blocks and you have it. As long as you follow the same figure that you have in the game, it is more than enough.

It does not have the same merit as finding it on your own, but it is also another option to delve into The End of Minecraft.