Minecraft: How to Level Up Quickly and Easily


Minecraft: How to Level Up Quickly and Easily

In Minecraft Survival Mode , in addition to being able to explore, fight and even stand up to the Raider's assaults , you can also grow as a character by leveling up. As if it were an RPG, you can gain experience to see how your character's level grows as you play. But how can you level up fast? And also, what is the use of getting experience in this game? We are going to explain everything to you.

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We remind you, by the way, that we have a great Minecraft guide with all the best tricks, secrets and tips for this popular video game. If you want to be the best playing Minecraft, check it out . But first, let's see how to get tons of experience easily and quickly. You are going to hallucinate.

How to get more experience to level up fast in Minecraft

There are many ways to quickly level up in Minecraft . We have collected the best ones and we bring them to you below, in addition, you can take advantage of them in any of the Minecraft editions , both Java and Windows 10 and consoles.

Before getting into the subject, you should know that the experience to level up here is represented in the form of experience orbs . They are small green and yellow spheres that, when you collect them, give you the points that you must accumulate to level up. That is your goal, and that is what we are going to teach you to achieve here in huge quantities and with the least possible effort.

Nether Quartz Pike

The Nether is one of the 3 worlds of Minecraft . Although somewhat more dangerous, given that it is enveloped in lava and there are more powerful enemies than in the Overworld, it can also be a perfect place to get tons of experience and level up . How? Chopping blocks of Nether Quartz.

They are easy to find, and if you are wearing a quality pick , it will take very little time to destroy them . It is a fairly safe way to farm experience without having to fight against enemies, although of course, the risk in this world is always greater. It is very important that you have the path you have traveled well marked and do not forget where the portals are. Do not be obsessed with getting experience to level up by misleading your location, because the effort may end up being in vain if you get lost or if you die.

Create a machine to farm Experience

You can make farming machines of all kinds . In fact, a very good way to level up by gaining experience is with a monster farming machine. 

You won't have to do anything but leave her doing her job while you do your thing. Then collect the experience orbs and something else.

Kill Zombie Pigmen

The Zombie Pigman is a very common enemy in the Nether, in fact, it attracts attention because it will not attack you unless you attack it. Of course, if you hit one, they will all go to kill you. This is something that you can use to your advantage to get that level up you want. All you have to do is locate a few and create a pillar at least 3 blocks high. Get on the pillar and hit a zombie Pigman with your bow.

Then wait for everyone to come after you and start killing them quietly from above . Don't worry, you can harm them, but they can't. Take advantage and annihilate them one by one while collecting all the experience orbs they drop. You will level up a lot, although you will need quite a few swords if you don't want to run out of weapons to kill them.

What is the use of leveling up in Minecraft?

Looking at the type of game it is, it may seem that leveling up and gaining experience in Minecraft is useless, but that is a serious mistake. Doing so will allow you to enchant weapons and equipment , as well as repair, combine, or rename both enchantments and equipment. It is the key to being able to use the anvil and the most advanced game options , it is essential if you want to have personalized weapons and be able to face the toughest battles with greater security.

Indeed, leveling up by getting experience orbs is essential for Survival Mode.

How much experience do I need to level up?

The experience required to level up depends precisely on the level to be acquired. Next, we leave you a complete list of the levels and the total experience necessary to reach each one:

  1. 7 Experience Points.
  2. 16 Experience Points.
  3. 27 Experience Points.
  4. 40 Experience Points.
  5. 55 Experience Points.
  6. 72 Experience Points.
  7. 91 Experience Points.
  8. 112 Experience Points.
  9. 135 Experience Points.
  10. 160 Experience Points.
  11. 187 Experience Points.
  12. 216 Experience Points.
  13. 247 Experience Points.
  14. 280 Experience Points.
  15. 315 Experience Points.
  16. 352 Experience Points.
  17. 394 Experience Points.
  18. 441 Experience Points.
  19. 493 Experience Points.
  20. 550 Experience Points.
  21. 612 Experience Points.
  22. 679 Experience Points.
  23. 751 Experience Points.
  24. 828 Experience Points.
  25. 910 Experience Points.
  26. 997 Experience Points.
  27. 1089 Experience Points.
  28. 1186 Experience Points.
  29. 1288 Experience Points.
  30. 1395 Experience Points.
  31. 1507 Experience Points.
  32. 1628 Experience Points.
  33. 1758 Experience Points.
  34. 1897 Experience Points.
  35. 2045 Experience Points.
  36. 2202 Experience Points.
  37. 2368 Experience Points.
  38. 2543 Experience Points.
  39. 2727 Experience Points.
  40. 2920 Experience Points.

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