Minecraft: Tips and tricks to avoid getting lost in mines and caves


Minecraft: Tips and tricks to avoid getting lost in mines and caves

In case you didn't know, Minecraft comes from mining. Although every time we talk about it we think about how huge its game world is, about all the possibilities of Survival Mode or the brutal creations of Creative Mode, one of the key elements of the experience it offers is the possibility of creating mines, of explore caves and the subsoil meeting all kinds of creatures and obtaining all kinds of materials. Something that can also lead to you completely getting lost in its convoluted tunnels and caverns. Something, for which we are going to help you.

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In our Minecraft tips and tricks guide, we think of all players, so now we are going to explain the best tips and tricks to avoid getting lost in Minecraft caves and mines . Some simple guidelines that will make you feel like a fish in water between stone and stone, between Creepers, Skeletons, lava, water and diamonds.

How to avoid getting lost in the mines and subways of Minecraft

Five. That is the amount of tricks and tips that we are going to give you so that you know how not to get lost in the mines and the underground of Minecraft . These are essential recommendations so that every player, both novice and expert, can locate and return to the surface as easily as possible, no matter how badly things paint as they go further and further into the depths of the game. Pay close attention and try to follow all our indications, we assure you that they will help you to orient yourself like no one else, even if it is impossible for you to see the sky.

Follow a single path

One of the most common tricks for inexperienced Minecraft players is to always follow the same path when moving through a mine or underground cave . It may seem strange, but we are going to explain it to you so that it is very clear. You can enter a cave and focus solely and exclusively on taking the path to the right each time you have to choose. Thus, when returning, you will only have to choose the path on the left. You can apply it the other way around if you prefer, that is already up to each player. And yes, it is something very simple, but it really is something tremendously useful to locate quickly.

Coordinates, always with you

Having the coordinates activated is the number one rule to start playing in Survival Mode, in fact it is one of the essential Minecraft tips that we give you in our guide. However, when exploring mines and caves it is especially important. If you take the entry point as a reference, you will be able to know how far you really are from it by observing the coordinates on the screen. Likewise, this will also help you to know how close you are to the entrance by looking at the data. It is not the best way to avoid getting lost, but it is the one that gives you the most accurate data to locate yourself within a labyrinth of tunnels.

Place torches on one side of the hallways

Another good way to have a visual reference when exploring caves or playing a miner is to use the torches . Not only are they good for scare off mobs, they can also help you understand the way forward. In the case of digging on your own, you can always place them on the same side of the tunnels you go through . Always place them to the right while you descend and dig and so you will know which way you are going. If you have them to your right, you are getting deeper into the ground; if you see them to your left, it is because you are going back to the surface. Simple, right?

If you are more into making shapes, you can always draw a kind of arrow with the torches on the walls to indicate the exit direction. It can make it much clearer so that you do not get confused when trying to remember which side corresponded to which sense.

Put up posters

Posters are a perfect visual for reference. You can write in them whatever you want to know, for example, that that path leads to a river of lava, or that that other is the one that goes back to the surface. Get used to using them and be patient for it, because they can save you from more than one predicament if you use them masterfully. Of course, if you are not going to return to the mine, take them with you to be able to take advantage of them in another that you open or in any other cave in which you venture.

Always have a good supply of dirt blocks or any useless material

If you've already reached the brink of despair, don't run, there's a last resort . Remember that the shortest path between two points is the straight line, so start building a pillar of blocks of earth or any other material that you do not want under your feet. Jump and position progressively to go up , and go pecking the ceiling above you to get closer to the surface little by little. It is somewhat risky, because you can find blocks of gravel or sand that fall on you, but if you have good health, objects to quarter and you are fast, you will be able to survive.

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