Minecraft Villages and Raiders: How to Survive Raids


Minecraft Villages and Raiders: How to Survive Raids

One of the great benefits of Minecraft is that it is a game that never stops growing. Thanks to that, many players long ago discovered the ability to defend territories in Assault mode , an option that came as part of the Villages and Raiders update . Enemies organized by waves trying to practice the despicable art of looting in villages and the players trying to finish them off while surviving and reducing the damage of the place. Have you ever come across the terrifying sound of that horn and fallen victim to these enemies? Not sure how to activate these Raids? Don't worry, we're going to tell you everything here, including tips to win.

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But what is Villages and Looters?

Minecraft: Villages and Looters, or Minecraft: Village Pillage , is an update to the game that arrived some time ago and has added many more villages to the Survival Mode of the game. Thanks to this, different types of town centers can be found in almost every Minecraft biome , with different types of buildings, more villagers to trade with, different workplaces, and much more.

But the most important thing about this update is that it includes a new type of enemy. The looters have a series of positions scattered throughout the Overworld or Real World , in which they prepare to attack any nearby village. In fact, there are those who are exploring biomes in search of new victims to rob, among which you can be if you are not well prepared. Thanks to this new type of enemy, a new game mode has also been incorporated into Survival: Assault or Siege .

Village Raids in Minecraft

Looters or Pillagers can attempt to invade villages while you are playing . It's easy to tell when this happens as a horn will sound signaling the next invasion. When you are in a village and you hear it, it will mean that both looters and illagers in general are approaching the place to raze everything. It is at that moment when you have to run to prepare a good defense, take out your best weapons and prepare to counterattack and end the threat. You have to be careful, because there are many and, in addition, they come as well armed as they are well accompanied with creatures and monsters to attack.

How to survive Raid Raids in Minecraft

Hearing the horn of plunder while you are in a village can make things quite difficult for you. It means going into combat, and you may not be fully prepared. Do not worry, because we are going to explain everything you need. Find out how you activate Minecraft raids, study the enemies that will appear and how they will do it, see some tricks to survive easily and, of course, the rewards you will get.

Bad Omen, the cause of the Assaults

Village raids do not happen randomly. For these to take place, you need to have the Bad Omen . This altered state appears when you kill a captain of the looters in one of their outposts, in their patrols or even in the different forts in which they can settle. In the Java Edition of Minecraft, only on PC, this status can be accumulated by levels based on how many captains you kill, which will make the Assault more and more difficult.

If you kill a Patrol Captain , you can receive 1-6 levels of Bad Omen, while if you kill an Outpost Captain, you will only receive 1 level. When you have annihilated it, if you go to any village you know or come across, a horn will sound, signaling the arrival of an enemy assault. You can avoid this by waiting a reasonable amount of time before entering any one, as the Bad Omen dissipates after spending an hour and 40 minutes, or 5 days in the game.

Another way to easily cure this curse is by drinking milk . As simple as that.

Which enemies attack the villages

The Assaults are divided into waves, for a total of 7 waves . Here the rules change whether you are playing on the Bedrock Edition (Windows 10 and consoles) or the Java Edition. Therefore, we are going to make a breakdown based on each one:

Raid waves in Minecraft: Java Edition

  • Wave 1: 4-5 Looters | 0-1 Vindicators
  • Wave 2: 3-4 Looters | 2-3 Vindicators
  • Wave 3: 4-5 Looters | 0-1 Vindicators | 1 Devastator | 0-1 Witches
  • Wave 4: 4-5 Looters | 1-2 Vindicators | 3 witches
  • Wave 5: 4-5 Looters | 4-5 Vindicators | 0-1 Witches | 1 Evocative | 1 Raider + Ravager
  • Wave 6: 4-5 Looters | 2-3 Vindicators | 0-1 Witches | 1 Evocative
  • Wave 7: 2-3 Looters | 5-6 Vindicators | 1-2 Witches | 1 Vindicator + Ravager | 1 Evoker + Ravager

Raid waves in Minecraft: Java Edition

  • Wave 1: 4
  • Wave 2: 3 Looters | 2 Vindicators
  • Wave 3: 3 Looters | 1 Devastator
  • Wave 4: 3 Looters | 3 witches
  • Wave 5: 4 Vindicators | 1 Devastator | 1 Evocative | 1 Raider + Ravager
  • Wave 6: 5 Looters | 2 Vindicators | 1 Evocative
  • Wave 7: 6 Vindicators | 1 Witch | 2 Evocative | 1 Raider + Ravager | 1 Vindicator + Ravager

Material and equipment you need

If you want to survive these waves of enemies, you need to be well equipped . For that, it is essential that you have a Diamond Sword with a good damage index, if you can enchant it with Sharpness and Repair to make it stronger and more durable; It is also advisable to have an Iron or Diamond Armor with extra protection and also the Repair enchantment.

That's the basics, but you have to add a good shield to cover you from the arrows that enemies throw at you, a crossbow with piercing and fast charging enchantments, as well as fireworks to cause explosion damage in area . To that we must add a good amount of food to heal you if necessary, milk to heal any altered state, potions to cause altered states to enemies and, above all, pumpkins to create golems , they can be the real key to victory.

Building defenses

As soon as you hear the horn, you must protect the area . The spawn of the waves of enemies is usually done in a maximum of 64 blocks around the perimeter of the village, so the first thing is to build walls of any strong material, with wood is enough. Thus, the enemies will try to find an entrance to the village, but will only go around it. You can also take advantage of this to leave a single entrance and slaughter them when they try to sneak in.

It is also advisable to place traps around your walls . Put lava or spider web traps to slow down. If you put holes it is also a good idea, since this way you will have them well enclosed and trying to go back up. Perfect to overcome the waves with some ease. Very important, yes, that you block the doors of all the houses by placing blocks in front of them, since this way the Looters will not be able to sneak in and cause greater damage.

Rewards for victory

There are several rewards that are obtained by winning . If you kill all the enemies trying to attack a village, this is what you can find and obtain from all of them:

  • Arrows
  • Crossbows
  • Banners of exiles
  • Emeralds
  • Iron spikes
  • Iron shovels
  • Iron swords
  • Iron helmets
  • Iron breastplates
  • Iron Greaves
  • Iron boots
  • Enchanted books
  • A lot of experience

How to win easily in the Rounds

Want a trick to win the Raids easily? Well, it is very simple. Have plenty of pumpkins on hand when you have the curse, and as soon as you hear the horn sound in the village, block all the doors with blocks. Just when you have done that, start creating golems to accompany you taking advantage of the pumpkins you have (here we tell you how to make golems). With these powerful allies with you, the waves will be much easier, as they will take care of sending enemies flying through the air with their fists.

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