Minecraft: What are seeds or seeds and which are the best?


Minecraft: What are seeds or seeds and which are the best?

Each new game in Minecraft means entering a completely new world, although it does not have to be always like that. When starting a new game here, or joining an existing one, you have to understand and master the concept of Seed or Seed. A very frequent term in this video game, and that has to do with those worlds that are born and open in front of your eyes when you enter a game.

In our Minecraft guide , in addition to explaining tips and tricks about this famous title developed by Mojang, we also have a site to explain the most fundamental concepts, and Seed is one of them. If you want to know what seeds are, what they are for, how they are used and which are the best , hang your beak for a while and sit down to read, we have a lot to tell you.

What are Seeds in Minecraft

The Seeds of Minecraft are the bases that are used to create a game world. They are made up of an alphanumeric series that is responsible for making the game execute the appropriate algorithm or lines of code to shape that virtual environment that someone has previously created. In general, when starting a game in any of the Minecraft game modes , the environment and set of environments that are created are completely random; however, by entering the code of a seed you can make them have a shape or follow a certain pattern.

Therefore, this seed is like the identity of the world. It is generated every time a new one is created and can be reused as many times as desired to replay that world in question, or even to join another player's game. Every change that this world can receive is reflected in the seed, causing it to change as well.

How do I choose the Seed I want to play with?

To choose the seed to start playing in Minecraft , you have several options. The key is when creating a world, and it is that in the different options that you will find to configure it, you will be able to see a field in which to write the code of the Seed or Seed that you are going to use. For that, of course, you need a previous selection and have the codes beforehand, although it is not always necessary to have this information to be able to choose the one you want.

In some versions of Minecraft , such as Windows 10, the game includes an additional menu that is opened by clicking on a button next to the field to enter the Seed code. By clicking on it, you access the Seed Collector , where some of the best of the moment appear. Thus, you just have to choose the one that most catches your attention, click on it and start playing in that new world. It is a very simple option.

Best Minecraft Seeds

There is no better Minecraft seed . Seeds are creations of worlds made by other users, so everyone can choose how and where they prefer to play based on their personal tastes. So that you have some interesting ones, we have compiled the funniest and the ones that we liked the most in the two most common editions of Minecraft : the Bedrock Engine, available on Windows 10 and consoles, and the JAVA Edition.

Try any of these seeds and get ready to experience some of the strangest biomes in Minecraft , as well as to experience very different adventures in Survival Mode. We hope you like them.

Best Seeds for Minecraft Windows 10

  • Mushroom Islet: 1404986100
  • Survival Island: 24517192
  • Bamboo forest: 1959330209
  • Ocean monument in sight: -513070979
  • Terrifying Mansion: -396676922
  • Outpost Front: 190800072
  • Littoral Village: -1813740965
  • Taiga Village: -453238948
  • Desert Village: 1136332378
  • Sunflower field: 654775433

Best Seeds for Minecraft JAVA Edition

  • Island village surrounded by ice: -3714757682118750540
  • Double Skeleton Spawn: -1627030624
  • Taiga Island with diamonds: 1796811328
  • Big hole - 8879956355735410260
  • Mushroom Island and Desert: -935877912
  • Jungle Island: 6989950847981476017
  • Amazing Valley: 1861004534102875792
  • Gigantic Islands: -1007380239
  • Biome Mix: 266794693
  • Ice and Fire: -6183068961479409378

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