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Minecraft: What are skins, how are they installed and which are the best


Minecraft: What are skins, how are they installed and which are the best

With so many possibilities it offers, it was impossible for Minecraft not to take advantage of the opportunity to offer skins. If you have never heard about them, or if you had heard, but did not know exactly what they are for, how they are used and, above all, how they are installed, you have come to the perfect place. We are going to tell you everything you need to know about skins or appearances in Minecraft , what can make you look unique and different from the rest of the players.

Before entering the matter, we must remind you that both this and many other guides that we offer are part of our very complete Minecraft guide . A full of tricks, tips and essential information so that, whether you are someone who has just arrived or if you have been playing for years, you can fully enjoy what the work of Mojang Studios has to offer.

What are Minecraft skins?

The skins in Minecraft are custom appearances with which you can make your character has a unique look when playing solo or with friends. They are "skins" that you can place on your player avatar to make it look like any character you like, be it from movies, series, anime, manga, video games or even a celebrity. In fact, you can create your own skins if you want to have an appearance even more impossible to imitate.

Available in all versions of the game , some can be downloaded and installed completely free of charge, while others require paying for a few packs due to the work of their creators. No matter what you are looking for or what you want to pay, or not, here we are going to make it easy for you to do it as you want and so that you can always have your character with a unique and unrepeatable appearance.

How to install Minecraft skins

The process for installing Minecraft skins , while similar, varies depending on the editions of Minecraft you play on. Here we have compiled the steps to follow to customize your avatar in the JAVA Edition and, also, in the Bedrock Engine, available for Windows 10 and for consoles. No matter where you play or how you do it, with this guide you will know all the steps you must follow to dress the appearance that you like the most in the game.

Install skins in Minecraft: JAVA Edition

The procedure to install skins in Minecraft: JAVA Edition is not complicated at all. The fundamental thing is to be clear that you need to have an original copy of the game and, in addition to that, have an account on the official Minecraft website. When you have everything, the first thing you should do is access it through the following link: . You are inside? Well, the next thing is to have the skins downloaded in PNG format on your computer. If you want to take a look at some, go down a bit in this guide, to the best skins section , download the ones you want, and come back to this point.

Now yes, you must follow these indications:

  • Within the Minecraft website, log in with your email and username.
  • Once inside, click on your account and on Profile.
  • In your user menu, click on Appearance.
  • Now, go to the skins section and press the button to browse in search of the one you want.
  • In the pop-up window, find the skin file you downloaded, select and apply. You already have it.

Install skins on Minecraft Windows 10 / consoles

In general, to install and use new skins in Minecraft for Windows 10 and for consoles , you have to do it by buying them through the official store. Within the game, you must access the Marketplace that appears in the main menu and, through this, buy the one you want. You can usually get skin packs to fully customize your character with the creations of others. However, you also have the possibility to use others that you download from outside or upload the ones you want to play, in fact, you can do it with creations that you have made on your own.

For the latter, you just have to follow the following steps in the edition of Minecraft W10 and consoles , since it is the same:

  • Inside the game, go to the Profile menu that you will see on the right, under your character.
  • In that menu, click on Edit Character.
  • Now, in the left column, choose the second tab of the menu, the Classic Looks.
  • After that, you can choose the option to Get more to buy them in the Marketplace or click on Your property. Click on this last option.
  • In the drop-down that appears, now press the Import option, with the model that appears. Then, click on Choose a new look.
  • Now select the file with your skin for Minecraft. The format of this file must be .png for it to load properly.

The 45 Best Minecraft skins

Here are the best Minecraft skins of the moment . Here you will find skins of superheroes, video game characters, anime characters and even youtubers that you know from playing Minecraft so much. The best of the best so that you can fully personalize your experience in this video game.

Superhero Skins

Manga and anime skins

Youtubers skins

Video game skins

Movie skins