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Minecraft: What should you create in the first hours and how to do it


Minecraft: What should you create in the first hours and how to do it

Your first hours in Minecraft can be tense. When you enter Survival Mode alone you find yourself alone in danger, not knowing what to do, where to go and how to move forward. But do not worry, because we are going to teach you something of the most important: the first tools you must create and the materials you need to create them.

One of the most important pieces of our Minecraft guide , that every self-respecting player must know by heart to have a good starting point when starting their new adventure. If you do not want the huge world of this game to overtake you, prepare well , because you will have to make a lot of things as soon as you start playing.

What to create when you start in Minecraft Survival Mode

Before you go on an adventure to start exploring like crazy, we recommend that you do two things. The first of them is to read our essential tips guide for Survival Mode , the second is to assimilate that you will need to create a series of fundamental tools to be able to survive your first and many other nights during your adventure. There are a number of absolutely necessary utensils that you should do as soon as you start your first game.

Which are? Here we explain them to you. Get your hands ready and run, because there are many things you must create in your first hours of play. We explain them to you and, of course, we also teach you how to do them .

Work table

Work table

The workbench or crafting table is the first thing to do in the game. With it, you can use more materials and create many more things that will be essential to begin to survive, and later in the adventure. All you need are four oak planks. Go to the first tree you find and destroy it to get wooden blocks, combine them and you will have the oak wood boards. You are going to need this table for the rest of the things you are going to do.

Stone pickaxe, stone ax, and stone sword

Materials for the stone pickaxe

Materials for the stone ax

Materials for the stone sword

The next thing you should do is a stone pickaxe, a stone ax, and a stone sword. The first two serve so that you can dig and fell much more quickly, and the last so that you can annihilate your enemies without problems. Of course, you will need quite a few stones at hand, you can find them in any nearby mountain or mine. Also, you will need to have made sticks before, for which you need to combine the same type of wood, always filling 2 of three parts of the central column on the crafting table.


Materials to make a door

The door is necessary to be able to close your shelter and prevent other enemies from sneaking in when you try to sleep. To make it you only need 6 oak wood boards, although there are many other variants. When you have them, go to the work table and make them with the pattern you have in the image above.


Materials to make a torch

Torches help you drive away enemies, making them ideal for placing on the walls of your shelters. If you prefer, you can also use them when exploring mines, placing them to help light the way or even carrying them in your hand. The usual thing is to find them there, but you can make them with sticks and coal or coal, following the pattern that we leave you above.


Materials to make a bed

The bed is ideal for you to rest in it. By placing it in your shelter, you can make the night pass automatically and thus start over in the game in the morning. To make it you need wood and wool boards, something that forces you to kill sheep using that sword that you will have already obtained by following our advice. You have the creation pattern in the image above.


Materials to make an oven

With the oven you can melt other materials or even cook food so that your hunger bar fills up much faster. In addition to that, later you can use it to work gold, iron and other materials. You will need to collect rock to do so, although, as you may have seen, its "recipe" is very simple. You only need 8 units of this material and distribute them as you see above on the work table.