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New World Level Guide: This is the quickest way to get to level 20


New World Level Guide: This is the quickest way to get to level 20

How to level the fastest and most effectively in the new MMORPG New World has often been discussed. The reddit user extce has now taken up this question and reveals the fastest way to get to level 20.

What was posted? In the two betas for New World, numerous people already had the opportunity to play the game without limits and with all of its content. There is one question that preoccupies many - what is the fastest way to level up?

Unless you are currently using an exploit and you reach the maximum level in a few hours , this question is more than justified. Reddit user extce has taken this on and published a guide that shows you exactly what you have to do to get to level 20 as quickly as possible.

Who is it for? Such a guide is aimed primarily at players who want to get into the endgame quickly and those for whom the early game in MMORPGs is quite boring.

People who want to play competitively and want to win the race for first place as a max-level character can of course work out the plan further, if possible. But even if you notice while playing that leveling up is somehow too slow for you, you can use this guide in some places to help.

As fast as possible at level 20 - Here's how

How does the guide work? The template from extce (via reddit ) always gives you a level range in which you should do certain things so that you can get through these levels as quickly as possible. 

Level 1 to 5:

  • Skip the tutorial using the menu. If you want to have a level for your sword, run up to the enemy with the shield and kill him before you jump over
  • Collect 5 bushes and 5 flints as quickly as possible and craft each flint tool from them once at a campfire
  • Otherwise it follows the main story

Level 5 to 10:

  • Collect plants when you see them so you can use them to make healing potions
  • Equip a second weapon once you reach level 5. By canceling animations when switching weapons, you can move faster
  • Be sure to take diary pages with you if you stumble upon them. They give quite a bit of experience
  • Make sure you have the following resources before you come to town, otherwise you can mine them during the truffle quest:
    • 40 stones
    • 24 raw leather
    • 1 flint
    • 45 wood
    • 90 iron ore (optional, used for iron tools)
  • Then continue the main story
  • Feel free to take on the tasks on the notice board, but only do them if they are on your way
  • Milks the cow to make light rations and maintain the food buff
  • Find a group at the Wolf Cave so that the kills are shared and you can complete the quest faster
  • Accept all 3 faction quests and complete the one closest to your position. Only complete the other two if they are on the way of the main story
  • Level up harvesting work to level 30 while on the go
  • Mine iron when you see it, as you need to dig at level 10

Level 10 to 20:

  • As soon as you have harvest work at level 30, collect 6 flower cap fronds and 6 river cress. You make 3 spoilage tinctures of these and keep the remaining 3 raw materials for later, if you can also save running time
  • If you did not start in Immerfall, now run to Immerfall to unlock it as a fast travel point, also unlocks all fast travel points on the way
  • Always accept all side and faction quests when you come to a new city. But only do this if the main quest sends you past them anyway, that saves travel time again
  • Always spend your area points for more experience, at least in Immerfall and Windkreis
  • Prioritize faction quests, as they give you the best equipment, but don't make too big detours
  • Completing most of the side quests and the main quest up to the Amrhein excavation should get you roughly level 20. The expedition is already feasible at level 20, but very difficult. You need a good group and a composition of healer, tank and 3 DPS players
  • Collect quests that take place in the Amrhein excavation and hand them in, they bring you a lot of experience.
After level 20: Levels 20 to 24 go relatively slowly in the starting areas. A general tip that we can give you is to accept all quests and keep the paths short by completing them with the city missions on the bulletin board.

Do not continue with the main story up to level 24, because from level 24 you can accept new side quests in the main story area and then you only have to run once.

These are all the tips we can give you to reach level 20 as quickly as possible. Do you still have any? Or even opportunities for improvement for the guide? Please write us in the comments.