The 3 worlds of Minecraft: Overworld, Nether and End


The 3 worlds of Minecraft: Overworld, Nether and End

You are already getting familiar with Minecraft and starting to get comfortable with Adventure Mode. You've been to many different places, built all kinds of things, and even finished off hordes and hordes of mobs. But what if we told you that there are several dimensions or worlds in Minecraft? Indeed, there is not just one, but 3 different worlds in this game, and in this guide we are going to explain them to you so that you don't miss a single detail about them.

Before getting into the subject, remember that we have the most complete Minecraft guide you can find on the internet. In it we give you from basic tips to survive to tricks or commands to make the most of your adventure alone and with friends. What you are going to read next about the worlds is another piece, but one of the most important to understand the real possibilities that this video game offers you .

The three worlds into which Minecraft is divided

From the surface to the deepest darkness. The world of Minecraft is in turn divided into 3 dimensions where you can find all kinds of creatures and objects, in fact, one of them is the place where you can see the only "ending" that this game has in Survival Mode. Because yes, you can pass the Minecraft adventure even if there is no clue on how to do it in the game. We are going to introduce you to the three worlds of this title, we are going to explain what they are and what is in the Overworld, the Nether and the End .

Overworld or Real World

The Overworld, also known as the Real World, is the environment in which most of the game takes place when playing Minecraft. All the seeds of the game lead to it, generating different versions of it each time a new game begins. This is where you can build, explore or run into the vast majority of biomes that can be found in this video game. In fact, it is also the place to collect the materials and follow the steps to reach the other two important worlds of Survival Mode .

The Real World is made up of pieces or chunks, which are each of the blocks that we can break or use while we play. Theoretically, this world is infinite, although it is usually limited so as not to cause excessive consumption of information on PCs, consoles and mobiles. In the Overworld you will find almost every building material there is, as well as most mobs and animals. You can use the compass to orient yourself and it will always be the place where you spend more time when playing both alone and with friends, especially because of the number of different places it can gather, as well as because it is the place where there are villages, where create your shelters and a very long etcetera.

The Nether

The Nether is a dimension that is supposedly located below the Bedrock in Minecraft. Its appearance is similar to the idea of ​​hell, with many dark rocks and lava and magma plaguing the entire scene. This underworld is only accessible by creating a Nether Portal for which you have to collect a very special material called Obsidian. It is a most hostile environment, but in which you can also find unique creatures and blocks that are impossible to find anywhere else. His fire, moreover, never goes out, no matter how time passes.

We are going to see the enemies and blocks that are in the Nether , but first we are going to highlight some curiosities of this environment. For example, if you put a bed, the villagers will be able to sleep in it, but if you use it, it will explode. Also, if you try to rise to the surface from the Nether, you will find a plain made only of bedrock and a sky in a rather threatening reddish hue. Another very important detail of this place is that it helps to cover great distances of the Overworld easily. And it is that, for each block traveled in the Nether, you travel 8 in the Real World . It is an underground reflection of what is above, which can help you move faster.

The enemies that you can find in the Nether are the following:

  • Ghast
  • Zombie Pigman
  • Hola
  • Magma cube
  • Wither Skeleton
  • Skeleton
  • Poultry rider
  • Enderman
  • Piglin
As for the blocks available in the Nether, they are these:

  • Base stone
  • Wash
  • Gravel
  • Brown mushroom
  • Red mushroom
  • Fire
  • Blaze generator
  • Nether Bricks
  • Nether Brick Fence
  • Nether Brick Stairs
  • Nether wart
  • Netherrack
  • Sand of souls
  • Shiny stone
  • Quartz ore
  • Magma block
  • Netherite

The End

The End is the dimension where the Enderdragon appears, the final enemy of Minecraft . To get to it you have to find a Portal of the End that appears by following a few steps and collecting very specific materials. It is also a hostile environment, but it has an important reward, and that is that defeating the dragon that is inside implies passing Minecraft, although the game can be continued right after doing so.

This world has a large central island surrounded by smaller ones . In this power station the Enderdragon is flying, accompanied by Endermans, and some obsidian pillars that are responsible for regenerating life to the winged creature. To defeat it, you must first destroy the orbs that heal life and then proceed to kill the dragon. Also, it is good to know that compasses or maps cannot be used here, in addition to the fact that the beds explode when used and that it is impossible to activate a Nether portal in this place.

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