Top 25 Minecraft Commands and Cheats

 The Minecraft command console can be very interesting, but in order to use it, it is necessary to know what are the commands that the game has. There are dozens, even hundreds; That is why we have compiled the most remarkable and interesting ones. We have made a selection with the best Minecraft commands and cheats in all available editions.

Another content that you can find in our extensive Minecraft Guide . What you are going to read is just one part of a complete guide with tips, recommendations, tricks and everything . If you want to get the most out of this video game, we recommend that you take a look at everything we offer in it. You will not regret it.

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Top 25 Minecraft Commands and Cheats

Before continuing, remember that we have a guide in which we explain how to activate the command console in Minecraft . You will need to know how to do it to use the commands and cheats that we are going to see next . We have compiled the 25 most useful and interesting for your games alone and / or with friends. Although, to be able to use them, it is important that you know that many require using the XYZ coordinates of the game, with them the exact position of each object is indicated, and to see them you just have to press F3 on PC or activate the option on consoles previously.

Top 25 Minecraft Commands and Cheats

Important shortcuts

In the commands that you will see below, you will see that many ask to enter a player's name or other information. To make things more comfortable, you can substitute those full names that should accompany the commands for this that we leave you below:

  • @a - All players in this world.
  • @e - All entities in this world.
  • @p - The player closest to you.
  • @r - A random player.
  • @s - You.

If you want to enter much longer commands that allow you to do crazy things like create an Enderdragon that you can ride on, you have to enter this fundamental command. Don't overlook it:

  • / give @p minecraft: command_block

All the best commands

Player Commands

  • / tp [player] - Teleports the player you specify.
  • / kill [player] - Kill the player you write the name of.
  • / experience add [player] [amount] - Add the experience points that you indicate to the target player.
  • / effect [player or entity] [effect] [duration] - Cause the effect you want on the player or entity you want for as long as you want.
  • / effect clear [player or entity] [effect] - Removes the effect caused.
  • / enchant [player] [enchantment] [level] - Apply the enchantment of your choice to the user's item at the desired level.
  • / playsound [sound] [player] - Have a player make the sound you want.

Object and mob commands

  • / gamerule keepInventory [true or false] - Enables or disables the option to keep inventory in case of death.
  • / summon [entity] - Invoke whatever you want.
  • / give [player] [item] [quantity] - Add the item of your choice to the inventory of the player of your choice in the quantity you determine.

Game world commands and modes

  • / clone [x1 y1 z1] [x2 y2 z2] [x3 y3 z3] - Clones whatever is between the coordinates x1, y1, z1 and x2, y2, z2 and takes it all to x3, y3, z3.
  • / difficulty [peaceful, easy, normal, hard] - Allows you to change the difficulty of the game.
  • / gamemode [adventure, survival, creative or spectator] [player] - Set the game mode you want to the user you specify.
  • / gamerule [rule] [value] - Allows you to change rules or create new ones for the game world.
  • / gamerule doWeatherCycle [true or false] - Enable or disable weather changes.
  • / seed - Show the world seed code so you can use it later.
  • / setworldspawn [xyz] - Choose the coordinate where you want the player to respawn.
  • / timeset [value] - Choose the current time, it can be 0 for sunrise, 1000 for morning, 6000 for noon, 12000 for sunset or 18000 for night.
  • / weather [creal, rain or thunder] [duration] - Set the weather you want and how long it will last.
  • /? - List all the commands of the game.


  • / summon Minecart ~ ~ 1 ~ {Riding: {id: »EnderDragon»}} - Summons an Enderdragon that you can ride on.
  • / summon Rabbit ~ ~ 1 ~ - Summons a Killer Rabbit.
  • / summon Zombie ~ ~ ~ {IsBaby: 1, Riding: {id.Chicken}} - Summons a Zombie riding a Chicken.
  • / summon WitherBoss ~ ~ ~ {Invul: _10000, CustomName: PACO} - Summons a giant Wither named PACO (you can put whatever you want).

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