Walkthrough Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: All the secrets of the Market Square location


Walkthrough Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: All the secrets of the Market Square location

Check out the screenshot first:

h Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous: All the secrets of the Market Square location

Orange dots - attention checks (not all locations are indicated).


Red dots are the places where new mobs appear after attacking the tavern. Please note that in some places there are already mobs before the attack on the tavern - if they are not killed, then new ones will simply not appear after the attack on the tavern.

  • 1 - Coal
  • 2 - House with the ritual of summoning a vrock. The vrok after the call is teleported to point 13.
  • 3 - Kylessa
  • 4 - Tall (when you get a handkerchief from Aranka). If you want to resolve the situation with Halran peacefully, then show him the angel's sword (it will be possible only if you showed him the sword earlier). Otherwise someone will have to die.
  • 5 - Theater troupe in the basement
  • 6 - Curl, Yanna and Elan
  • 7 - Necromancer with bodyguards. After attacking the tavern, a nabasu appears at this point. If you do not kill the necromancer before attacking the tavern, then the nabasu will not appear at all.
  • 8 - House with a shadow demon. You will not pass the Athletics check until you have killed the demon. To see it, use the Scroll See the Invisible from the corpse that lies right there. Or use any other method that allows you to manifest invisibility - for example, your ability to Angel Light.
  • 9 - Familiar Tiger
  • 10 - Halran and Ramien. If you want everyone (including Tall at point 4) to stay alive in the end, show Halran the angel's sword. If you decide that one of them should die, then Halran has the Longsword of Right (+1), and Ramien has the Blade-Star of Virtue (+1). If you do not harm Ramien, then Ilkes will speak to you and give out a quest that opens the path of Azat. If you do not resolve the situation with Halran and Ramien before the attack on the tavern, then after the situation will escalate and it will not be possible to resolve the matter peacefully - one of them will have to die. But that won't stop you from getting the quest from Ilkes. In order to receive Halran's or Ramien's help in storming the Gray Garrison, their conflict must be resolved. The character whose help you choose will appear in subsequent chapters and will influence some (different for each) events.
  • 11 - The place where Ramien stands under invisibility in case he escaped from Halran. An attention test is required to notice it.
  • 12 - Strange dagger. Needed according to the main plot for the Storyteller and for the beginning of the path of Eon.
  • 13 - Several crusaders are standing at this point. If you summoned a vrok at point 2, then he will automatically kill them and on one of the bodies you can find a mythral heavy shield +2 (which is very good at this stage). If you kill the vrok before attacking the tavern, then a group of drakes and vermleks will appear in his place. Otherwise, no one will appear and the vrock will be waiting for you. I don’t know what will happen if you don’t call the vrock at all.
  • 14 - Temple of Desna. The rescued deznits will gather here and Azat's path opens here.
  • 15 - Plutiflings. If you come here before attacking the tavern, you will encounter two tieflings trying to help the third. If you help them, they will join you in the assault on the Gray Garrison. If you come here after attacking the tavern, but you will find only one tiefling, which was thrown by your comrades. If you rescue him, he will point you to the spot at point 16.
  • 16 - Cache of plutiflings. Wand of Invisibility, Wand of Humanoid Shrinking, a pair of scrolls. Available only if you did not help the tieflings before the attack on the tavern.
  • 17 - Mongrels. Which ones they will be depends on which path - an angel or a demon you chose at the end of the prologue. You can send them to the Gray Garrison, where they will help you in the basement, but this does not count towards the quest to collect allies.
  • 18 - Book of Dreams (second page)  -  removed / moved in the release version
  • 19 - House with Brimorak. Inside you can find the Signet of the House of Vespertilio (+5 to any skill of your choice for 1 hour one time) and a Fragment of the sacred symbol (crafted by the Storyteller).

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