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Back 4 Blood Guide How do you get supply points?


Back 4 Blood Guide How do you get supply points?

With reserve points you can unlock cosmetic adjustments and new cards in Back 4 Blood. To get it, you have to follow certain rules. We explain which and how you will collect the supply points at Back 4 Blood quickly.

Get supply points at Back 4 Blood

In order for you to be able to get supply points at all, you have to play the campaign . However, the solo campaign does not count here, because here you will not be able to unlock either supply points or the missing characters .

If you don't feel like playing Back 4 Blood in multiplayer, you won't get very far, because the game is designed for a multiplayer experience. In order to have to play with others as little as possible, you can look for a person to play through the campaign with . The two remaining spaces are then filled with the AI.

How can I farm supply points?

The rule is actually quite simple: the more difficult the challenge, the more supply points you will get. Among other things, pay attention to the following:

  • The more real players there are in the team , the stronger the opponents become and the challenge increases.
  • The harder the level, the higher the reward. At the beginning, for example, you can always play Act 1 Level 4 and try to farm supply points. The reward at this level is quite high for the beginning.
  • Of course, the level of difficulty also plays a major role. On "Recruit" you will get fewer supply points than on "Nightmare" - logical, right?

Have you made your own ideas and observations about the supply points and can you give us tips on how to farm them quickly?