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Back 4 Blood Guide Unlock all cleaners


Back 4 Blood Guide Unlock all cleaners

A total of eight characters are available to you at Back 4 Blood. When you start the game, only four of them are available while Doc, Hoffman, Jim and Karlee need to be unlocked. We explain how and what advantages the cleaners bring with them.

Unlock all cleaners 

 In order to get access to the blocked characters, you have to play the campaign on Back 4 Blood first. If you have completed the first four levels of act 1 and thus "The Crossroads" , a cutscene starts in which Doc, Karlee, Hoffman and Jim are introduced.

It is important that you play the campaign online with at least one other player . In the solo campaign you will not be able to unlock the characters or many other things, such as supply points. Even if it annoyed the community before the actual release of the game , you don't have to deal with the multiplayer requirement.

All characters introduced

The characters, the so-called cleaners, differ in Back 4 Blood not only in their starting equipment . They also have various bonuses, for example on health, stamina or trauma resistance. 

Depending on which character you choose, you will have to adjust the selection of your cards in the deck. There are numerous cards that additionally support the various classes. So take a close look at all the cleaners and decide which of the characters suits you best based on their equipment and skills.


Evangelo is said to be the youngest of the cleaners. With this character you get bonuses on stamina regeneration and on team agility. Should a mutation take hold of you, then you can do without the taser with Evangelo, because he can escape the clutches of the mutations. 

Evangelo is the youngest and most agile cleaner in the group.

  • Character Bonuses: Liberated from the clutches of the infected every 60 seconds, liberated 75% faster, and stamina regeneration 25% faster.
  • Team Bonuses: An additional 5% movement speed.
  • Starting weapon: machete
  • Inventory: Starts with a Molotov.


With Walker, you choose a cleaner who is experienced in combat. As a result, his damage dealt is higher than with the other classes and he provides the group with a health bonus. If precision kills are easy for you, Walker can help you increase your accuracy. 

Walker is a retired Army Ranger and War Veteran.

  • Character Bonuses: Precision kills increase accuracy by 20% for five seconds. Walker can also take 10% more damage.
  • Team Bonuses: An additional 10% on group health.
  • Starting weapon: Glock 23
  • Inventory: Starts with a frag grenade.


Holly is referred to as the motivated cleaner, someone who will never give up. This setting affects their stamina and damage resistance. The more infected Holly kills, the more stamina she can muster. 

Holly is the character that strengthens the group's morale.

  • Character bonuses: When killing an infected person, 10% stamina is restored. In addition, Holly's damage resistance is 10% higher.
  • Team Bonuses: An additional 25% on group stamina.
  • Starting weapon: baseball bat named Dottie.
  • Inventory: Starts with a taser.


With Mom, you choose a character for whom the wellbeing of others is more important than your own. No wonder Mom's bonuses are mostly about resuscitation and support.

Mom is the voice of the survivors in Finleyville.


  • Character Bonuses: Once per level, Mom can instantly revive a player. It also has another slot in the support inventory.
  • Team Bonuses: An extra life for the group.
  • Starting weapon: The Belgian
  • Inventory: Starts with pain killers.


Much like Mom, Doc is a strong support for the group. As her name suggests, she works as a doctor and is responsible for the healing and healing efficiency of the group. She also provides the team with additional trauma resistance.


Doc is the squad's doctor.

  • Character bonuses: Doc can heal each group member for 25 points once per level, even without additional items. In addition, the use of the healing items is much more effective due to this character.
  • Team Bonuses: Additional trauma resistance for the group.
  • Starting weapon: Baretta M9


As a prepper, Hoffman is well prepared for the fight and supplies the group. With additional ammunition capacity and ammunition generation by killing infected people, this cleaner's weapon should never run empty.

As a prepper, Hoffman is responsible for the replenishment.


  • Character Bonuses: Hoffman has a chance to find ammunition after killing an infected person. In addition, it has another slot in the support inventory.
  • Team Bonuses: An additional 10% on the team's ammunition capacity.
  • Starting weapon: M1911
  • Inventory: Starts with an ammunition bag.


As a hunter and trapper, Jim causes more weak point damage within the group. It's the cleaner for those of you who feel comfortable with a sniper's gun in hand. If precision kills are also easy for you, then you will be able to improve your damage output.

Jim is the troop's hunter and trapper.


  • Character Bonuses: Precision kills increase the damage dealt. Jim also has a higher ZV speed.
  • Team bonuses: higher weak point damage for the group.
  • Starting weapon: 357 Magnum


Karlee is a practical character who can spot danger early on. Fast inventory for them and faster usage speed for the group speak for Karlee as the cleaner of choice.


As a loner, Karlee learned to recognize dangers quickly.

  • Character : bonuses Karlee senses nearby dangers and has an additional slot in the support inventory.
  • Team bonuses: +1 to the speed at which the group is used.
  • Starting weapon: TEC 9