Back 4 Blood guide: where are all the secrets in the form of golden statue


Back 4 Blood guide: where are all the secrets in the form of golden skulls

Rare is the shooter that does not have some kind of secret. The usual are collectibles, with treasures or documents as a curiosity to expand their lore , but sometimes you can also see an object that is repeated all the time.

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This is exactly the case with Back 4 Blood , as it has a series of golden skulls , as hidden statues, which are part of an internal challenge of the game with which you will earn 150 G in achievements for Xbox and 10 bronze trophies on PlayStation .

There are a total of ten statue , with three for each of the first three acts and with the last reserved for the surprising final act (watch out, SPOILER with that part). We leave you the title for each secret and the area of ​​the event where you will find it:

  • Return of Evil - The Crossing (Act 1)
  • Search and Rescue - Book Eater (Act 1)
  • Where There Is Light There Is Darkness - Special Delivery (Act 1)
  • Blue Dog Depression - Hell's Bells (Act 2)
  • The Arms Depot - A Call to Arms (Act 2)
  • Plan B - Periphery (Act 2)
  • Job 10:22 - Grave Danger (Act 3)
  • Dr. Rogers' Neighborhood - Garden Party (Act 3)
  • Remnants - Reach the goal (Act 3)
  • The Abomination - The Abomination (Act 4)

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