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Battlefield 2042 finally introduces Hazard Zone - The new mode explained


Battlefield 2042 finally introduces Hazard Zone - The new mode explained

Battlefield 2042 has finally introduced Hazard Zone. We summarizes the most important information for you.

You have to know that about Hazard Zone: Many fans suspected that Hazard Zone was the Battlefield counterpart to CoD Warzone. However, DICE emphasizes that the mode is not about battle royale. Rather, PvP and PvE elements are mixed, as has already been revealed in a major leak . Hazard Zone is a bit reminiscent of The Division's Dark Zone.

There are not only human opponents, but also NPC enemies. These are the so-called occupation troops who lay siege to important data media or prevent you from extracting the data. Your ultimate goal is not to kill opponents.

Instead, you have to fly these disks and survive. 

How many players are possible per game? That depends on your platform. The old consoles have to be content with fewer players:

  • 24 on Xbox One and PS4
  • 32 on PC, Xbox Series X / S and PS5

Even in the other modes there are big differences between the old and the new consoles. In All-Out Warfare, for example, there are only a maximum of 64 players on a map, while up to 128 are possible on PC, Xbox Series and PS5.

Here you can see the trailer:

This is how the 5 phases of Hazard Zone work

How does such a game work exactly? DICE divides the hazard zone rounds into five key sections that make up such a match:

Planning and equipping

  • Each match begins with a briefing that tells you about the mission area and where you will start
  • You can then equip and prepare yourself according to this information


  • You will be dropped off at your destination by helicopter
  • You start with 4 players on a map


  • The search for the data carriers begins
  • These disks are spread across the battlefield
  • For this you can take a so-called “Intel scanner” with you, which should help you with the search

First extraction

  • The first opportunity to take off will take off about halfway through the elapsed time
  • An extraction point appears at a random point on the map
  • During the rescue, opposing players and bots can make life difficult for you

Last extraction

  • This is your last option to complete a game successfully
  • It is your decision when to fly out, but watch out for the approaching storm
  • If this winds up, the match ends because you can no longer be recovered

In total, a maximum of two squads can make it out of a hazard zone game alive. The priority is to recover the data and not to kill other players.

During a game you can also encounter random factors such as tornadoes and thus cause unpredictable circumstances. For example, other satellites containing even more data sets can fall from the sky.

What happens when you die? First you will be shot down and can move by crawling. But if you are finally killed, you will be sent to the viewer screen.

Your squad can bring you back with a reinforcement call, which you can either find on the map or take with you as a tactical upgrade.

What is the data collected for? Battlefield 2042 is set in the near future. Only the USA and Russia face each other as great powers and recruit their elite soldiers, the so-called “no-pats”, from the former, other countries.

Both powers are on the brink of a third world war in 2042. This is also where the framework for Hazard Zone begins. In 2040, around 70% of the satellites crashed to earth thanks to a global blackout. Therefore, temporary low-orbit satellites are now the most important method for collecting strategic data for both sides.

These satellites are launched and then land again with the data they have collected in US or Russian territory. The respective fractions can then recover this data in the form of data carriers and use it for their strategies.

Your job is to go out and collect this data. Aside from the story, the data has value for the players. Every data carrier flown out is converted into the special “Hazard Zone” currency “Dark Market Credits”.

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone – Dark Market Credits, taktische Upgrades, Maps

What are Dark Market Credits? You can spend these credits before a game to equip your character with weapons, upgrades and gadgets. The equipment is specially designed for Hazard Zone.

You get Dark Market Credits not only through the data, but also through other actions, which DICE does not mention in detail.

Tactical upgrades
What tactical upgrades are there? 15 upgrades should be available for the launch.

Free upgrades:

Starting ArmorYou start with +20 armor
Negotiated Bounty 1You receive + 50% credits for killing occupation troops
Upgrades you have to buy with Dark Market Credits:

Squad ReinforcementCan revive a killed squad member. Can only be used once
Quickdraw HolsterYou change weapons 15% faster
Data StorageYour disk capacity is increased by +2
Loadout InsuranceShould you fall in combat, 50% of the cost of your loadout and tactical upgrades will be reimbursed
Biometric ScanningEnemies are taunted 50% longer
Faster Healing 1You heal yourself 20% faster
Faster Healing 2You heal 50% faster
Ammo Increase 1You will receive an additional magazine for your primary weapon
Ammo Increase 2You will receive two additional magazines for your primary weapon
Insider InformationReveals data capsule crash locations 30 seconds before they land
Throwable Increase 1Increases the capacity for throwing items by +1
Throwable Increase 2Increases the capacity for throwing items by +2
Table Deal100% extra credits for recovered media
It is currently unclear what these upgrades cost and how many credits you get at all.

All maps from Hazard Zone

Which maps are played on? All 7 new maps of Battlefield 2042 are playable in Hazard Zone:




Freight list



New Beginning

What about specialists? It is currently not known which ones are exactly playable. However, the players can only play different specialists. Unlike in All-Out Warfare, two Mackays can not be in one squad .

10 different specialists should be available for the launch of Battlefield 2042, but currently only 5 of them are officially known,

When will Battlefield 2042 be released? The release is officially on November 19, 2021. Then the shooter should appear for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

Hazard Zone is just one of three large parts that make up the Battlefield 2042 multiplayer.