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Diablo 2: Resurrected - 2 builds for the paladin, explained quickly and easily


Diablo 2: Resurrected - 2 builds for the paladin, explained quickly and easily

In Diablo 2: Resurrected there are 7 classes that you can choose between. You can customize your character in countless ways and develop their skills in different ways. We present you in the guide 2 strong builds for the paladin.

What kind of builds are these? The Paladin is one of the stronger classes in Diablo 2 and regularly proves its ability to withstand a lot and at the same time cause massive damage. With the right build, it will be really hard to die with the Paladin.

We present you here 2 builds with which you can ideally play your paladin. The Auradin and the Hammerdin. What reads strange at first, but quickly proves to be helpful.

  • The for beginners and for the beginning Hammerdin is better suited , it is also the stronger choice in co-op
  • The for later games and solo adventures Auradin is perfect

In the following sections we will show you the advantages and disadvantages of the individual builds and then explain which skills you need and how you should distribute your attributes. We'll also give you tips for your equipment and the style of play that you can go into.

The Hammerdin - Almost immortal and overwhelming damage 


  •     Tremendously high damage
  •     Few enemies are immune to your damage
  •     It is easy to get maximum block chance
  •     It's really hard to die with the build
  •     Can handle almost any content easily 


  •     It takes practice to hit with the hammers
  •     Needs the
  •     Enigma Runeword
  •     mandatory
  •     Can get boring 

How should I skill?

  • Prayer - 1 point
  • Despite - 1 point
  • Cleaning - 1 point
  • Thrive - 20 points
  • Redemption - 1 point
  • Power - 1 point
  • Blessed guidance - 20 points
  • Concentration - 20 points
  • Knock down - 1 point
  • Holy lightning - 1 point
  • Rush - 1 point
  • Blessed Hammer - 20 points
  • Holy shield - 20 points
  • remaining points on redemption or at will

As the name of the build suggests, most of the damage comes from your sacred hammers. So you definitely shouldn't miss this skill. For starters, you can grab one point each in Smash, Holy Bolt, and Charge before you reach the hammers.

Accordingly, you should learn Holy Shield early, which improves your block chances. Once that is done, you can turn to the offensive aura tree. Here your focus is on the skill Concentration, as it increases your damage and your attacks are harder to block.

In the defensive tree you skill prayer, defiance and purification with one point each, until you can then set 20 points on prosperity, as it forms a synergy with your hammers.

A finished build for the Hammerdin could look like this.

Tip: Do the Holy Shield first before distributing your points. It gives you a percentage block chance that is capped at 75%. If you reach 75% before the holy shield affects you, you have wasted points.

How do you distribute the attribute points?

  • Strength - Just enough so that you can carry the equipment
  • Dexterity - Enough to get 75% block chance, which is easier thanks to Holy Shield
  • Vitality - As much as possible
  • Focus - Little to no points

What equipment do you need? The Hammerdin is not necessarily dependent on specific equipment. However, there are certain values ​​that you should focus on:

  • +Skills
  • Faster cast detent
  • Resistance to everything
  • Percentage damage reduction
  • and possibly the chance of magical items if you want to farm rare items with the build 

Which mercenary should you choose? We recommend you take a nightmare mercenary from act 2 with you, as his power aura harmonizes very well with your concentration aura and means that your mercenary can also deal a lot of damage.

How do you play the build? The first thing you do is buff before you go into battle. Concentration and a holy shield are very important because fighting as a hammerdin is based on them. Then you go ahead and let your hammers fly. This works optimally if you can teleport, but this is not absolutely necessary.

As Hammerdin you can achieve a lot of damage in a very short time and since then you are much more mobile than you are with the Auradin. You also get significantly more mobility and survivability. All around, the Hammerdin is an all-rounder that is easy to play and difficult to kill.

The Diablo expert Dbrunski has also presented the Hammerdin in his video and shows in the gameplay how it plays. We have included it here for you:


The Auradin - strong in the endgame and solo hard to beat


  •     Very good individual damage
  •     Also okay in area damage
  •     Strong in co-op, even stronger solo
  •     With the right equipment, solo Baal runs can be done in 5 minutes 


  •     No high area damage
  •     Lack of mobility
  •     Correct equipment is essential
  •     Not viable in hardcore 

How should I skill?

  • Prayer - 1 point
  • Resistance to fire - 20 points
  • Resistance to cold - 1 point
  • Resistance to lightning - 1 point
  • Despite - 1 point
  • Cleaning - 1 point
  • Flourish - 1 point
  • Redemption - 20 points
  • Salvation - 1 point
  • Power - 1 point
  • Holy fire - 1 point
  • Thorns - 1 point
  • Blessed Leadership - 1 point
  • Concentration - 1 point
  • Holy Frost - 1 point
  • Holy shock - 1 point
  • Refuge - 1 point
  • Fanaticism - 1 point
  • Conviction - 1 point
  • Knock down - 1 point
  • Sacrifice - 1 point
  • Holy lightning - 1 point
  • Zeal - 20 points
  • Blessed Hammer - 1 point
  • Holy shield - 1 point
  • remaining points at will

In the leveling process, you should first choose knock down in the fight tree and then choose Zeal, as this is your most important attack ability. Then you can develop power, focus and fanaticism as you level up.

It is important to allocate a point on Holy Shield so that you can always work it on yourself. You should also put one point on each skill in the defensive tree, except for meditation.

You can then bet more points on zeal until you find equipment that works well with your auras. Then you should put points on the condemnation, as it reduces the resistance of opponents by up to 150%. When you are fully equipped, Judgment should be level 25. Before that, fanaticism is more important.

In the course of leveling, you then decide on your preferred aura and skill the corresponding synergies of your aura. If you want more survivability, you can leave out points on Zeal to give more to Holy Shield.

A finished build with the fire aura could then look like this

How do you distribute the attribute points?

  • Strength - Just enough so that you can carry the equipment
  • Dexterity - Enough to get 75% block chance, which is easier thanks to Holy Shield
  • Vitality - As much as possible
  • Focus - Little to none

What equipment do you need? With the equipment you have to look which of the auras you want to go to. It is basically possible to play on fire or on lightning. A hybrid would also be possible, but not necessarily optimal.

With the following equipment you are well positioned and work best towards it:

  • Helmet: Crown of Ages (For Fire), Dream (For Lightning)
  • Amulet: Wrath of the Highlord
  • Weapon: Hand of Justice (for fire), sorrow, or last wish (for lightning)
  • Change weapon: Call to arms
  • Shield: Dragon shield (for fire), dream (for lightning) or basic paladin shield with% against all odds
  • Change shield: ghost
  • Body protection: dragon protection (for fire), force or compulsion (for lightning)
  • Belt: cord from ears
  • Rings: With mana and life per hit
  • Gloves: Dracul's Grip (for Fire and Hybrid), Steel Trend (for Lightning)
  • Boots: Gore rider or goblin toe
  • Lucky charms: Annihilus, Hellfire Torch, Gheed's fortune

Which mercenary should you choose? We recommend the Cold Arrow mercenary from Act 1, who is equipped with a trust crusader bow to create a fanatical level 15 aura.

How do you play the build? Your main damage comes from your auras and through your mere presence. You are able to kill enemies in a few seconds and cause massive damage in close combat. Even bosses should only be able to hold out against you for a few seconds.

In co-op, your friends also benefit from the auras and the additional damage they cause. The build is easily capable of soloing through the entire game. As far as his survivability is concerned, he is relatively lost in hardcore mode, because you move very close to the opponents and have few opportunities to escape. So you are often easy targets.

In this video you can see an Auradin from the Alpha of Diablo 2: Resurrected. He chooses a hybrid version of the Auradin.

Do you have any other good builds for the Paladin or suggestions for improvement for the ones mentioned here? Are you already fully in Diablo 2: Resurrected or are you still waiting to see what the game could bring? Feel free to write us a comment.