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ESO Event Ticker - How to claim your rewards by the end of 2021


ESO Event Ticker - How to claim your rewards by the end of 2021

The next annual event in the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online is the gruesome Witches Festival. But there are more events waiting for you until the end of the year. MeinMMO tells you when to get ready for the next event and what there is to get for you.

It's all about these events: As it has become almost a tradition in MMORPGs, there are also special events in ESO that are based on public holidays from real life.

The explorer celebrations will run until October 20th at 4 p.m. CEST. These currently grant you the following advantages:

  • double income from resource deposits (not fishing)
  • double experience gain (can be increased with scrolls and potions)
  • double gold gain by killing NPCs, quest rewards and the like

But this is not the last event in 2021. You can expect more celebrations.

First of all, here is an overview of when you can look forward to which event:

The witch festivalOctober 21, 16:00 CESTNovember 2, 15:00 CET
Celebrations of the intrepidthe beginning of Decembermiddle of December
New year celebrationsmiddle of Decemberbeginning of January
As soon as there is new information about the remaining events, they will be added to this article. Until then, have fun with the Witches Festival!

Next event in ESO: The Witches Festival

What is the Witches Festival and when does it start?

This is a Halloween event in ESO. It starts this year on
October 21 at 4:00 p.m. Again, there are some special rewards waiting for you.

So you can take part in the witch festival

First you have to buy the crowcaller in the crown shop. You can find this item in the “Holiday” category or in the showcase. As soon as you use it, you will unlock the quest “The Witch Mother's Barter”. As soon as you have completed this quest, you will receive a souvenir: the witch mother's whistle.

If you completed the quest the year before, you can simply use your keepsake again. You don't necessarily have to repeat the quest. The best thing to do is to put the souvenir in your quick access during the event. You can access it via your inventory (I) by clicking on the quick access symbol.

There you can now add some items, which you can use directly with a key (default setting: Q).

If you now use your souvenir, you will receive an experience bonus of 100% for 2 hours. The witch's mother's cauldron also appears. If you use this, you turn into a gruesome skeleton. If you don't like this look, you can of course deactivate it again.

How do I turn off the Witches Festival Transformation?

Open your character menu (C) and scroll down to the bottom. There you can see effects acting on you. If you now click on the effect of the transformation, it disappears again.

These rewards are available at the Witches Festival

In addition to the experience bonus, you will also receive plunder skulls. These are given as rewards from leaders. It doesn't matter which leader. There is loot here:

  • Vault bosses
  • Open dungeon bosses
  • Dungeon bosses
  • Bosses in trials
  • Open world bosses
You can recognize the leaders / bosses by the fact that they are marked on your map with a skull symbol. With these add-ons you can also make bosses visible on the map that you would otherwise not see:

  • Dungeon champions
  • Map pins

An overview of the special rewards of the Witches Festival

Take a look at the crown shop during the event. There are some interesting things there like this cute witch hat companion.

Plunder skullLeaders / bosses
Event tickets1. Plunder skulls per day
Experience bonus (100%)Witch mother's whistle
item : witch-tamed bear dog
10 fragments:
bone dust pigment
Fragment: bone dust pigmentLooter's skull (chance, not guaranteed)
event ticket trader (impresaria)
Rune box: "Mouse Bacon Grill Pleasure" campaign1. Looter's skull per day (chance)
event ticket trader (impresaria)
Rune box: "Campfire" souvenir1. Looter's skull per day (chance)
event ticket trader (impresaria)
Title: WitchWitches Festival writings
Witches Festival writings1st loot skull per day (chance)
Outfit Style Pages :
Glenmoril Wyrd (Armor)
Glenmoril Wyrd (Weapons) from Glenmoril Treasure
Maps Grave Dancers (Weapons)

1st loot skull per day (chance)
Chapter: Craft style of the Dremore1st loot skull per day (chance)
Incessant Shiftstone (Companion):
Daedric Flint,
Etched Hammer, Smoldering Bloodgrass Tinder
Event ticket dealer (impresaria)
Fragments for Soot Corruption Plateau (Heim):
Burning Pillar
Scorching Pillars
Event ticket dealer (impresaria)
Witches' grab bag:
collectibles from previous years
Event ticket dealer (impresaria)
You will also receive smaller rewards from the normal plunder skulls:

  • Recipes for the witch festival
  • Facility and facility plans
  • Alchemy reagents
  • Style materials for Dremora & Pumpkin Face

A new daily quest awaits you at the Witches Festival

For the first time there will be the new daily quest “Pluck the Crow”. You get the quest from the witch mother Taerma. You can find them both in the Olyves Brewery and at the Impresaria. To complete the quest, you will need to find 50 cursed feathers in plunder skulls.

As a reward, you can turn the cursed feathers into an image that will prepare you a way to an unknown place and a new world boss.

Are you already looking forward to the witch festival? Do you already know it or is it the first time for you? Let us know in the comments.