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Far Cry 6: find pre-order bonus and additional content


Far Cry 6: find pre-order bonus and additional content

If you have the pre-order bonus or one of the special editions of Far Cry 6, you can look forward to a lot of additional content in the shooter. But where exactly can you find the items in the game? We'll tell you!

Unlock pre-order items and additional content in Far Cry 6

Before you get access to your extra content from the pre-order bonus or special editions in Far Cry 6, you have to advance a bit in the story , because from the start you don't have the items in your inventory.

More precisely, you must first complete the first starting island. So play the main missions until you get to the Zamok archipelago and have completed the "The Guerrilla" mission there. You will then receive a notification that your extra content is now available.

All of your additional content then pops up once on the screen, so that you know that you now have it. Remember that the items can then be equipped in the corresponding menu. Talismans for weapons or special outfits can be selected from the respective item slots in the Arsenal menu. You can also equip skins and accessories for vehicles and Amigos in the corresponding menus.

What extra content is there?

Depending on whether you are a pre-order or have one of the special editions, you will get the following extra items:

  • Libertad package (pre-order)
    • Outfit for chorizo
    • Waffe „Crazy Records“
  • Blood Dragon Package (Season Pass Owners)
    • "Blood Dragon" equipment set
    • Weapon "AJM9"
    • "Kobracon" weapon
    • "Omega Force" vehicle
    • "Killstar" weapon talisman
    • Friend „K-9000“
    • Cockpitdeko „Rex Power Colt-Chibi“
  • Ultimate-Paket (Ultimate und Collector's Edition)
    • Crocodile Hunter Package
      • Weapon "45/70"
      • Vehicle accessories "45/70 ammunition"
      • Weapon talisman "crocodile tooth"
      • Machinist outfit
      • Offroad-SUV
    • Jungle Expedition Package (also for Amazon customers)
      • "Compass" weapon talisman
      • Weapon "SBS"
      • Adventurer outfit
    • Vice-Package
      • Friend „Champagne
      • Weapon talisman "gold bar"
      • Vehicle accessories "letter opener"
      • "Scorpion" weapon
      • „Miami Strip“-Outfit
      • Cabrio

Having trouble finding your additional content in Far Cry 6? Then let us know in the comments!