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Far Cry 6: Mysterious Chorizo ​​Key (Unlock Antón Scumbag)


Far Cry 6: Mysterious Chorizo ​​Key (Unlock Antón Scumbag)

While you are completing the retrieval quest for Chorizo ​​in Far Cry 6, the cute companion will dig up a mysterious key for you. But where can you use it? We'll tell you and explain how you can get the unique “Antón Drecksack” rifle.

Use the Mysterious Key in Far Cry 6

After you have contacted the Monteros in the Madrugada region and activated the base camp there, you can activate Amigo Chorizo via the Yaran story “Who is a good boy?”. This is followed by the "retrieval quest" in which Chorizo ​​digs up some useful objects for you.

Among other things, there is also the Mysterious Key . If you check the object description in the inventory, you will find out that the words "Guau-Guau" are carved into the key and that it can probably be used somewhere on a beach on Isla Santuario (starting island).

Guau-Guau is the small island in Casas Bay in the center of Isla Santuario. There is a small camp here with a treasure chest next to a large palm tree. With this chest you can use the mysterious key.

Guau-Guau is a small island in the Casas Bay of Isla Santuario (Far Cry 6).

With this treasure chest you can use the mysterious key (Far Cry 6).

Reward "Antón Drecksack" (assault rifle)

In the treasure chest you will find the unique weapon "Antón Drecksack". This is a modified AK-47 with the following mods:

  • Attachment mods

Poison projectiles (projectiles cause poison damage)

Muzzle brake (horizontal recoil is reduced and muzzle flash is reduced)

  • Mods

Trigger control (weapon damage with aimed shots is increased)

Nimble marksman (you can move faster when aiming)

Did you find the box for the mysterious key in Far Cry 6 or did you have problems? Let us know in the comments!