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Far Cry 6 Newbie Guide - How to Choose the Best Ammo, Companion, Weapon Arsenal, and Vehicles


Far Cry 6 Newbie Guide - How to Choose the Best Ammo, Companion, Weapon Arsenal, and Vehicles

The release of Far Cry 6 has already taken place, which means that the time has come to provide advice that will help budding revolutionaries in their fight against the regime on the island of Yara.

Armor-piercing cartridges - there is nothing better than them

The special workbench always has the ability to modify any basic weapon. Such trunks are generously scattered across the map. Most often they can be found at the checkpoint.

Using the workbench, you can change the type of ammunition, muzzle and scope. First of all, you should be interested in the ammunition cell.

Among all the options, the best will always be a mod for armor-piercing cartridges. If you install it, then you can easily kill both armored enemies and ordinary ones. Other types of supplies are extremely situational. They should be left for experimentation for later, so as not to once again collect resources for really useful mods.

After unlocking the armor-piercing cartridges, pay attention to the normal optics and compensators that increase the accuracy of the fire.

Chicharron Rooster is the most powerful pet in the game 

One of the best side quests in Far Cry 6 is dedicated to the mighty beast Chicharron . His questline can be started by finding a note in the 67th Legends camp. If you go through it completely, a battle will join you rooster , capable of tearing apart any enemy you point with a marker with its spurs.

Given that Far Cry 6 is often played aggressively, the support of such a pet is irreplaceable. He is definitely better than the starting crocodile and other possible helpers.

Optimal arsenal 

Far Cry 6's tutorial missions suggest using stealth when clearing enemy bases. You can even get an achievement for this, if you do not raise the alarm and kill everyone quietly. But a true revolutionary knows that having three reliable trunks in the arsenal, you can move mountains without switching to crawling in single file in the bushes.

You need an RPG to detonate anti-aircraft guns from afar, as well as turn any air and ground vehicles into scrap metal.

You also need a sniper rifle with normal optics and armor-piercing cartridges. What will be given to you at the beginning with a red cross is rubbish. But with a rifle from the second rank, you can already kill enemy snipers and special forces.

And the most important thing is a unique assault rifle or shotgun as the main barrel. You can run around with a machine gun with armor-piercing cartridges, but then change it to a unique machine, for example, Hi-Fi, which is available when you complete the radio host's quest chain. This assault rifle can fire shock charges that are good against both infantry and light vehicles.

Clean the map on your way to the story missions

A tip that works for all big card games. Combine activities. The game will often have to ride courier missions from one point to another. Do not waste time and seize the checkpoint on the way, destroy anti-aircraft guns, collect resources and guns from chests.

Otherwise, then you will have to do all this, resting on the storyline task above you on the level. Save your time! And don't miss the crocodile chests on the lid. In them, you are guaranteed to find one of the unique cannons with some kind of imba elemental effect.

Use a helicopter more often

Of course, unlike a personal car , a helicopter cannot be summoned anywhere on the map. To do this, you need to be at the take-off site. You also need to pre-detonate the anti-aircraft guns, which also takes time from the player. But it is on a helicopter that it is much more convenient to move around the entire map.

Yara Island is very large. And so as not to waste time on the passage of off-road or places densely covered with tropical trees, fly them. Plus, sitting in a helicopter, it is much more convenient to close tasks for intercepting cargo for a while and find secrets.