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Far Cry 6: Start Coop - All questions about multiplayer answered


Far Cry 6: Start Coop - All questions about multiplayer answered

In Far Cry 6 you can play co-op with a friend and even play through the entire story campaign. From when the co-op mode will be activated and which restrictions you have to observe in multiplayer, we explain to you in our large FAQ.

Unlock Far Cry 6 Coop: When?

Before you can play the co-op mode in Far Cry 6, as in previous parts of the series, you must first have made some story progress. So first play the main missions until you have completed the mission "Eat or Die" by Juan Cortez.

Then you will get a message in the top right that the co-op mode is now available. Then simply switch to the menu and click on the Coop symbol next to your profile picture in the top right to start the multiplayer.

Co-op modes and content (there is matchmaking!)

In the co-op menu you have the following three options from which you can choose:

  • Play with a friend: choose a player from your friends list to play with in co-op.
  • Looking for a partner: Unlike in the predecessor, this time there is a matchmaking system. You can quickly find a teammate using the automatic player search.
  • Become a partner: With this option you can offer yourself as a potential player. In the further course you will then receive requests from players for co-op games.

After the start of a co-op session, both of you can play all story missions together until the end. In addition, there are the special missions that you can start at Lola in the large base camps in the individual regions.

These are specially designed for cooperative play. Lola's position is marked with a turquoise star symbol on the map. Complete her special missions to earn the in-game currency Moneda, which you can use to buy special black market equipment from Lola. By the way, special missions can also be played in single player without a co-op partner. There is also a separate player search here.

Do I need PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold on the consoles?

Yes, if you want to use the co-op mode in the console versions of Far Cry 6, both co-op partners need an active membership for PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold. It doesn't work without it.

Is there a three-way co-op? How many players are possible?

No, the co-op mode remains a pure 2-player experience in the Far Cry series even in the sixth part. More than two players cannot play guerrilla missions together in Yara.

Is there split screen co-op? (Local multiplayer)

No, there is no split screen in Far Cry 6, only online co-op is available. So both players need their own hardware and their own version of the game for co-op mode.

Is story progress counted for both players?

Unfortunately no, Far Cry 6 still distinguishes between host and guest players in co-op. This means that all story progress is counted for the host only. As soon as the guest player returns to his game world, he has to continue at the point in the story where he was before the start of the co-op session.

As a small consolation, at least the progress towards your guerrilla rank will be taken over. And your collected equipment and weapons in the Arsenal menu will also be retained after the co-op session.

Is there crossplay or cross-save?

Crossplay is only supported in Far Cry 6 in the form of Crossgen. This means that co-op play between PS4 and PS5 as well as between Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and PC is possible. PlayStation and Xbox players cannot play with each other across platforms.

The situation is different with cross-save. You can transfer your score to all supported platforms and continue playing there.

Turn off friendly fire (co-op settings)

You can so that you don't knock each other over in co-op or if you don't want to forego realism turn friendly fire on and off . To do this, go to the menu and navigate to System → Options → Gameplay and scroll down to the Coop settings.

Here you can now self-fire in the Coop switch on and off . By the way, you can also the turn chat wheel on or off here or determine the party privacy (open to friends or by invitation only).

Do you have any other questions about the co-op mode in Far Cry 6? Then let us know in the comments!