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FIFA 22 Send one player or control a second


FIFA 22 Send one player or control a second

How can you send a player or even control a second player in FIFA 22? A simple key combination opens up many new opportunities for you on the offensive. How do you explain how exactly this works.

Sending a player: that's how it works in FIFA 22

If you want to send a player, you just have to press L1 or LB when you are on the ball. A teammate nearby will draw attention to himself by raising his hand or even extending his arm in the direction he is about to run. You then bring the ball to the man with a pass or cross. However, you must not press L1 or LB too briefly, otherwise you will only change the active footballer.

Sending players is most effective when you are playing deadly passes into the top. Make sure, however, that the skillful player does not run offside. The instruction for a striker to “defend overrun” is also recommended . If you want to send a player, he will always run quickly to the top anyway and thus increasingly overflow the opposing defense.

So you can control a second player

The so-called “creative runs” have been in place since last year . With the help of this function, you can determine the routes of your fellow players much more precisely or even control a second player and move him to exactly where you would like him to be.

Important note in advance: Controlling a second player requires a lot of practice and should only be used if there is enough space around the soccer player in contact with the ball, otherwise you will lose the ball faster than you can say "Pass relay" . How to control a second player:

  1. Press L3 + R3 or LS + RS when you are on the ball. So you press both sticks at the same time. The triangle above the player in possession of the ball now becomes a square.
  2. As soon as the symbol has changed, you push the right stick in the direction of a player you want to control. This does not always work optimally, but after a little practice it leads to success more often.
  3. The symbol with the square now hovers over the second player that you can control. Place it anywhere and press, for example, X or A for a pass. The previous player will then automatically play the controlled actor.
Above all, you should control a second player if your opponent prefers to cover the area and tries to deliver your passports. With a second active player you can confuse him or simply open up new possibilities in the game for you.