Genshin Impact. Mosiri Kara dungeon - how to open it?

 Another small guide on the Genshin Impact game is dedicated to the Mosiri Kara dungeon. We tell you how you can open it.

How to open Mosiri Kara dungeon in Genshin Impact?

Keep in mind that Mosiri Kara in Genshin Impact is located north of Tsurumi. You need to reach the tip of the island, passing the mime of Sirikoro peak, and then activate the Wavewalker point. You need to find Mosiri Kara on the map, turn on navigation and move to the Wavewalker point.

On the shore it will be necessary to unblock the electric totems. You need to go through the phase gates and complete three tests of time. After completing each test, you need to activate the electric totem. As soon as all the totems are activated, the Mosiri Kara dungeon will open.

That's all you need to know about how to open the Mosiri Kara dungeon in Genshin Impact.

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