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Hearthstone Mercenaries: How do I get and use coins?

 Mercenary pieces yes, but what for?

Hearthstone Mercenaries: How do I get and use coins?

Mercenaries is there. Presented as a new mode of Hearthstone, it is more like a full-fledged game. With PvP, PvE, and lots and lots of things to improve. Equipment, capabilities, or simply the Mercenaries. For this you will need parts. The main and exclusive currency of Hearthstone Mercenaries, the coins will be used to buy characters or improve them. Here's everything you need to know about coins in Hearthstone Mercenaries, how to get and use them.

How do I get coins from Hearthstone Mercenaries?

Mercenary coins are the main currency of the game. But beware, there is a subtlety. Each mercenary has his own pieces, which are unique to him . So if you get coins for Uther, you can only use them for him. They will be used to unlock it, or improve its abilities. But they won't be of any use to you on another mercenary like Rexxar.

There are three ways to get Mercenary Coins:

  • Find them in mercenary packages. Purchasable in the store, the packages contain coins, mercenaries, or portraits (skins for your mercenaries).
  • Each pack contains at least one Rare mercenary, and 4 other items among the three possible types. For coins, it will be drops between 35 and 45 units .
  • Riding a level 30 mercenary will give you coins for him.
  • Complete Campfire Quests. You will find there quests adapted to the mercenaries you have, and thus obtain coins especially for them.

What are mercenary coins used for?

As stated previously, coins have many uses. The first is to unlock new mercenaries. If you don't want to go through the bundle lottery, you can use coins to get a particular mercenary. It will cost you:

  • 100 coins for a Rare mercenary
  • 300 coins for an Epic mercenary
  • 500 coins for a Legendary mercenary

Keep in mind that you will obviously need the parts of the mercenary in question.

The coins will also be used to improve the abilities of the mercenaries, with a cost to advance to each level:

  • 50 coins for level 2
  • 125 coins for level 3
  • 150 coins for level 4
  • 150 coins for level 5

Finally, the parts will be necessary to improve the equipment of your mercenaries. Here is what you will need to reach the different levels:

  • 100 coins for level 2
  • 150 coins for level 3
  • 175 coins for level 4

In total, you will need 2700 coins to upgrade everything . However, you will only use one piece of equipment each time, so that hit is reduced to 1850 coins .

The mercenary parts system is therefore quite simple once analyzed. But the abundance of resources and the fact that there are parts for each character makes the shape complex. The difficulty will lie above all in obtaining coins for good mercenaries, mainly through quests.