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Find in this article all our tips and tricks to make it easier to win your games on Battlefield 2042 and its beta.

Battlefield 2042 will be available in open beta starting this Friday, October 8 before officially releasing on Friday, November 19 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

As in all previous games, there will be a points system and we will give you our tips and advice to win your games .

Our tips and tricks for winning your games in Battlefield 2042

In the game, there will be many things to do in order to make sure you win the game and most importantly to save your team's point pool. So here are all of our tips and tricks.

Customize your classroom to meet your team's needs

Unlike the previous games, you will be able to completely customize the equipment of your characters , namely their gadgets, weapons and grenades. Remember to fill the gaps in your squad or your team by taking for example a rocket launcher to destroy the tanks  if they do a lot of damage within your ranks.

Play as a team

It might seem obvious, but if you don't play as much as possible as a team, you may lose a lot of points. So remember to move as much as a squad and communicate with the members of your team in order to know the location of the enemies. Ideally, choose to respawn in the same area if you get knocked out.

Revive your teammates

Many players may not know it, but in this installment all classes in the game can revive  your team members . It should be noted that Flack, the medic specialist, will be able to get your teammates back on their feet with their maximum health points, otherwise it will only be 50% of their life bar.

Use the vehicles

The vehicles in the game whether it is helicopters , fighter planes , tanks  or even armored vehicles will give you a tactical advantage in addition to moving quickly . You can also use them to destroy buildings and create new lines of fire for your team members.