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How to get rich in Gas Station Simulator


How to get rich in Gas Station Simulator

All the ways to make money fast in Gas Station Simulator

Gas Station Simulator gas station is a management simulator with management elements and numerous mini-games. In addition to organizing the work of the institution, the player will also often have to work with customers himself, selling goods or servicing cars. The number of tasks and ways to perform them is quite large. It takes experience and time to figure out how to generate profits the fastest. If you want to simplify the task, then use this guide.

Types of services

All services provided in the game can be divided into 4 types.

Selling products.

The very first of all the services available at your gas station. The essence is very simple. First, you shop for groceries and then punch them at the checkout to customers in a small mini-game. The main problem with this work is that the profit from the sale will be minimal.  

Prices for all goods in the game change every day. You can increase your income by buying large quantities of goods while their prices are below average. Another way to increase your profits is to have a large number of different products in the same category. For example, if you have all types of alcohol on the shelves of your store, then it will be sold out much faster than if you had one type of alcohol.

Refueling machines

Refueling is a mini-game in which you have to click on the mouse button when the arrow is in the desired zone. If you are late, you will not receive a tip.

It is also necessary here to order new batches of gasoline from time to time. Unlike food, there is only one type of gasoline in the game. This means that it will not be possible to save money on its purchase or increase the sales of this product.

Car repair

The most profitable and expensive type of income. At the beginning of the game, you need to strive with all your might to unlock this particular part of the gas station. To do this, you need to purchase a workshop, which costs $ 300.

The average revenue earned for the repair of one car is about $ 300, which means that the workshop will pay off immediately after the first sale. The essence of work in the workshop comes down to several mini-games. The more and more difficult the mini-games, the more money you get. In order to start a mini-game to replace any part, you need to have the same part in stock. Before starting the repair process, you do not see which parts of the machine are damaged, so it is important to always have all kinds of parts in stock.

The disadvantages of working in the workshop include the prices of new parts and the large amount of time it takes to fix the car, but these costs are more than worth it.


This activity alone is not profitable, but it does affect your reputation. The more your reputation, the more your customer flow. The more the flow of buyers, the more money.

To keep the dirt from scaring away customers, you need to constantly throw away the debris they leave and sweep the dirt. Both of these actions can be done on the go, moving from one refueling point to another. Also, do not forget to call the garbage truck to take the accumulated bags out of the trash can. If you don't, the garbage will start to smell and scare away customers again. But it is not worth getting carried away with calling a garbage truck, since each call costs money.


Regardless of which part of the gas station you focus on, you need to purchase consumables into it. And it is best to buy consumables for all filling stations at once, since in the absence of them, buyers will be unhappy, as a result of which your reputation and the number of buyers will decrease.

At the beginning of the game, you will not be able to keep all supplies at the maximum at once. Therefore, it is better to focus on gasoline and food. Parts in the workshop, although they bring the most money, are very expensive, and the workshop itself is not in demand as much as a store or fuel. Buy parts as needed or when prices drop.

Sometimes your warehouse can be robbed by a local bully. Usually he does not take a lot, but later you can lose a lot of money. To avoid this, do not be lazy to close the warehouse every time you finish accepting the goods.

By the way, the rest of his antics do not harm your reputation, money and stocks in any way. This may change in future versions, so stay tuned.


When the flow of visitors becomes so large that you no longer cope alone, employees will come to your aid. They act as NPCs that perform one of the tasks you specify. That is, work at the checkout, in the workshop, refueling or cleaning. They show themselves well in everything except cleaning, since NPCs do not know how to throw garbage bags.

All workers have characteristics that determine how well they perform at a given task. The more they work, the better these characteristics. With the growth of characteristics, the hourly pay of the employee also increases. A significant disadvantage will be the fact that each person has a supply of energy, spending which he will go home for some time.

Employees are most useful during special events, such as the arrival of the party-goers' van. If such a van comes to you, it means that all stocks of food will be bought from you, and the number of other buyers will instantly increase. It will be difficult to serve such a mass of customers alone, and with a good staff, you can even have time to do secondary tasks, such as purchasing, cleaning or breaking into customers' cars.

Ideally, you should have about 5 people on your staff and only use them when you can't handle everything yourself. When the tide of shoppers dies down, give your employees a break. This will save them on their wages and give them time to recuperate.

Additional income

In addition to permanent sources of income, there are additional ones that do not have development or costs.

Buyers cars

One of the most useful mechanics in the game is hacking your customers' cars. While they are using your station, you can hack into the trunks of their cars and get money and random items for it. Such items can be consumables for different filling stations or decorative elements. 

If a visitor sees you during the break-in, he will not react in any way and will leave as if nothing had happened. Perhaps in the next versions of the game this will change, but so far hacking the trunks is the easiest and least expensive source of income.

Thus, the ideal strategy for making money would be to place other employees in all positions, and go to clean the customers' cars yourself, clean up and replenish supplies from time to time.


The credit in the game can be used as a free $ 1000. To do this, take out a loan for the specified amount. You will receive money instantly and about 20 minutes to return it. You do not need to return this money. When your time is up, a biker will appear, reduce your popularity by 100, take random food and spray paint up to three times inside the building. After that, you will need to return already $ 5,000, but there will be no time limit, as well as the negative consequences for non-payment of debt.

Follow these tips and very soon you will have enough money for all the station upgrades.