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How to remove shaking hands in CS: GO

How to remove shaking hands in CS: GO

 In this article, we will consider options for how to remove shaking hands in CS, as well as analyze some console commands for this.

The fewer moving parts on the screen, the easier it is to notice the opponent's movement and aim at him. Therefore, it is worth figuring out how you can remove shaking hands in CS GO.

How to reduce hand shaking in CS: GO

To do this, there are special commands for the console. Since the usual settings do not allow you to control the graphics at this level, you will have to prescribe the necessary parameters yourself.

To reduce shaking hands, certain commands are entered into the console:

cl_bob_lower_amt "5" - is responsible for bringing the hands closer to the body when moving.

cl_bobamt_vert "0.10000" - this command controls the shaking of the weapon along the vertical axis.

cl_bobamt_lat "0.10000" - reduces the swinging of the trunk to the left and right.

cl_bobcycle "0.98" - changes the movement of the camera in CS GO while running, reducing its amplitude and image vibration.

cl_ viewmodel_ shift_ right_ amt "0.250000" - additional reduction of weapon movement to the right.

cl_ viewmodel_ shift_ left_ amt "0.500000" - reduction of barrel shaking to the left.

Each of the six commands must be copied in turn and pasted into the console of the running game. For those who are not afraid to go into the config, just copy four commands at once and correct their value directly in the file.

The effect will be noticeable - when you move your hands will practically stop moving along with the weapon. And sniper scopes will move more clearly and evenly when moving around the map with the zoom on. With the help of additional settings, it will turn out to greatly increase the comfort and quality of the game.

Of course, no one uses these teams in tournaments and competitions. They can review the configuration and even assign a defeat for technical reasons. But it won't hurt to play in matchmaking and on servers.

Why are my hands still shaking?

After applying all these commands, you can rejoice - the maximum comfort of the game has been achieved. You can safely go to drag and not be distracted by the convulsively twitching hands of the character. But the model could not be completely stopped. What's the matter?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to eliminate the movement of the limbs by 100% and make them motionless in CS GO. Since the game does not provide for such a setting at all - all commands were picked out of the configuration by enthusiasts. 

But the parameters allow you to calibrate the graphics so that it will be quite comfortable to play. The shaking will be minimal, albeit slightly noticeable. It will be much less distracting. This is the maximum that can be done to stop shaking hands in CS GO.