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How to rotate objects in Cities Skylines


How to rotate objects in Cities Skylines

Cities Skylines is Paradox Interactive's premier city planner, allowing players to create the cities of their dreams in any way they want. But one of the key elements of customizing your cities is the ability to rotate objects.

However, this is not always intuitive, and there are restrictions on what and how you can rotate in the game.

The main elements that can be rotated in Cities Skylines are objects. Objects are not always buildings, they are usually landscape and decorative elements. They can be found in the Landscape Design and Disasters section of the menu. These include items such as stones, trees, fences, gazebos, etc.

To rotate an object, place it and right-click. This will rotate the element 45 degrees each time. Or press and hold the right mouse button and the element will rotate around your cursor along the axis.

How to rotate objects in Cities Skylines

Most buildings cannot be rotated. Instead, they will orient themselves in relation to the road they are on. Other buildings, such as wind turbines and special structures, will be affected by environmental factors such as wind or water flow. So, unfortunately, there isn't as much control here as you'd like.