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How to unlock the secret ending in Far Cry 6

How to unlock the secret ending in Far Cry 6

 All the necessary steps to get the secret ending in Far Cry 6: how to end the game early and see the bonus cutscene

As with all previous games in the series, you can see a secret ending when you play Far Cry 6 . Moreover, this ending is rather a side one: you can get it after several tasks of the prologue and, roughly speaking, refuse to help the rebels and leave Yara. After completing the additional cut-scene, the game will allow you to make another, more correct choice and continue the story.

In general, the developers adhere to the same principle: you can get a secret ending somewhere in the interval from the beginning of the game to the end of the first hour. To save your time, I decided to describe in detail the process of obtaining a secret ending, which is also associated with obtaining an achievement.

Unlike previous Far Cry games, where a secret ending is available almost from the very beginning, in the sixth part you will have to sweat a little and complete several storyline tasks. The ending is not affected by side quests and activities, but if you are also distracted by them, then until the moment when you can get a third-party ending, it may take 2 or even 3 hours of game time.

To get the secret ending, you need to complete several story missions:

  • La Noche de Muerto
  • Lucky you
  • Juan is so alone
  • Die early because of uranium
  • Flame and rage
  • Oluva Caves
  • Fuel for the revolution
  • Libertad will win

    At the end of the last task, the most difficult moment will come: you attack two enemy ships at once. As soon as you clear both (kill all enemies), Clara will appear, who will take you to the island of Libertad. Here, the girl will provide an old motor boat, as promised earlier. Dani will say that it is unrealistic to get to Miami on such a trough. This is the whole problem. Many players will miss this point and move on, however ...

    At the beginning of the game, Dani Roha made (or made) it clear that he was going to America. And so, having reached the island of Libertad and seeing an old boat, you can make a choice - get on the boat and go to the open ocean or stay. Get on the boat and sail to the left towards sunset (although you may have a different time of day). After 1-2 minutes, Dani will say that this is not his war. The screen will darken, after which we will be shown Dani, resting on the shore of Miami. News from Yara is heard on the radio, during which President Anton Castillo announces that Clara, the leader of Libertad, has been killed by Yara's special forces. Then credits will begin, the game will supposedly end. From the main menu, click on "Continue" to return to the time of the boat selection on Libertad Island.