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In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, top cards are suddenly cheaper than ever


In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, top cards are suddenly cheaper than ever

The transfer market in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is going crazy and really strong cards are cheaper than ever. But why are there so many bargains at the moment?

In the past few years, top cards have always been associated with high prices. You wanted an 86 Pogba for your midfield in FIFA 21? - then shortly after the release you had to put 233,000 coins on the table.

In FIFA 22, Pogba (87), who is even one point stronger, currently only costs around 115,000 coins. 

Pogba has increased its rating in FIFA 22 and still costs less than it did a year ago in FIFA 21.

The prices are falling so sharply at the moment: The FUT 22 transfer market is quite friendly to the players' budget. Really strong cards are currently available for unusually low prices.

Here you can see a few cards that have fallen significantly in price since the release of FIFA 22 (as of October 8, 2021):

  • Haaland (88) cost 72,000 coins at the release -> now 33,000 coins
  • Lukaku (88) cost 48,000 coins when it was released -> now 23,000 coins
  • Goretzka (87) cost 185,000 coins at the release -> now 160,000 coins
  • Werner (84) cost 40,000 coins at the release -> now 25,000 coins
  • Rashford (85) cost 155,000 coins at the time of release -> now 120,000 coins
  • Lewandowski (92) cost 57,000 coins at the time of release -> now 41,000 coins

A rapid drop in the price of many cards that should please FUT players. Because now many more players can afford top cards.

This is how it was in FIFA 21: In the last part of FIFA it was completely different and strong cards had quite high prices at the beginning. We show you the values ​​of top cards from back then (7 days after the release of FIFA 21) and compare them with the cards from FIFA 22 (7 days after the release of FIFA 22).

Keep in mind that not all cards have the same values ​​in both parts. However, they are comparable and differ from the overall rating in a maximum of one point.

player Price in FIFA 21 (7 days after release) Price in FIFA 22 (7 days after release)
Rashford 196,000 coins 120,000 coins
Lewandowski 213,000 coins 41,000 coins
Havertz 114,000 coins 4,612 coins
C. Ronaldo 1,700,000 coins 1,300,000 coins
Pogba 233,000 coins 115,000 coins 

What is exciting here is that Lewandowski even got one point stronger in FIFA 22 (91 -> 92) and also fits the current game meta much better. However, its price in FIFA 22 is much lower than in FIFA 21 at the same time.

So the comparison shows that the cards in FIFA 22 are really much cheaper. But why is that?

Why are the prices in FUT 22 so low?

What are the reasons for the low prices? The on reddit topic is currently hotly debated and the FIFA players are trying to find out why the transfer market has such low prices. 

  Here are the most exciting theories, all based on the FUT-22 players getting significantly more strong cards:

  • There are better chances of getting top cards in packs in FUT 22, because the pack probabilities have increased slightly .
  • The preview packs ensure that players only buy packs with strong cards.
  • thanks to the 4,600 FIFA Points received buyers by Ultimate Edition More packs have been opened .
  • In FUT 22, the rewards from FUT Champions and Division Rivals are stronger, which also results in more strong cards.

Presumably, many of the reasons mentioned above will be responsible for more strong cards in the transfer market, which will drive prices down accordingly. We are curious to see how long it will go on and whether we will soon be able to get Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappé at a ridiculous price.

What do you think of the prices on the FUT 22 transfer market? Have you already treated yourself to a few top cards? Tell us in the comments!