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Metroid Dread | Playtime for story and 100%


Metroid Dread | Playtime for story and 100%

After almost 20 years, the story of Samus in Metroid Dread continues. Many new players will want to enter the Metroid universe with the Switch adventure and are probably wondering how long such a Metroid game usually is. We have already played through Metroid Dread 100% and we will give you the answer!

That's how long the main Metroid Dread story is

In Metroid Dread you explore the planet ZDR, which is divided into eight areas and most of them are quite extensive. It will take you to reach the end of the game around 8 to 10 hours . It should be noted that the game is relatively difficult. With some boss fights you could run into problems, so that can stretch the game time a little.

Playing time for the 100%

If you want to do everything in the game, you have to collect all energy units, missile containers and power bomb containers. The map shows you the progress in each area. For each area that you complete 100%, you unlock a new picture in the Chozo archive in the gallery. There are a total of almost 100 collectibles to be found and you will already collect many of them in the normal playthrough. Overall, 100% should be reached after about 10 to 12 hours .

In the gallery you will find the Chozo archive as well as reward pictures that are linked to the season. If you want to unlock the first three pictures, you have to finish the game in under 4 hours. If you play through Metroid Dread once, you unlock the hard mode . You also have to complete this in under 4 hours to receive the remaining three pictures. So you can spend a lot more time with Samus on ZDR.