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Metroid Dread Walkthrough Game Guide: Artaria - find the first EMMI and charge beam

 Welcome to our Metroid Dread walkthrough. In this adventure, Samus ends up on the planet ZDR, where numerous dangers await. Metroid Dread has a fairly high level of difficulty and offers crisp bosses and tricky puzzles. Our walkthrough will help you overcome all obstacles and overcome challenges.

Metroid Dread Walkthrough Game Guide: Artaria - find the first EMMI and charge beam

General tips and information 

Before we start with the walkthrough, we want to share a few simple but useful tips with you that can help you on the dangerous exploration mission.

  • It will take you 8 to 10 hours to play through the game. Then you unlock a hard mode and can tackle Metroid Dread again in New Game Plus.
  • If you take a longer break from the game, you can read in the logbook what happened last to refresh your memory.
  • There are over 100 small upgrades in the game that will increase your life or missile supplies. You should collect as many of them as you can because the bosses are really tough. The most important upgrades are energy tanks (increase life by a whole bar) and missile + containers (increase missiles by 10).
  • Sometimes some areas light up on the map as well as on the minimap. This means that an energy or missile extension is hidden here. You can uncover secret blocks when you shoot missiles against surfaces or plant bombs . The symbols on the blocks show you which weapons you can use to destroy the blocks.
  • You can get a pulse radar in the game that scans an area and shows hidden blocks. You will probably find the radar on your own later, but there is also a way to get it relatively early. We can definitely recommend this to discover as many secrets as possible.
  • The card is your best friend. It is very detailed and covers all possible objects. If you select a symbol with the cursor, you can use the Y key to highlight all of the same symbols . This comes in handy when you have a new skill, such as B. receive the charge beam and then display all the locks that you can open with it.
  • In the course of the game you will receive a lot of upgrades, some of which have several functions. Be sure to read through the on-screen tutorials so as not to overlook anything. In the status menu of Samus you can select all the equipment and read the information again.
  • The counterattack is introduced very early in the game. When fighting normal opponents, it is best to use the counterattack. This is because this is easy to do and kills the enemy immediately.
  • If you charge a charge beam and then do a somersault while jumping deal , you damage to enemies in the air. This is pretty useful if flying opponents annoy you during jump passages.

        After these tips, let's start with our complete solution. For a better understanding, we show you the routes that we describe on the map. In this way you will quickly grasp the correct solution without much reading.

        Arrive at Artaria and defeat the broken EMMI 

        Arrive at Artaria and defeat the broken EMMI

        After the intro, Samus loses most of her skills and starts on Artaria, the lowest level of ZDR. Follow the path to the right to the charge beam lock, which you cannot open yet. Above you you will find a red explosive device that you have to shoot down. The explosion clears a new path for you.

        Slide with ZL through the gap and overcome the following rock face with wall jumps or shoot the conspicuous blocks so that you can hold onto the edges. Above you can charge your missile supply and then follow the path on the right (slide) to the network station.

        After talking to Adam you leave the station through the right lock. Jump down and slide right into the next room. In a short sequence you will be attacked by a monster. Here you are taught that you can counter with X. Against normal opponents this is a powerful option as the enemies die instantly.

        Now it's time to climb the long way to the top. Pay particular attention to the annoying opponents. Once at the top, a dead end awaits you. A short tutorial explains that flashing spots on the map indicate a hidden upgrade. Shoot the red explosive device to open a new path. The indicated is also in front of the lock missile container .

        In the next room you are surprised by a broken EMMI. You learn that you can counter the deadly attack of the robots with X. The timing is arbitrary, you need a lot of luck to make it happen. After the counter-attack, slide under the EMMI and quickly go to the room on the right to the central unit.

        Samus absorbs the energy from the broken central unit, which turns her arm into an omega cannon. With the Omega cannon you are able to destroy EMMI. Hold down L, aim at the gate, charge the cannon with R and fire with Y. Run back into the previous room, jump off the ledge and charge the Omega cannon in the long corridor. After a short time, the EMMI will appear right in front of you. Aim at the head to destroy the robot .

        Escape from the white EMMI 

        Escape from the white EMMI

        After the fight against the robot, leave the area through the left lock. You will then find yourself on the left side of the rock wall that you previously brought down. You reach a storage station via the left lock.

        Leave the storage station through the left lock and then go down to the water basin. Shoot the conspicuous block in the water in the lower right. The explosive device causes an explosion and the water drains away. Now you can jump up and enter the EMMI zone through the lock.

        Pass the lock here on the opposite side. In the following scene you are attacked by the white EMMI. Samus slides himself through the gap at the end of the corridor. Shoot the explosive device over you and jump all the way up. Pass the right lock and slide through the gap in the next room. Slides again in the next room to land in the pool of water. The EMMI will then cancel the chase and you can leave the EMMI zone.

        Run to the right and then climb the path up. In front of the sensor lock you collect the missile container and then go left to the network station, where you will receive further information from Adam.

        The way to the charge beam 

        The way to the charge beam

        Leave the network station via the lock at the top left and shoot the two explosive devices above you in the next room so that you can slide through the gap into the EMMI zone.

        Jump down here and pass the lock on the left. Beware of the EMMI and keep walking to the left through the next lock. Under the blue magnetic field you slide right through the gap and then run further to the left. You can remove the blockages with normal shots. Then jump down and leave the EMMI zone through the left exit.

        You land in a pool of water. Cross this and jump up on the other side to reach a storage station.

        The way to the charge beam


         Leave the storage station through the left lock and then jump all the way down until you end up in another pool of water. Run the water path to the right to the cul-de-sac and shoot the explosive device on the wall. The water flows off and you can now jump up in the room and reach the card terminal.

          Leave the card terminal through the right lock and you will land on the other side of the water basin. If you first climb the way up here, you can a missile container get , otherwise you go to the EMMI zone on the right.

          Slide through the gap and walk right into the next room. In this area you have to reach the device that is in the lower left corner. You can recognize him on the map by the hand symbol. Stand here on the floor switch to let water flow into the pool , which causes the floor platform to move upwards. Make sure that the EMMI doesn't catch you. If the robot comes close to you, you have to take a lap. Then use the raised floor platform to slide right through the gap and later in the next room the EMMI zone through the left exit.

          Jump out of the pool and pass the passage in the lower left. Then detonate the device under the cold lock and move on. You reach a red lock that opens for you after a missile hit . In the next room you slide through the gap on the left under the sluice. Shoot the bullet holding the Chozo statue and collect the upgrade, the Charge Beam .

          With the Charge Beam you can open the Charge Beam locks - there is such a lock in the room. So go through the right lock and open the right lock in the next room. You are now exactly where your adventure started. You can find out what you have to do with the Charge Beam on the next page of our solution.