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Metroid Dread Walkthrough guide: Artaria - Defeat White EMMI and get Spider Magnet

 Most recently, we took our first steps on Artaria in Metroid Dread. We have already done the first EMMI and collected the first upgrade, the charge beam. You can find out how to complete the other tasks on Artaria on this page of our complete solution for Metroid Dread, which we add as usual with helpful maps.

Open the thermal locks 

Open the thermal locks

From the starting area you now walk to the right to the charge beam lock, which you can now open. In the next room there is a clearly visible energy tank that you should definitely collect. All you have to do is jump onto the middle platform and then slide through the gap. Then leave the room and walk up the path to the storage station, which you have already covered once.

Open the thermal locks


Leave the storage station and open the charge beam lock at the bottom right. From here you can then re-enter the EMMI zone. You have to go to the network station to the north next. You already know the way. Otherwise, take a look at the map above.

Open the thermal locks

In the network station you can pass the charge beam lock at the top right. In the following room you can slide through the gap to get a missile container . Then at the ceiling of the room shoot to reveal a hidden path. Slide through the gap, pass the next lock and walk down the long passage to the right.

In the next area you can open some locks, but it is too hot to enter the rooms. So jump all the way down and run to the left into the storage station. Pass the lock in the next room and you will reach the device with which you can divert the heat energy and thus open the thermal locks.

Shoot a missile against the wall to the right of the device to discover a secret area. Open the lock from this side to access the from the other side missile container . Then you use the left thermal lock as a shortcut to get back to the network station.

Reach and destroy the central unit 

Reach and destroy the central unit

In the network station you have to talk to Adam first. Then you pass the thermal lock at the bottom left. The first part of the way to the central processing unit is simple. All do is follow the glowing heat pipe in the background you have to , which leads you to two more thermal locks, until you finally have to slide down a deep abyss.

Slide right through the gap, jump up in the next room and pass the charge beam lock on the right. Then jump up and slide to the right to the central unit. The fight is simple: Avoid the central unit's projectiles and attack them with missiles or the charge beam when you run out of missiles.

After the central unit is destroyed, you will get the Omega cannon again. Now you first have to fire normally at the gate (hold down Y) to destroy the armor . Then charge a shot with R to blow a hole in the wall.

Destroy white EMMI

It works in a similar way from now on with the EMMI. You first have to destroy the armor on the head with the blaster before you let the deadly charged shot follow. So that you have enough time to destroy the head protection, it is best to position yourself at the end of a long corridor and wait for the EMMI. Watch the map so that you can see which side the robot is coming from.

If you leave the central unit and jump down, you will find a long corridor that makes it easy for you to switch off the white EMMI. Samus absorbs the robot's power and receives the Spider Magnet upgrade . With this skill you can climb the blue magnetic fields.