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Metroid Dread Walkthrough guide: Artaria - Defeat Corpius and get Phantom Cloak

 Most recently in Metroid Dread we destroyed the white EMMI on Artaria. We received the Spider Magnet, with which Samus can hold on to blue magnetic fields. You can find out what to do with it on this page of our complete solution for Metroid Dread, to which we are adding helpful maps as usual.

The way to the first boss

The way to the first boss

After you have destroyed the EMMI, you have to climb up the blue magnetic field in the western part of the zone and go through the lock. Above you is another magnetic field as well as a platform with a magnetic field on the underside.

Now you will find more magnetic fields above you. Climb all the way to the top and shoot to the right against the wall to destroy the blocks. After the missile container you have collected , hang on to the blue magnetic field on the right to lower it. Behind it there is a passage - go through it.

In the next section you can detonate the explosive device below to unlock a shortcut. Then you have to pass the lock at the top right. Now just follow the path to the right until you reach a slimy eye creature at a sluice. This is always a sign that there is a boss behind it. Approach the eye to provoke an attack that you can counter at the right moment.

Boss fight against Corpius

First of all, keep in mind that you can usually only damage bosses with the charge beam or missiles . There is no point in using the normal power beam. The first phase against Corpius is quite simple. Pay attention to the movements he makes with his tail. If he holds it sideways, a swing attack follows, over which you have to jump. If he pulls the tail back, the tip of the tail will hit your position from above. In this attack you have to run forward a bit to be able to work on Corpius while he is defenseless . If you position yourself outside, however, you cannot cause him any damage.

In the second phase, Corpius makes himself invisible, but the attacks remain the same. But it doesn't necessarily make it harder, because next to his head you can now also attack the glowing ball on his tail . So if the boss rams his tail into the ground, you can also stand outside and aim at the ball. You can also damage the bullet with the normal Power Beam.

If you've done enough damage, the boss will turn his back to you. The camera suggests that you can slide under him. Do just that and watch for the glow to counter his attack with X. If you can do that, you can shoot a lot of missiles at him in the following scene. It's not a self-running scene , so don't forget to fire the missiles with R + Y.

In the third phase, the Spider Magnet can be used. Corpius not only haunts you with poison balls, but also spreads poison gas on the floor. You then have to run to the wall and jump to the blue magnetic field . When you have internalized all attack patterns, you will defeat Corpius after a few tries.

After a successful fight, Samus absorbs his power and receives the phantom cloak . With this upgrade you can make yourself invisible when you push in the right analog stick. This ability will be particularly useful in the further EMMI passages. You can also use it to pass through sensor locks, as you will quickly find out.

Find the elevator to Cataris 


Find the elevator to Cataris

Leave the boss room and overcome the sensor lock sluice above with the new phantom cloak. Drive up with the magnetic field and go right through the sensor lock sluice. Detonate the device next to the magnetic field to reveal a shortcut. You can continue next either above or below. The goal is the same: the sensor lock sluice to the right of the storage room.

In the following room you have to climb up to the small magnetic field on the ceiling, which transports you to the other side. Flying enemies will try to push you back to the ground instead.

Then you will find two magnetic walls from which flames come out. As soon as it is safe, you should quickly overcome the obstacle with wall jumps. Above you will discover an elevator that will take you to the next area - Cataris.