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Minecraft | Find the place of death without modding

Minecraft | Find the place of death without modding

 You've probably been looking for a way to find the place where you died in Minecraft for a while without having made any preparations. Unfortunately we have to disappoint you, because it's not that simple.

If you want to find your lost things when you die, you can only teleport there if you have activated the corresponding cheat or installed mods - before you died. Of course, you can try to retrace your steps back there and you will likely have no choice. But you can still try one trick.

Find the place of death in Minecraft with a trick

Important: This trick only works if you haven't spawned again after your death. Quit the game via the main menu and open a new world. Then press F3 and leave it again.

Then return to your original world in which you died. You're still dead here, but you can see the coordinates . Now, just to be on the safe side, you can press F2 to take a screenshot and then spawn again. Now you go to the coordinates shown.

You cannot teleport to the place of your death like this, but you can find it this way. Remember that the lost items will disappear again after your death. So you have five minutes to find it. However, these five minutes only begin to run down when your place of death is in the loaded area of ​​the map - i.e. relatively close to you.

Secure items after death with rules 

You make the rules on your own server and so you can prepare yourself well for your death. For example, you can use the rule “/ gamerule keepInventory true” to keep all items in your inventory after dying.