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Most Popular Blockchain Games of 2021


Most Popular Blockchain Games of 2021

Blockchain games, crypto games, play2earn and everything related to this gaming niche are still a relatively new concept. The intersection between cryptography and therefore blockchain technology and games was more or less inevitable, and now that it has appeared, it is rapidly gaining popularity. There are many blockchain gaming companies in existence and start-ups, as well as hundreds if not thousands of upcoming projects. It can be easy to lose track of who is who and what is what.

This is why we have compiled a list of some of our favorite blockchain gaming companies with good prospects for the future, as well as established gaming companies that are either having or will have a huge impact on the blockchain gaming scene. If you're wise, you should definitely keep an eye out for these new heavyweights gaming. 


Decentraland stands behind the synonym for the online gaming platform announced in 2017. It features a huge variety of unique projects where users can buy, sell, trade and use virtual land in the form of crypto tokens, and then decorate and present this land the way they want. People have used it for online shopping, art galleries, and virtual get-togethers.

In addition, Decentraland offers an avatar system, its own collectibles, and additional tools to allow users to create their own space. In fact, Decentraland aspires to one day become a true Metaverse - a collective shared virtual space where physical reality and virtual space merge and overlap. Similar projects include CryptoVoxels and Somnium Space, all of which are land-based platforms for crypto games.


Mythical Games is another huge blockchain gaming company and in particular the one in charge of the Blankos Block Party game that was released in 2020. Unlike quite a number of different projects, they did not launch pre-sale tokens or otherwise release proof of concept or alpha versions of the game. This community-based approach to development is very common in small indie projects in the crypto game space, and Mythical Games took a different path.

They released their game when it was completed, and they also took a different approach to marketing their game - instead of focusing on its blockchain aspect, they tried to highlight the player-driven economy that is present in the game. This alone makes them worthy of a place on this list!


While OpenSea is not a gaming company in the sense that it created the game, it is one of the central elements of the blockchain gaming world today. OpenSea is a trading platform where many NFT users buy, sell and auction their tokens on OpenSea. These tokens are then used in real blockchain games like Axie Infinity or Decentraland, for example. Despite not having a game of its own, OpenSea is essential as a trading platform for blockchain gaming enthusiasts.

In addition to allowing users to buy and sell in-game NFTs, OpenSea also allows users to trade other types of NFTs such as collectibles, art content, and more. Sales on the platform have exceeded billions of dollars, and NFTs are being sold for incredible amounts every day.

The industry is experiencing a heyday for blockchain-based games. In the first half of 2021, crypto gaming companies closed 24 deals (versus 12 deals closed in 2020) with a total value of over $ 476 million. All this suggests that blockchain games are just beginning to capture the gaming market.