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New World: So you want to level up your weapons quickly

New World: So you want to level up your weapons quickly

 Weapons are building in every classic MMO and also in New World always the focus of character . In order to learn new skills, you have to level your weapons here. We show you in this article what you have to pay attention to and, above all, where you can quickly increase the level.

What weapons are in New World right now? The game currently offers 11 weapons that can be equipped, and 8 more weapons have already been found in data mining . These are divided into 4 categories. Here is a brief overview of the weapons.

  • One-handed
    • sword and shield
    • Rapier
    • Beil
  • Two-handed weapons
    • Speer
    • Battle ax
    • War hammer
  • Ranged weapons
    • The book
    • Musketeers
  • Magic
    • Fire stick
    • Life stick
    • Ice piles

The weapon level is important

Why do weapons need to be leveled? In other classic MMOs, you get new skills depending on your class, character and level. New World has come up with a different concept here, namely that the weapons bring the skills with them.

Each weapon has 2 paths with 3 active and over 15 passive skills. So you come up with over 35 different talents! In order to unlock these, you have to level your weapons, because you can distribute an additional talent point per climb.

How are weapons upgraded? There are two ways in the game to level up your weapons:

  • Defeat monsters
    • Just grab your preferred weapon and defeat enemies across Aeternum. Each monster gives your weapon, depending on its level, experience points. If you use both weapons during combat, the experience will be split.
    • Note: The more players involved in the fight, the less experience you will get. Sometimes it is more effective to walk around alone or in a smaller group.
  • Level up with PvP weapons
    • New World offers Open World PvP, in which you can fight in one faction against another enemy faction on the map. As soon as you are involved in a player kill, you will also receive experience here.
    • Unfortunately, you can't always control when players want to PvP. So see the whole thing as a bit of a bonus factor when it comes to raising your guns.

The character level also plays a big role in PvE

Why you have to pay attention to the character level : It is important to know that the experience gained when defeating monsters depends on your character level.

As soon as the difference between the level of the monster and your character level becomes too great, you will receive significantly less experience points if the opponent is rated lower.

  • 5 level difference - For example: Monster = Level 20, Character = Level 25
    • No exp loss, let off steam
  • 6-10 level difference - For example: Monster = Level 20, Character = Level 30
    • Minimal Exp loss of up to 10% the closer you get to 10
  • 11-19 level difference - For example: Monster = Level 20, Character = Level 37
    • Exp loss of up to 30% the closer you get to 19
  • from 20+ level difference - For example: Monster = Level 20, Character = Level 40
    • Exp loss of 85%. Here at the latest you should look for a new area

Conversely, if the monsters are much stronger and have a higher level, you will not get a bonus for defeating the monsters.

Places where you can quickly gain experience with weapons

Which places are profitable? In principle, every area is advantageous if a large number of monsters can be found in one place. Quantity over quality is the motto, and here you should choose places where monsters respawn quickly or where there are just so many around that you have something to do all the time.

In addition to these locations, there are also elite zones in New World, which allow stronger opponents to spawn and should mainly be played in a group. These are extremely strong, but also give significantly more weapon experience.

We show you some particularly worthwhile areas. For a better overview, we split the display into "Solo areas" (these areas can also be farmed alone) and "Elite areas" (recommended in groups).

Solo areas:

  • Arktur – in Immerfall
    • Monster level 9
    • Recommended up to character level 12
    • Lots of monsters in one place, but be careful - don't overestimate yourselves, you still have a low level. Since this is sometimes one of the most popular places to start out, you have to expect other players as well
  • Singvogelbergwerk – in Immerfall
    • Monster level 15
    • Recommended up to character level 30
    • There are tons of monsters here. You can even pull 5-10 monsters at once and flatten them with AOE attacks. 
  • Amrhein temple + destroyed obelisk - in Immerfall + wind circle
    • Monster level 20-24
    • Recommended up to character level 39
    • One of the BEST places to level your weapons early. There are skeletons as far as the eye can see. In addition, these are slow and therefore easier to manage. Don't be afraid to confront more than 10 at a time! 


  • Reida's cave + Corlew's mine - in light wood
    • Monster level 32-34
    • Recommended up to character level 50
    • Again, there are a lot of individual monsters that can be defeated relatively quickly. However, some ranged fighters spawn here that can be a bit more annoying

Elite areas, highly recommended for groups :

  • Grotto of the Dead - in Koenigsfels
    • Monster level 25
    • Recommended up to character level 44
    • One of the best caves to upgrade your weapons really quickly in a group. There are also super good loot + boxes to collect materials. Grab some friends and make the area unsafe! Little tip: Avoid this place at night. 
  • Light wood island - in light wood
    • Monster level 35
    • Recommended up to character level 50
    • Here you will find nasty opponents who might make your life difficult, but it is worthwhile as an alternative to the grotto of the dead.
  • Periheim – in Webermoor
    • Monster level 40
    • Recommended up to character level 55
    • A little built up and the monster density is also lower than in the other "elite areas". But still a very effective place in a group when it comes to gun experience. 
  • Eridamus - in Unsteady Coast
    • Monster level 46
    • Recommended up to character level 60
    • The same principle as before. Search for a group - run into the area - knock monsters - gain experience and loot.

And what about areas that harbor stronger monsters? There are also other “elite areas”, but these are not designed for weapon leveling. Since the monsters there are a lot stronger again, you just need too much time to defeat a group. For weapons, quantity comes before quality, at least in New World.

In which places do you level your weapons? Are there places that only you know and want to share with us? As always, we look forward to your ideas, secrets and inspirations. Let us know in the comments!