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Tacticool Mode Guide


Tacticool Mode Guide

Here's how to play and win in different Tacticool modes

Tacticool is a multiplayer third-person shooter with a decent amount of game modes. Each is fundamentally different from the rest and requires different approaches. If you have any difficulties with building a strategy, then use this guide.

In total, Tacticool has five modes: Bag Grab, Control, Team Fight, Battle Royale, and Team Survival.

Grabbing the bag

The game in this mode is reduced to getting points. Points are awarded for killing enemies and for holding a bag. The game ends when one of the teams scores 100 points. If none of the teams managed to score 100 points, then the victory is awarded to the team with the most points.

It is important to remember that points can not only be earned, but also lost. If you accidentally kill yourself or an ally, the enemy team will receive a point. The only way to kill yourself is with explosives, so practice using them. To keep your allies safe, watch the road while driving. In addition, allies are also vulnerable to your stationary machine gun fire and grenades. If you want to actively use any of the above, then stay on the front line without risking accidentally hurting your allies.

In this mode, there are most cards, but you should not memorize them, since they are very small and open.

There are many good tactics for winning this mode, but if you are playing with random people, then implementing them will be problematic. But even in this case, you have a chance to win. To do this, choose Hawk, Klaus, Varg, Defiant, or any of the epic operatives. Your goal will be to capture the bag in the center of the map as quickly as possible. After capturing it, return to your allies and shoot back from the advancing enemies. By sticking to this strategy, you will get fewer kills, but you will earn more points while holding the bag.

If you failed to keep the bag in your team, then you need to kill the enemy who stole it as soon as possible. A car, explosives or a fast character will help you with this. If you are playing with a friend, then he should take a strong character in order to take all the damage on himself.

Team fight

The rules are the same as for grabbing a bag, however there is no bag here, and points are earned only for killing enemies. From time to time, a priority target appears in each team, for the murder of which they give several points. If you and your character Boris, Victor, Sidnrom became this target, or belongs to the epic, then it makes sense to focus on your survival, since the status of the priority target does not subside until death. If you play as other operatives or are not confident in your abilities, then it makes sense to transfer this status to another player.

There is only one map in this mode and is very different from maps in other modes. This location is larger and more confusing, which makes it easy to evade pursuits or set up traps. Explore the area to improve your chances of survival.

In general, it all depends on your skill. If you play well enough or have the equipment pumped, you can win a match with 4 weak players. If you started playing recently and have not yet had time to acquire good equipment, then it makes sense to join a clan. There you can find players for your own team and learn useful things. When you find enough people, you can start discussing the roles in the match.

The most versatile option will be 2 people taking damage on themselves, 2 people dealing damage and 1 more helping both the first and the second. The more varied your characters are, the better your chances of winning. The main thing is not to get hung up on one task. For example, you should not take a lot of attacking characters, since grouped opponents can easily kill your not very strong heroes. For the same reason, you shouldn't take a lot of tanks. Your health will allow you to drag out the fight, but due to the lack of good damage, you will become whipping dolls.


There is no need to earn points in this mode. The victory conditions for each team are different. If you play as attackers, then you need to capture two points before the timer expires. If for the defenders, then do not allow these points to be captured. Capturing one point lasts 75 seconds. After this time, the defenders completely lose the point.

Some maps in this mode are similar in appearance to the maps in the Grab Bag, but they have more objects and cover. With experience, you will learn to navigate them and take advantage of the terrain, but for now, memorize the terrain by following your allies.

Half of the success in this mode depends on the preparation. In the start menu, you have three character slots that you can choose before starting the game or after death. Configure these slots as differently as possible. In one of them there must be an attacking character, in the second more defended. It is better to leave the third slot for unusual tactics. For example, a sturdy tank with a machine gun or a runner with explosives. Going into the match and choosing a side, select the class you want. Strong and fast-firing operatives are suitable for defenders, all others are suitable for attackers.

Playing as the attackers, try your best to get to the point with all your might. If you can't knock the enemy out of it, try to divide the enemy's forces by attacking two points at once. Once you manage to start capturing the point, you can switch to less mobile, but stronger or stronger operatives in order to hold the point.

When playing as the defenders, try to live as long as possible while on the spot. If you can't play for defensive classes, then try to use attackers, destroying single targets before approaching the point.

Battle royale

There are 15 players in the Battle Royale. There are no teams here, so everyone fights for himself. All players start in almost equal conditions - on one random character, with a knife and a first-aid kit. However, the characteristics of the character depend on how well he is pumped, which means that they may differ from the characteristics of other players.

First aid kits are unique special weapons and only appear in this mode. First aid kits are the only way to restore health, as in this mode it does not regenerate over time.

New equipment can be obtained from supply boxes that spawn in random locations on the map or drop from dead players. After selecting such a box, you will be offered several items, but you can only take one.

There are 3 types of crates in total - common, special and rare. They can drop both weapons and character improvements, such as a bonus to damage. The level and quality of weapons depends on how much you have pumped it. If you do not have a large number of pumped weapons, then give preference to bonuses to the character.

The zone in this mode is compressed in five stages in 5 minutes. There is no map here, so the only way to determine which side of the zone is with a small compass in the corner of the screen.

The overall strategy is very simple. Get the main and special weapons, and then run to the center of the zone. If you manage to be there first, then simply prepare and hold the position until the last stage of the circle. If you do not have time, then wait until someone starts attacking your opponent, and then finish off the survivor.

The mode is still very crude and will most likely be improved. So far, without any experience or equipment in the game, victories in this mode will be very, very difficult for you to get.

Cooperative survival

Survival is a cooperative game with two allies against waves of zombies. Your opponents can only attack in melee, but will grow stronger with each wave. After successfully repelling the wave, you can get main or special weapons from the containers in the center of the map. Your position on the map depends on the choice of your weapon

  • If you took a sniper rifle, then you need to shoot all the zombies in the southern part of the map.
  • If you got a machine gun, then you must shoot opponents on the left side of the location.
  • All other weapons adequately show themselves only on the right side of the location.

With new waves, new types of opponents will also arrive.

  1. The first wave is ordinary gray zombies. Low health, speed and damage.
  2. The second wave is blue zombies. Slightly increased speed.
  3. The third wave is yellow zombies. The first serious opponents in this mode. Explode upon death, leaving behind a poisonous cloud. To fall under such an explosion means almost one hundred percent death. Shoot back from them.
  4. From the fourth to the ninth wave - new zombies do not appear, however, the enemies arrive in the form of two waves. All three players must run in a circle together. Two of them shoot at the pursuing zombies while the third clears the way to continue their escape.
  5. The tenth wave - consists entirely of ordinary zombies. The main difficulty is that there will be about 8 waves of zombies. At the very beginning, you need to lure the zombies to the center, and then break out of the environment and start running in circles.
If all health is removed from your ally, he will fall to his knees. To pick it up, you need to go to a small highlighted area next to it and stand next to it for a while. If this happened at the time of the beginning of a new wave, then it is better to help him at the end of the round, otherwise, most likely, you will simply die with him. As long as at least one player is alive, you will not be considered defeated.

Much in this mode depends on your luck. If you manage to find good equipment at the beginning, then you will pass the mode at least half. The rest depends on your allies and how well you dodge zombies.

For a comfortable game in most modes, you need experience and pumped up equipment. Play all modes more often, follow the tips presented and you will have both of these things.