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Walkthrough Alan Wake Remastered - game guide


Walkthrough Alan Wake Remastered - game guide

Walkthrough of all Alan Wake story chapters: how to defeat a bulldozer, harvester, birds and other opponents

This guide walks through six episodes of the base game. The Signal and Writer add-ons will be covered in separate guides.

Episode 1. Nightmare

After the introductory video, familiarize yourself with the controls. Use your gaming mouse to rotate the camera and look at the top of the lamp post. Then run forward while holding the LEFT SHIFT . The key TAB allows you to switch between left or right shoulder view. You will see a lighthouse in the distance, and Alan decides that he needs to get there.  

Run away from the hitchhiker - one of the maniacs in Alan Wake's book. Dodge his attacks using Shift and the WASD keys . In the end, you will be able to cross the bridge, which will instantly collapse. Go inside the building and watch the cut-scene.

Leave the house and look at the light source. Move forward along the stairs that appear, after which you will learn about the features of the enemies of this world. In Alan's nightmare, all opponents are engulfed in darkness. And until you chase away that very darkness, you will not be able to kill enemies. Take the lantern and use RMB to increase its power and burn out the darkness from the enemy. After that, pick up the revolver and shoot the enemy using LMB (to aim, use the beam from the flashlight, you do not need to amplify). From the box on the right you can get cartridges for the revolver. Follow along and kill 3-4 more opponents using the same methods.

Search the crate on the lamp post to get a Flare Launcher and two Flares (one will be already inside the Flare Launcher). A little further, three opponents will jump out at you at once. Shoot them with a flare gun to kill them all at once. Thus, the rocket launcher and flares are best reserved for especially dangerous enemies. Keep moving and run towards the lighthouse. Before going inside the lighthouse, take away the thermos lying on the bench to the right.

Go to the old man to get acquainted. He will introduce himself as Path Maine. When he has finished, return to your wife. Talk to Barry on the phone, and when you get to the pier, interact with the driver's door of the red car to get off the ferry.

Once in the diner, go around the circle, talking to the waitress, cop and two rockers. One of the rockers will ask you to put on record # 6. Click on the beetlebox, and then repeat the action and hit it with all your might (press LMB several times). A little further by the passage to the corridor there is a frightened woman, and to the left of the corridor, on a stand, there is a thermos. Go forward and left along the dark corridor and knock on the door. After receiving the key, leave the diner.

Further you will find yourself in front of the house on the lake. Go ahead and open the house. You can find another thermos in the kitchen on the first floor. Go up to the second floor and examine a couple of rooms. Then go downstairs and exit through the door opposite the stairs to the backyard porch. The first radio receiver is here. There are 25 of them in the game, and there are 100 thermoses. After that, leave the house through the front door, where Alice is standing, and go left. Climb inside the barn and interact with the generator. Click LMB at a suitable moment when the slider goes over the "green sector".

After turning on the generator, wait for Alan to finish talking with Alice, and after the video you can focus and inspect the Colton mansion. Go back inside the house, go upstairs, go to the bedroom, and then, at the request of Alice, look into the office opposite. After the cut-scene, run to the house and go inside to see another cutscene.

Alan Wake is overwhelmed by the nightmare again. Remember that while standing under the light you can restore Alan's health. In addition, while you do not use the flashlight, its charge is automatically restored. In the trunk of the car you can find Emil Hartman's book The Creator's Dilemma. Go down below and see a gas station. But the path to it lies through the forest. Go down below and get to the light source to find 2 manuscripts. There are several types of collectibles in each chapter, and manuscripts are one of them. So, in the first episode, you can find a total of 13 manuscripts, although 2 have already been found. Press F5 to open the section and view all manuscripts.

Continue moving, cross the log and jump down behind the fence. Walk left and see the death of the builder. Move between pallets and logs. There will be another manuscript lying on the ground. Follow further and get to the building with light, dodging the enemy's attack. After the cutscene, you will receive a lantern and a revolver. Collect ammo and batteries (behind Alan) and interact with the phone. An unknown person will break the telegraph pole. As soon as the door opens, jump off the construction booth and run forward. Opponents will appear. You can turn on the spotlight and lure them into the light to destroy the darkness. After killing everyone, go first to the left, along the timber truck to find a box with supplies. There are 25 such boxes in the game. Then examine the path further. A pole of electrical lines fell on the fence. There is a shield to the left of it. Kick it to turn off the power and move on. You can turn to the left of the excavator, where an enemy throwing knives appears, and find a manuscript. In the future, I will not dwell on collectible items, but will tell you more about them in a separate guide.

Continue down the slope to the right of the excavator. Walk across the river. After the log and stones, you can turn right and find the manuscript. Go left along the other logs and you will find yourself on another fork. If you go to the left along the logs and climb the stairs, you can find a building where there is a box with supplies. And so go to the right and get to another part of the sawmill. Examine the shield on the post with the red light bulb. Go right and look for a thermos with coffee on the stone. Go left and find the generator. After killing three enemies, start the generator. There is a manuscript and a shotgun in the building to his right.

Return to the shield and use it (after starting the generator) to move the logs. Place them to connect two large mountains of logs. Climb the stairs to one of them and cross the "bridge" to the other side. In the building, the lamppost has a radio and shotgun cartridges. Follow through the forest. You can find a manuscript and a thermos along the way. There is also a generator. Be sure to fire it up to turn on the lights and create a safe place. Keep running along the path, killing or running away from enemies. Go up the hill and see a road with an excavator. The path to the left leads to the supply box, down to the closed gate. A manuscript is lying in front of them. There is a button inside the building that opens the gate. Click on it. There you will also find supplies, a shotgun, and a TV. Televisions are another type of collectible.

Go through the opened gate, between the logs, some of which are hanging on the cranes. Opponents will appear soon. Kill 5-6 enemies, then interact with the shield at the gate and open it. There is another thermos on the excavator nearby. Go through the gate and go upstairs to the gas station. Go right and look into the territory. There is a manuscript lying under the truck in front, and even further, by the rock, there is a thermos. Go inside the gas station and use the phone.

Episode 2. Possessed

After the video, you will move to the events that took place 3 years ago. Go to the room ahead where Alice is and take the thermos of coffee. Exit the study and go to the room on the left. There's a manuscript there, and there's a QR code on the wall. Naturally, it wasn't there in the original game. All of these videos are taken from the game Control, which is directly related to the universe of Alan Wake. Go to the kitchen and turn on the coffee maker. Return to Alice, then go to the next office and examine the posters with Alan lying on the table. Return to Alice, the lights will turn off soon. Examine the traffic jams to the right of the front door and head back to Alice, this time with the flashlight on. 

You will find yourself in the police station, returning to the events of the beginning of the game. Exit the office. You can go forward past the reception and find a thermos and a manuscript in the room. And so go left along the narrow corridor and look into the office of Sheriff Sarah Baker. Take the phone off the table and listen to Sarah. Exit to the corridor. A stranger will contact you. Go past the reception area and turn through the opened door on the left, towards the cameras. There is a manuscript in the back cell. Exit to the backyard of the police station. On the ledge in front are a thermos and a radio. Walk through the hole in the fence on the left. To do this, kick the boards blocking the path. You can immediately pick up the manuscript lying on the stone in front. Pick up Alice's driver's license from the front seat of the rusted car. Return to the sheriff and watch the cut-scene.

Alan will move to a motel. Chat with Barry. There is a thermos in the kitchen on the right. Alan will ask Barry to wait. Exit through the door to the balcony and chat with Rusty. Go back inside, find and sign the form on the administrator's desk, and then bring it to Rusty. Listen to Barry and leave the motel, taking the keys from Rusty.

Go down to the first floor, take the thermos in the kitchen and exit to the backyard. Go down the steps and take the manuscript from the car. Run down the road. There is a radio in the building on the right. Move below. One manuscript is in the trunk of the car, the other is in the gazebo up the pedestrian path on the right. Go down to the square with Rusty's house and the ranger's office. The locked cabinet on the right has a manuscript. In a small building on the left is a thermos. Enter the administration and chat with Rusty, who is sitting on the floor and praying for help. Talk to him, pick up the revolver and enter the ranger's office opposite. A manuscript is lying on the floor of the corridor. Go to the back room to find a broken electrical panel.

Return to Rusty. Kill the enemies in the backyard of the administration, and then defeat Rusty himself. Unlike regular opponents, he will teleport and be able to become less visible. However, you can still recognize it by visual distortion. Go to the hole in the wall behind which Rusty was lying, use the light to remove the darkness, and kill Rusty. It will take 2-3 times more hits. Then the usual enemies will appear. Kill them and go through the fallen fence.

Go down the stairs, talk to Barry on the phone and take the manuscript lying on the wooden table in front. Continue on your way, cross the bridge. The further path leads to the right, but the path to the left will allow you to find a supply box in the cave. Move on. Again, you can swerve to the right of the left pointer to find the manuscript. Keep running while killing enemies. Behind the bridge, launch a generator to destroy opponents without consuming ammunition. A manuscript is lying on the ground ahead. Go ahead, destroy the enemies and go down to the sign. The gate is locked, but you can jump over the fence from the stone. Although I recommend that you first go to the right and find a thermos. There will be a manuscript behind the fence. Call the funicular by pressing the green button.

Upon arrival, you will receive flares. Run forward after the man. Shine on enemies, banishing darkness, and your partner will kill them. Then scare off opponents using flares. You can get a few new ones from the drawer on the side. When your partner breaks the boards, go up the steps. Get to the very end. There is a thermos behind the billboard on the right. Kill enemies until they disappear. Watch the video.

Pick up the ammo. You have a firearm again. A manuscript is lying on the ground ahead. Walk along two logs and avoid the luminous points in order not to fall into traps. These are non-collectible items! Go further, kill opponents and make your way along a couple of logs to the place where the generator is. Run it to turn on the light. There is a manuscript in one building, a thermos in another.

When you're ready, jump off the boards to the left of the building. Go right up the hill to the plane and climb the wing on the left to find a supply box. Turn around and run to the other side. Go to the post and start the generator to scare away the enemies. Go forward in the direction of the house and look for a thermos on the cliff. Go to the right and along the bridge to the house. Climb the stairs on the right, jump down on the other side and go through the water mill. Outside, on the balcony of the penultimate floor, there will be a manuscript. Go back and climb to the very top of the stairs and push down the load on the chain on the right. Use the platform to jump over to the other side and take the manuscript. And on the table to the right is a thermos. Climb up the metal stairs and leave the mill.

Go up the slope, killing enemies. Climb over the fence by jumping onto the box from the stones on the right. An enemy with a chainsaw is waiting for you outside the gate. It is best to use flares to scare off the enemy and prevent him from getting close to Alan. Keep driving and you will soon find a trailer park. Take a look around. at the very beginning there is a thermos with coffee. The garage on the right with the car is closed. Go to the building on the left, where there are toilet cubicles and a dressing room. Look for the key in the far left room. Go outside, unlock the gate and get into the car. Drive along the road avoiding various obstacles. Follow the administration and head up the slope until the path ahead is blocked by a van. Kill opponents and return to Barry. First, go left along the house, beyond the well, in order to find a box with supplies near the cliff. Then fight the crows. Use all available means, including a rocket launcher and flares. In the end, Al will say that the crows are gone. Go inside Barry's house to complete the episode.

Episode 3. Ransom

Chat with the manager and then follow him to Rose's trailer. Do not go far, otherwise it will stop. Knock on the door for Rose to come out and watch the video. Go to the room with Barry, take the thermos, go outside and pick up the manuscript. Follow the same path to the beginning of the territory. There is a radio on the porch of the nearest trailer. A little further, by the overturned boat, there is a thermos on the table. After the video, run away from the police, to the other side of the lanterns. There is only one route. You will even find one manuscript along the way. Take the only route through the mountains and climb up to the observation tower. First take a thermos, and then interact with the equipment. Now you can go downstairs and go through the gate on the left. 

Now you need to get to the radio station. Go past the gate with shadows, go up the slope and look for a building with a generator on the right. Start it, take a thermos from a stone nearby and use the searchlight. Direct the light towards the gate and amplify it with the RMB. There is a lantern to the right of the other gate. Take it, light your way and find flashbangs near the police car. Use them to destroy opponents. There will be a radio before the bridge, and behind the bridge, on the right, there is a manuscript. Continue on your way. Pick up the grenades from the trunk of the car. In front of the radio station, you will need to destroy the brute. It will require 2 grenades. Go to the territory. There is a thermos under the billboards. Go inside and stand in front of Maine's studio. Wait for him to end the conversation on the air.

Jump down and remove the manuscript from the wooden fence. Go down below and start the generator by killing the enemies. There will be a fork here. The path to the right leads to the top of the mountain to the antenna. There is only one manuscript and nothing else. If you wish, you can run there (there is a long way), and then go left. There will be buildings ahead and some spotlights that you can turn on. There is a thermos in the building on the right. Also, the path to the right leads to a locked gate with a manuscript. Go further along the path to the road. On the way, pick up the manuscript and chat with Alice on the phone. There is another manuscript on a tree stump below. Walk to the left of the stump and find the building where the supply box is. Go to the other side, climb the railway bridge and go to the very end, constantly changing sides. At the end, flying objects will appear. Use a flashbang or flashlight to disarm them.

Get to the train station. There is a thermos on the pallet in the far right corner. Open the gate on the left with a remote control with a flashing green light. Kill all the enemies and go through the gate. Be careful in the building as there are enemies there too. Go outside on the top floor, pick up the manuscript and go downstairs. A bulldozer will appear here. Dodge him. There are 3 red boxes in a circle. From there you can get different equipment. Stun grenades and a flare gun are especially effective against a bulldozer. After winning, open the gate and find a thermos on the right. Go to the exit from the location.

After the video, run down the road. More precisely, it is better to go down by car. The bridge will be destroyed, so leave the car and run to the right to go under the bridge and up the steps to the other side. On the left there will be a building with a radio, and next to it there is a car. Drive it forward along the road. There is another radio on the observation tower on the right, in the red building on the left, a little further down the road, there is a manuscript on the top floor. Arriving at the mine, at the closed passage on the left, look for a thermos. A manuscript is lying around the building. Go inside and watch the cut-scene.

At night, go downstairs (after talking on the phone), find a thermos and supplies, and then activate the shield in the far corner. This will open the hatch. Go down there and pick up the manuscript outside. Kill the enemies and go through the car in front. Climb the car in front, along the stairs on the side, destroy the shadow and open the hatch on the roof of the car. Go outside the building, get into the car and drive to the building on the right to turn off the electricity. Destroy all enemies with the machine itself so as not to waste ammunition on them.

Go back and climb over the fence where the current used to be. Go through the building, the enemy will break the path further (break the boards). From the next room, where three enemies will jump, climb up the metal stairs in the center. Take the thermos and the manuscript, and then go outside. Lower the lever in the building on the left and go through the opened gate.

Run to the right. When there is a fork, head up the slope to the left to find a supply box. Turn around and walk forward along a wooden structure with a thermos on the edge. Go down and walk towards the light. Then you can go around the ravine to the left or right. Walk left as this route will be a red building with a thermos inside. Find the passage at the spotlight across the moat in the far corner. Follow there and you will soon reach a mining town. Pick up the manuscript and walk across the bridge. Keep going forward. Jump over the bridge. One of the buildings on the right has a thermos. Continue on your way and find the carriages. In the shed on the left on the box is the key. Pick up and open the adjacent building.

Exit through the other door and head up the stairs on the left. Continue up the slope. Head left out of the way to find a supply crate. Walk along the wooden bridges, dealing with the crows, and go inside the mine. Walk forward along the corridors. At the fork, near the inscription on the wall, you can turn left and at the very end of the long path you will find the manuscript. Go back and go the other way. jump down and pick up the manuscript on the left. When a blockage occurs, the enemy will break the boards on the left. Kill everyone and go there. There is a thermos on the left wall.

Lower the platform with one remote control and go to the other side. climb the stairs and use the other panel to raise the platform and cross it obliquely. Use the third remote to raise the platform higher, climb the stairs and move on. Go down the stairs and activate the fourth remote control to raise the platform to the very top. Go to the other side. break the boards. You can go up the steps and find the manuscript. Go down, kill the crows and start the generator, and then ride forward on the funicular. While you are moving to the other side, destroy the crows. Then go up the slope using the only route. Cross the narrow suspension bridge and head right. Walk along the rocks and pick up the manuscript. A little further look at the stones in the opposite direction and go up the slope. Push the boards and destroy the bridge support. After reaching the building, go down to the basement door and break the boards. Go inside.

Climb to the top floor of the building, and when you fall down, first kill the enemies and go upstairs again. Jump over the hole in the floor and go down to the other side. go down the slope until you see a video.

Episode 4. Truth

Alan will be in the office of Hartman, who claims that Alice died long ago, and the hero has schizophrenia. Go to the door and agree with the doctor. The conversation will continue in the elevator. Return to Alan's room by watching TV along the way. Interact with the typewriter, after which it becomes possible to leave the clinic. Go downstairs, take the keys lying next to the old people, go up and go around this building in a circle. Get to Hartman's office and find the manuscript there. Listen to the tape recorder to get the achievement. Hartman is cheating on Alan! 

Examine the photograph hanging on the wall. It turns out that the kidnapper was working on Hartman's instructions. Examine the premises and find Barry. Go together to the doctor's office, take a pistol and take away the manuscripts. Darkness will appear. Run away. Darkness will consume Hartman. Go to the hall and look for a generator on the second tier. By launching the device, you will neutralize a part of the dark entity. You can explore the TV along the way. Finally, you will be taken outside using the shadow sphere. Go to the gate and chat with Barry. He will give a lantern. Turn around and watch the darkness destroy the hospital. Get to the labyrinth that Barry talked about. Find some manuscripts, kill enemies in the maze and get to Birch, Hartman's assistant. Kill him and some birds, go to the gate and talk to Barry again. He stands on the other side of the barrier. Barry will drop the key. Fight enemies, and when your partner unlocks the gates, leave the maze and drive away by car to the Andersen mansion.

After the accident, go to the cliff to see Barry, located at the very bottom. You need to move towards it. Follow the path, killing enemies, go to the rails and move into the cave. Pick up the manuscript, go into the woods and find the gate, shrouded in shadow. Turn the lantern in the correct way and go up the stairs. Run another generator to remove the shadow from the gate. You will find a new lantern along the way. Jump off the ledge, follow the path and kill the enemies. You will find yourself near the cliff. From here you can see a car moving along the road. It must be Barry. Follow the path along the mountains and destroy the shadow on the gate.

Alan will hear the voice of a dark entity. Pick up the thermos and the manuscript, turn on the flashlight and pick up the shotgun. Go back on the path and kill all the enemies. You will reach the house with a car. It turns out that there is not even a driver inside. Enter the house, examine and find the person who was previously seen in the prison cell at the police station. Pick up the revolver and talk to the man who will soon die. Turn on the TV, kill Danny and take the manuscripts. Go outside and drive your car to the farm. Don't forget to destroy all enemies.

When you arrive at the farm, take a look around. Go to the scene where Barry is. Kill opponents, and then look inside the barn. There are manuscripts and a device that will disperse a rook hanging on chains. Punch a hole in the wall, go outside and find Barry, who will help you get inside the vault. Kill the enemies and go higher. Listen to the radio, activate the generator and use the elevator to go downstairs. Leave the vault to see the possessed harvester. Use flashbang grenades or a regular flashlight to expel the darkness from the harvester. Go to the corner where the net and barn are. Flip the switch to unlock the vault and let Barry in.

Together with him, unlock the gate, move to the others and study the house of the elderly. When the lights go out, go to the bedroom, where there is a room with fuses. Activate them to turn on the light, go downstairs and listen to the tape recorder. After spending the night in the house, you will find yourself at the bridge next to Alan's house, on the familiar island. These are Alan's memories. After the jump, get out onto the platform to meet the insane old woman. Return to the house, but Alice is not there. Talk to the entity and watch the chapter ending video.

Episode 5. Nutcracker

After the opening scene, pick up the manuscript that Nightingel dropped. Follow Sarah to the girl's office to collect all of Alan Wake's belongings. Go to the courtyard of the site, move as usual and climb onto the roof of the building. Kill all the birds and find the supply box, to which the yellow arrows lead. As a result, we will find ourselves in the same courtyard. Go to the shield next to the gate and destroy the darkness that enveloped it. Open the gate so that the girl can go further. Kill every possessed one and follow Sarah. She leads Alan back to the police station. There is a key to the helicopter. In addition, there is a powerful lantern in one of the offices. Look for the key to the helicopter on the table. After watching the video, Barry will run up to you. He will shy away from darkness. Run after Sarah, go inside another building and pick up the manuscript. Climbing outside, you will see Barry's rocket. Run with Sarah to the church and kill opponents. Go inside the temple. 

Go down to the basement under the church and kill all opponents. Get out into the street to find Barry, and with him move to the helipad. Kill enemies on the way to this place. Also, don't forget to turn on the spotlight, which will make it easier to fight the horde of monsters. Watch a video in which the heroes use the helicopter. Sarah will drop Alan off and then the birds will appear. Help the helicopter to destroy all opponents, and then go to the small building next to the main entrance. There is a pistol that will allow you to break the chains that hold down the gate. Kill the enemies and go to the hangar. Climb the boxes nearby and climb over the fence already inside the hangar. Listen to the recording on the radio, then kill all enemies and go outside. Move in the direction of the working lamp and you will see the power plant building in front of you. Inside the substation, a maze awaits you, so you need to move along the path, trying to find a way to the desired place and fighting off opponents.

When you find the elevator, which is located near the coil, go up and take the page with the manuscript. Go down below and enter the control room to deploy a bridge that will help you cross to the other side. On the way to the desired place, you will stumble upon a flock of birds. Destroy all the birds with a lantern and move on. The bridge will start moving, so stand on the edge and wait until you can get to the other side.

Once on the other side of the control room, turn on the TV and pick up the pump action shotgun. Once outside, you will find a helicopter, Sarah and Barry. They will shine for you, and you fight with opponents. After a while, the birds will reappear. Drive everyone away, and then make your way inside the power plant. On the shields, you will see symbols indicating the next supply box. Move to the corner of this territory and go through the door, where you will meet an old woman shining on Alan. Prove to her that you are not a monster. Weaver will let Alan inside and say that you can find a secret passage inside the illuminated pipeline. But first, you will have to cut off the power supply to the substation, or Alana will be fried with electricity. Explore the old woman's hideout, find a good lantern and head outside. Go to the open gate and go down to the lower level.

Deal with all opponents, move past the building that will remain on your left hand, go through the door and look for the switch located below the lantern. There are other levers around it. Use all of them to connect the three bridges. Get to the lever and deactivate the power plant. Go back, but proceed with caution as the bridges will move. The gate that leads to Weaver must be opened with a lever. Return to the distraught old woman, who will open the way further, and go to the pipe. Walk along it and contact Barry. Something happened. Get out and see the crashed helicopter. Move to the crash site to find a friend. Find a manuscript that tells what happened. Go down the logs below. Kill all the birds and move to the helicopter.

Examine the crash site, but fortunately, Sarah and Barry's corpses will not be found. Follow the path that goes up, kill the enemies and, together with your partners, go to the top of the dam, where Weaver is. After reaching the wall, lower the lift and fight the opponents again. Then hold the button until Barry and Sarah get inside. The cistern will fall, which will block the further path. You need to find an alternative passage that will allow you to get to the top. Walk in the direction of the broken fence and pick up the manuscript. This path leads to the iron bridge, from where the dam itself is visible. Climb there using the vertical ladder.

Use a powerful searchlight to kill all opponents who are attacking in a huge group. Run away from darkness. Weaver will save a group of people who will hide everyone in their illuminated room located underground. Watch the video that concludes the chapter.

Episode 6. Leaving

We find the painkillers in the cabinet in the bathroom. We go into the corridor and listen to the message on the answering machine. After that, we go to the hall and turn on the TV. At this point, Alice arrives. We talk with her and offer her a vacation. In reality, we are all standing in the same crazy granny's bunker. We say that we must go alone and finish this story, because the last page of it remained in the typewriter. We get into the car and go to Lake Koldron. We get to the tunnel, after which we continue on foot. We see that night has come. We kill the possessed, find the car and continue to drive to the lake. On the way, we stop at a hotel. We examine the room where Nightingel lived. We find a lot of resources in it. 

We return to the road and continue our journey. The next stop is a bridge where cars and vans block the road. On the way, we collect batteries, cartridges and rocket launchers. In parallel, we are fighting off the darkness, which in every possible way prevents us from going further. At the other end of the bridge we find another car and continue to move towards the lake. We pass another tunnel with obstacles. The road leads us to the building. We go into it and press the button to open the gate. We get to the warehouse. We find a couple of pages, after which we climb to the tower to start the generator.

This opens a passage for us. Next time we stop near a location with a wooden gate. We rise into the house and push out the box, which gives us the opportunity to go into the courtyard. Here we are fighting the darkness. From the gusts of darkness we hide in the houses. We shoot the possessed from them. For convenience, we lure enemies under the spotlight and incinerate them all. We finish off the rest with weapons and grenades. After the battle, we return to the house and push the cart onto the cliff. We find another note. After that, we jump onto the cart and cross the bridge along the rails. Along the way, we are fighting birds.

We go upstairs and push the cart again to get further along the bridges. The road leads us to a forest path, from where you can already see the top of the mountain by the lake. We continue to run. Along the way, we dodge flying objects and run away from monsters.

We start the generator near the house, which starts the lift. We kill monsters and run to him to go upstairs. We find a sheet with the manuscript, after which we reach the gorge, which the entity blocks with cars and an old boat. We use the beam of the flashlight to fend off enemies and clear the road. We go further and see that the darkness is raging more and more. We run, dodge cars and objects, after which we reach the source of the tornado and illuminate it with an enhanced beam of a flashlight. And in the center of it we shoot rocket launchers. We are watching a video in which Alan runs out onto a rock, holds a switch in his hands and jumps into the waters of the lake. We continue to dream. We are in our apartment with Alice. She lures us to bed, but we understand that she is not real, because darkness envelops her, and she is not afraid. We examine the apartment and in the hall (where the TV is) we find the nutcracker.

Under the water, Tom turns to us, who tells us that we must go to the house. We find ourselves at the bottom, surrounded by darkness. We shine a flashlight on all the inscriptions, after which they turn into objects. The road leads us to the same bridge that existed in reality. Then we go to the house. We go inside and see the essence of darkness, hidden in the body of an old woman in a veil. We pierce her body with a hand with a switch and fill it with light. Watching the final video.