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Walkthrough Crysis 2 Remastered - game guide


Walkthrough Crysis 2 Remastered - game guide

Detailed guide to complete all story missions and destroy bosses in Crysis 2

In this guide, we'll walk you through the walkthroughs of all story missions Crysis 2 Remastered .

Mission 1. To the mercy of fate

After the introductory video, the main character of the game will be on the submarine. Listen carefully to the report of the allies and nod your head in the affirmative. When you hear a loud noise, stand up and wait for a command. The submarine was attacked by enemies, so run along the only route as soon as possible, jumping over obstacles. When you find yourself opposite the closed airlock, together with the soldier, open it. It remains to leave this place and get out to the surface. After completing the task, watch the video. An unknown person in a nano suit will save Alcatraz. 

Mission 2. Second chance

This time the hero wakes up on the floor of a destroyed building. Go to the dead body and pick up the gun. After the video, it turns out that the man who saved the main character - the Prophet - is dead and lies right in front of you. This is one of the heroes of the first part. It turns out that in order to transfer the nano-suit to another, the Prophet had to kill himself. There is no other way to get rid of the equipment. Full synchronization of the suit with the new organism is only possible if the previous owner is dead. Examine carefully the control system, then pick up the Prophet token lying on the floor and go outside through the door. There is a lock on it, which you must attack with a firearm or melee strike (key V, if you have not changed the layout).

Follow the corridor that is filled with dead bodies. Turn on your laptop and listen to some new recordings that will tell you what is happening. After a few seconds, you will contact Gould, who needs your help. He will transmit the coordinates of the meeting point. Thus, without thinking twice, we move in the direction of the marker. When you see a large hole in the floor, jump over to the other side, after taking a good start. You need to hold down the jump key to fly away as far as possible. For sprints, the Shift key is used by default. Open the door and go outside. 

Outside, you will learn how to use the visor. They will also show you where to go next. Pick up ammo, kill two opponents and take away the SCAR machine gun. If you want to act covertly, then use the visor and mark all the opponents, the markers of which will appear on the minimap. Get over the dangerous area, go to the door and open it. Once inside the building, listen to the briefing and turn on disguise as soon as possible. To do this, use the E key. An enemy will appear, who eventually will not notice the main character and will leave this place. Bend down, because in this position, the energy consumption is half. Get close to the enemy from behind and eliminate the target. Deal with other enemies, climb the container and jump over to the adjacent roof. Use the sight again to mark all opponents. Go down below and make your way past them. If you cannot get around the enemies, you will have to fight them in a rather difficult battle. Either way, you need to make your way to the control panel and unlock the gate.

After that, look around and go towards the marker. After reaching the next enemy, listen to the new briefing and activate the next suit mode, which allows you to use reinforced armor. As a result of these actions, the hero will not suffer, even despite the powerful explosion. Kill all the enemies, listen to Gould's instructions and find out that the path further lies through the subway tunnels. After going downstairs, use the infrared scanner and move to the indicated location. Killing aliens is optional. Just get to the exit point.

Mission 3. Sudden strike

Move across the bridge opposite and watch a video with the appearance of two turntables attacking the alien ship. Alcatraz will fly to the ground, so you will have to move to the marker from the bottom. Listen again to Gould, who wants you to find a sample of biomaterial that is on the destroyed alien ship. In addition, the CELL mercenaries have gone to the same place, so the path will not be easy. Move in the direction of the destroyed multi-storey parking lot, follow upward and kill every enemy. You can try to act covertly, but sooner or later you will have to get out of cover and engage in an open firefight.

Once on the roof, examine this place and secure the muffler to the machine. Kill the enemy opposite, who is on the roof of the building. Once you've done this, turn on your disguise and squat down. Get close to the enemy near the machine gun and eliminate him. Take control of the machine gun and use powerful weapons to kill as many mercenaries as possible. Then follow the opposite building to find a rocket launcher. Pick up this weapon and go to the alien shuttle. Inside the first and second shuttles there will not be the necessary samples of biomaterial, so Gould will ask you to get onto the huge alien ship. 

A mercenary helicopter will appear on the way to this ship. However, earlier you had to pick up a rocket launcher, which will simplify the battle. Shoot at the helicopter several times, then open the door from the elevator shaft and go downstairs. And there is no biomaterial here, so use the sight to scan the mass floating around the hero. Go back outside to find the alien. Destroy the enemy and search him to get the required biomaterial. This material will be absorbed by the main character's costume, which will receive certain stat enhancements. Select the desired improvement, and then return to the road and kill several new aliens and mercenaries. The mission will be completed soon.

Mission 4. Road rage

We follow the only route using holes in the walls of buildings. After getting close to the window, use the stealth mode and eavesdrop on the conversation between Tara Strickland and Lockhart. They will both leave this place on the turntable, and you will need to defeat the remaining opponents. Follow Roosevelt's road, killing enemies until an earthquake hits. Jump down the ledges, turn on infrared vision and find a trio of opponents ahead. Kill them or go around using stealth mode. After getting close to the armored car, activate invisibility or reinforced armor to pass by the transport with a powerful machine gun. You need to move to the right side. kill enemies in the indicated territory, where there is an armored car without a driver, and then climb inside the transport. Destroy the wall, which will be highlighted against the background of the remaining wall. Destroy the enemy armored car, follow on without leaving the vehicle, and blow up another CELL vehicle on the way. At the end, one helicopter and two armored cars will appear. As soon as you destroy them, leave the armored car and complete the task. 

Mission 5. Guinea pig

Again, you need to help Gould. This time he will tell you where his old cache is. The marker points to a laboratory with computers. You need to get there before Lockhart's men, who would otherwise know where to look for a scientist. Having reached the pier, secretly eliminate the patrolman and pick up the sniper rifle that fell from him. It will allow you to destroy most of the opponents from a safe distance. You can also shoot at fuel barrels or use stealth mode. Go down, get to the warehouses and kill opponents. Once inside the elevator, activate the stealth mode and wait for the platform to arrive at the desired level. Let the mercenary search the elevator while you remain invisible. Soon he will leave, and you can get close and silently eliminate him. Kill the mercenaries, go into the room and destroy Gould's computer. Use reinforced armor to deal with the helicopter that has arrived at the scene. Kill enemies. One of the mercenaries should drop a rocket launcher, which will greatly simplify the destruction of the turntable. Having dealt with the helicopter, move to the meeting place with Gould, who will understand that the costume is not used by the Prophet, but by our hero. However, he decides to trust you. After a short conversation, Gould is wounded by the CELL mercenaries. However, the doctor will survive and remain inside his refuge. Follow down the stairs and shoot at the lock holding the hatch.

Mission 6. Gatekeepers

Move along the roofs of buildings until you find an alien ship. Then follow down to the construction platform and see a battle between aliens and soldiers. Wait a bit for the aliens to deal with some of the mercenaries. Then destroy the enemy behind the machine gun point. After clearing this location, go inside the building and listen to Gould. Use stealth mode, go up to the roof and secretly finish off the patrolman. Go to the park, leaving the invisible mode activated, get to the vans marked by the sight, and activate the explosives. Follow the hint on the sight and pull the lever. You can turn off the stealth mode, as a huge army of mercenaries is moving in your direction. Move through the underground tunnel after eliminating opponents. Get to the marker and open the gate by knocking out or shooting the lock. 

Mission 7. The Walking Dead

Examine the location where the hero is, jump down onto the glass part of the building, after turning on the reinforced armor. Then go to the roof of the neighboring house, where the opponents are, and jump over to the next building. Find a sniper rifle that will drop from one of the mercenaries, and then kill the enemies on the street. Having done this, go downstairs and enter the building with a ladder that will lead you to the roof of another building. Climb the stairs, use the invisibility mode and secretly eliminate opponents. Once you are found, activate the reinforced armor and use Gould's hints. He will say that a helicopter is moving in your direction.

Knock down the door that leads to the laboratory to meet Gould again. He orders the scientist to activate the scan. Review the memory from the prophet. Lockhart and Tara Strickland will appear and take Alcatraz prisoner. Suddenly aliens will come to the rescue. After falling, watch the video, press the desired key, and then kill all the aliens.

Mission 8. Center of Power

Once again, waking up on the ground and getting rid of the aliens, listen to Hargreave, who has a plan for further action. Go to the marker, destroying the aliens along the way, which this time will use powerful armor. Make your way through the hole in the wall, study the location and go towards the huge alien structure. Before going there, pick up the ammunition lying in one of the vans. Be sure to bring explosives with you, which will come in handy a little later. Follow the bridge for a long gunfight. One of the aliens is using powerful armor. To destroy it, use the previously found explosives. Once you destroy each enemy, move inside the tunnel. 

Mission 9. Heart of Darkness

Follow through the subway tunnel, dealing with opponents and making your way through various obstacles. In addition to the rubble, there will be pits and fire. When you meet an alien in reinforced armor, use explosives against him again. Several charges are lying around with the enemy. Once you reach the station, you will find a dead end. There are fuel barrels near one of the walls. Shoot them to destroy walls with an explosion. Use the detonator and step back to a safe distance. Get out to the surface and follow to the new location marked with a marker. Hargreave spoke of him. At this point, you will find three capsules, inside of which are spores, feeding the main structure of the aliens. There are guards near each of these capsules. Usually these are five simple aliens and one enemy with reinforced armor. To get across the chasm, follow the mechanical tentacles. When you destroy the last, third capsule, move in the direction of the alien tower. When you reach the gate, watch the video. Press the keys that pop up on the screen to complete the test and help Alcatraz survive. Then head towards Hargreave's helicopter to avoid the shockwave damage. However, it will not work to get to the helicopter, so you can take your time.

Mission 10. Loyalty or death

After the hero wakes up, wait a few moments to suit restored its operation. This is how you meet your old friend. You will receive a pistol given by the surviving Marine. He will ask to follow him. Do so. Get to the destroyed statue and pick up the machine gun. Continue moving, killing the aliens. Go through the destroyed building, tucked inside a rocket launcher, which will be useful against a new enemy in the enhanced armor. When you are separated from your allies, then continue on your way alone. Drive by car, get to the narrow section, leave the vehicle and follow on foot. After reuniting with allies, listen to the briefing and move to the abandoned outpost. You can find grenades and other ammunition along the way. After regrouping, you will face a long battle against the aliens. Destroy several enemy waves. Save your powerful weapon for last. When destroy conventional enemy, the enemy will be the main, which pursues Alcatraz throughout the game. Destroying the enemy, go for the Allies after and select into the inside of said tunnel. 

Mission 11. Corporate crisis

Follow on, passing the Statue of Liberty, until you get in touch with Hargreave. He will say that you need to get to some kind of laboratory. After arriving at the place, destroy the enemies in the courtyard of the building. You can pick up the rocket launcher lying in the car. Follow the marker, visible through the sight. The gates will be closed, and to open them, you will need a stationary turret located on the balcony opposite. Remove the machine gun from the mount and attack the gate. Walk past them and turn on stealth mode. Thanks to this, you will be able to bypass several of Lockhart's mercenaries. Make your way past the enemies or kill them, enter the elevator and drive to the desired level. The flooded street of New York will be visible outside the window. Open the door using the security console, listen to the conversation between Lockhard and Hargreave. Lockhart will give the order to eliminate Alcatraz. Well, we're no stranger to it!

Prepare for battle. Kill all the mercenaries and re-activate the panel. You will find yourself outside, in the water. Climb to the surface and listen to Chino. Go to his aid. After finding the military, restore the ammunition and find the rocket launcher lying inside the store. Here you will find a miniature copy of the alien with three legs from the movie "War of the Worlds". Turn on stealth mode and go around the enemy from behind. Fire the rocket launcher at the red capsule. Repeat the steps until you are victorious. If the missiles run out before the destruction of the alien, finish off the enemy using a machine gun or a shotgun. Before dying, the enemy will generate a shockwave. Meet with allies and drive further on an off-road vehicle.

Mission 12. Outgoing train

Move through destroyed New York, killing aliens. After reuniting with allies, pick up the rocket launcher lying on the table and head to the battle site. You need to enable two installations that protect against enemy attacks from the air. Only they will help to destroy the enemy ship. Dozens of aliens will interfere with you, and among them you can easily find enemies in reinforced armor. As soon as you turn on the guns and destroy the ship, go inside the building by knocking out the door with your foot. The building is on fire, so you need to additionally activate the reinforced armor. After reaching the surface, pick up a sniper rifle and kill the aliens attacking your allies. Having dealt with them, go downstairs and move after the infantrymen who follow to the camp. After overcoming the yellow tunnel, deal with the remaining opponents and open the gate leading further. 

Mission 13. Dangerous Harbor

The war is in full swing. Move forward to the military outpost to chat with the captain, and then go to the indicated points to plant explosives at the Onyx headquarters. Move down the destroyed bridge, go to the right side and destroy several opponents. Having done this, use the remote control that allows you to open the gates to the multi-storey parking lot. Follow it down. You need to install three explosives in different places marked with markers. When you do this, turn on stealth mode, bend over and get out. You can act differently. For example, kill all enemies standing in your way. When you get to the right place, hear the voice of the captain. Unfortunately, the soldier who was supposed to activate the charges died, and you need to urgently return his detonator. Move up the wreckage of the bridge and turn on the stealth mode to eliminate all the aliens. You must go up to the second level. However, the elevator does not work, so you will have to move there on foot, jumping over the ledges in the shaft. Get to the dead man and pick up the detonator. Watch a cutscene in which a boosted enemy will appear. Continue moving, get to the station and, after killing enemies, go through the opened door.

Mission 14. Railway station

Continue forward following the enemy roadblocks. Complete the scan and decontamination, get to the captain and listen to his conversation with Gould, who was helped at the beginning of the game. Enter the elevator to get to the desired level, study the area and go inside the radio control room. After a few seconds, you will receive a message that the aliens broke through the protection of one of the outposts and are now walking in the direction of the train where the evacuated residents were put. Follow Chino and kill enemies until you find another powerful alien with three legs. Use the explosives in the small booth to weaken the enemy. And then finish off with any available weapon. Having dealt with the opponents, sit down for the machine gun located on the back of the SUV. 

Mission 15. Power outages

Move in the direction of the crossroads, where the first battle in this mission will begin. First, you will be attacked by ordinary aliens, a little later, armored enemies will appear, and soon an alien with three legs. Ammo is scarce, so we recommend using the abilities of your suit. There is also a machine gun point nearby. Be sure to take the machine gun itself from there. If you need ammunition, run to the police station, where rifle clips, a rocket launcher and explosives are lying around. When the lights go out, turn on the sight to see opponents. Kill all enemies and follow your allies to the evacuation point. Listen to Hargreeve's briefing, walk through the door and watch the video. Click on the keys that pop up on the screen.

Mission 16. Eye of the Storm

It's time to help Hargreave. Lockhart restrains him on Prism, where Alcatraz is headed. Soon you will find yourself overboard. Swim to the island. After getting out on land, activate the stealth mode and go past the enemies to the indicated door. Hargreave will get in touch and say that the enemy has set several traps with EMP projectiles, which disable all the suit's abilities for a while. Get to the power plant and activate the stealth mode. Go to the indicated room, activate the reinforced armor and move through the electrical barriers. Or you can get under them, huddled to the ground. Turn off the generator, turn on the sight and go through the dark corridors, killing enemies. Having reached the ajar hangar gates, open them and go inside. Hide in the room on the left side and wait for the enemies to appear. Kill them. You can act stealthily and try to get to Lockhard. Or you can activate reinforced armor and kill the enemy. Then watch the video, move to Hargreave and chat with him. 

Mission 17. No masks

When you wake up on the operating table, keep an eye on how the suit is removed. When you are saved, follow Tara, who will give you a weapon and tell you where to look for Hargreave. The traitor sat in his office, guarded by mercenaries. Get into the elevator using stealth mode or by killing enemies, follow the top and watch the video. Pick up a syringe and apply to yourself. Don't even try to fight the aliens that will instantly kill Alcatraz. Run away from them into the next room, go around the electrified water and get out. Kill opponents, get to the bridge and climb up on the platforms. Cross the bridge and, hiding behind cars, finish off all enemies. After the video, you will again find yourself in the water.

Mission 18. From the Ashes

After getting out, go after Tara and Gould, and then sit down at the machine gun on the SUV. Destroy the aliens until you hit a dead end. The tentacles emerging from the ground block the way forward. Leave the machine gun point and move towards the aliens. You need to get to the skyscraper, go up to the upper level and use the stealth mode to eliminate all enemies. You can fight, but there will be a lot of enemies here. After clearing the floor, turn on the sight and mark the alien ship so that fighters attack it. Get to Strickland's car by moving across the rooftops. Suddenly, the central park will be in the air. 

Mission 19. Walk in the park

After leaving the helicopter, move along the path until you see a huge alien tower. As before, there will be three substations that supply power to the main tower to be shut down. After completing this task, move to the tower itself. Turn on the sight and fight the enemies disguised. It is advisable to use a shotgun. Fight them until you can get inside. Press the keys that pop up on the screen and watch the final video.