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Walkthrough FIST: Forged In Shadow Torch


Walkthrough FIST: Forged In Shadow Torch

Watch the introductory video and chat with Urso. You can skip cut-scenes by pressing ALT. Urso is under arrest and you need to infiltrate the Tower of the Beacon.


Go right and kill the first enemy. To control use the keys A and D, as well as "Space" (jump). Normal attack - J, heavy - K. Approach opponents and press L to throw one at the other. You will soon find yourself in the Old Town.

Go right, keep killing enemies. Use Shift to jerk. Go downstairs and find an old automaton that will improve the main character. Now he can cling to walls and push off from them.

Go back the same way. In the courtyard with a box and a blue awning, climb the canopy on the left and jump up the wall with the red arrow. Kill the flying drone. Climb higher, pushing off the walls. As you move up the red billboards, stop at the middle tier, where the rotating enemy is (roll to dodge his attacks). Walk to the right, jumping on the platforms, break the ventilation grate and take away the grain.

Go back and climb even higher. Go right and pick up the note "Eastern News I" just below. Run to the right over the bridge, go down and to the left. This path will lead to the lever that you saw behind the closed door. Here you will also pick up HP extract, which will permanently increase your maximum health points.

Walk to the right, go up higher and enter the building on the right. Here you will meet Atlas. Use the terminal on the right. Here you can unlock new skills and so on. Repairs allow you to heal. Exit to the right and continue on your way. Walk past the room with another character. Follow this route through the pipes and find that you need a transformer drill to get into the Tower of the Light. Return to the character you met earlier. Kill enemies. You will learn about the healing properties of carrot juice. He will open the hatch. Go downstairs.

On the left is Vostochnye Novosti 2. Walk right and down. Kill the ambushed enemies. Go down even lower. A rotating enemy will appear from behind the grate on the right. Kill and go there to find the OZ extract. Continue down and follow the street to the right until you meet Master U. Complete his workout by pressing the indicated keys. The second time, you need to have time to press both J and K in one jump.

Back out, hold J and power strike to open the door. He will also need to kill enemies with shields. Go through the door. Despite the many forks, there is only one path. Eventually, you will find a capsule that gives you a new upgrade - Double Jump.

Go back using a double jump. On the ledge on the left there will be "Eastern News 3". By the way, on the way here you might have found a cache of OZ extract. Three of these extracts will permanently increase the supply of HP. Walk left and defeat the Savage. Don't forget to dodge his lunges and jump over the flying fist. Take the data disc.

Return to Master W. Along the way, you can open a fast path by hitting the door. Master Wu will go to the far room. There will also be an improvement terminal. Unlock the Growing Strike skill.

To be continued…