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Walkthrough Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - game guide

Detailed walkthrough of all Guardians of the Galaxy story missions with collectibles and costumes arrangement

At the beginning of the game, select the desired difficulty level. Moreover, you will be prompted to adjust the difficulty settings more precisely. You will be able to choose the amount of damage done and so on. Browse the song sheet for your favorite Star-Lord band. Study the magazine and talk to your mother. When you get tired of looking around the room, go outside through the front door.

Chapter 1. Risky bet 

You can chat with different crew members, and then go through the main hall to the cockpit, where Gamora is sitting. Chat with her and watch the video. Sit in the main chair and enter the code 0451. This is the famous code used in Capcom games. Move forward by collecting standard components and reading datapads.

There are two different types of components in the game - standard and advanced. The former are more common than the others, but the latter will be needed to buy the most expensive upgrades from the Rocket. By clicking on the "circle", you can rewind cut-scenes. Make your way through the hole in front and go to the right by jumping over the blue pipe. Go down below and climb the ledge in front. Jump over the pit using your jet boots. Do the same with the second pit and press the jump button several times so as not to fall down.

Move through the narrow opening in front, turn right and slide down. The rocket will say that the path to the right leads to a dead end. Don't listen to him. Go to the edge to the right of where he stood and jump down inside the compartment to find improved components and a container with the Rocket skin. Inside such containers there are skins of members of the entire team. In total, the game has about 8-10 skins for each character, and they are all hidden in such boxes, well scattered in different locations. Inside the concrete one you will find the Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Rocket skin.

Chapter 1. Risky bet

Now go where Rocket pointed. On the left in the compartment is a datapad with a message. Continue in any way until the metal plate falls. Shoot the growths using Quill's blasters. A little later, you will find the first insect nest. Destroy it and Rocket will offer a bet. If you destroy more nests than Rocket, you will receive the "Bite it, raccoon" achievement. a little further than the nest, on the right, there is a datapad.

Walkthrough Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

After the fall, pick up the standard components and crawl through the tunnel. Shoot the growths on the right and left. Thanks to this, you will find the collectible item of the guards "Communication Bracelet", as well as lower the cabin, through which you can go further. Slide down and fight the first enemies - green bubbles. Use blasters and melee attack. When you defeat everyone, a scale will appear that will summarize the battle. In the far left corner there are ledges along which you need to climb up. Pick up the components there and shoot the growths to squeeze further.

After going downstairs, walk along the narrow beam and ask Groot to create a bridge from the branches (L1 + "square" on the PlayStation). Get ready to shoot insect nests if you don't want to let Rocket go too far. There will be 3 nests. Shoot the growths and ask Groot to create another bridge from the branches, then go to the other side. Pick up the improved components and get to the location of the scrap. The rocket will try to install the device, but the battery will fail. Scan different debris using the visor. To do this, click on R3. Look for the growths at the top. Shoot at them, disabling the visor, and then scan the fallen battery with it. Unlike other batteries, it will be highlighted in yellow. After scanning the item, pick it up and carry it to the center towards the Rocket. Place near the device and kill all opponents. In addition to the usual balls, purple ones will appear. When destroyed, they drop two green opponents. It is best to break purple spiked balls with melee strikes. You will also learn that your teammates have certain fighting abilities.

Move on, examine the huge robot arm and pick up the components. Shoot the growths on the robot's eye, and also destroy several nests in front to get around the Rocket. In visor mode, the slots are highlighted in yellow. First, head left while shooting the growths and find the improved components. Shoot the other growths and go back. If you have already destroyed the growths in the eye of a huge head, then you can ask Groot to create a bridge from branches.

Walk across the bridge and look around in the new area. There are many insect nests here. Try to destroy as many as possible to get ahead of Rocket. Install the beacon in the indicated place, as a result of which enemies will appear.

Use the Rocket ability by clicking on L1 and the X. Use the abilities of both characters against huge worms. Move through the hole in the wall, up the slope and ask Groot to create a bridge. Watch the cut-scene. Look around and destroy the nests. Follow the Rocket, remembering to use the visor to discover new nests. Climb up a couple of platforms and go around the corner to the right where the upgraded components are hidden. Continue climbing, follow the narrow beam and use the visor to scan the orange hole on the right. Ask Rocket to climb into this hole and wait. After a while, the passage will open further. Destroy some nests and destroy the growth on the screw in front.

Run along the wires, and when you roll down, dodge obstacles. Head to the other end of the spaceship, make a well-timed jump and get to a safe place. Wait for Rocket to turn on the light. Shoot the last nest and watch the cut-scene. At this point, your competition with Rocket will end. If you win, get the Eat Raccoon achievement. After the video, take your time to follow your friends, but instead look to the right. Behind a hole in the wall is a container with a Groot costume (Guardians of the Galaxy 2014). Follow your partners, collect resources, turn on the visor and scan the yellow wall on the left. Move her along with Groot and watch the video. You will learn about the workbench where the Rocket can create various benefits. The available benefits will be displayed when used. Each benefit has a list of the right ingredients.

Buy the Fast Recharge Benefit. Choose a few others at your discretion. I recommend taking the advantages of "Component Tracker" and "Mining Magnet". In the first case, we will be able to hear a sound signal, which means that there is a component within a radius of 15 meters from you. The search signal will get louder as you get closer. The visor mode helps you find what you are looking for.

Walkthrough Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

 Look to the right and shoot the growths. As soon as Quill's weapon overheats, timely click on R2 when the slider is in the green area. Move through the gap and fight new enemies. They are best attacked with melee strikes. At this point, you will receive an ability point. You will receive one ability point each time you accumulate 1000 experience points. With these points, you can unlock new skills for your team. Unlock the "Viewpoint" skill. In the corner of the room, find the ledges along which you can climb up. Turn around immediately and see the growths. Destroy them and pick up the Spine Scan Collectible. A new enemy will appear in the spacious hall. This enemy will have a stun bar. Fight off the enemy until Drax appears. Use his ability on the enemy, and finish it off. Repeat the action with the same opponent, after which Gamora will appear. Order her to kill the enemy.

Look up to find a weighing block. Order Gamora to cut the rope he's hanging on. Ask Drax to move this block to the desired location. To begin with, you can move the block to the hill in the corner of the hall, since there are hidden improved components. Then move the block to the blue area. Climb up and destroy the growths on the right. Jump there and pick up some more improved components. Walk right and pick up some components. Go down to the center of the room, do not rush to go further, instead, destroy the growths on the left. Jump up the platforms and pick up improved components. Go down and fight enemies. Sooner or later, the meeting will begin. Performing various actions in battle, you fill up the scale of the fly. When the scale is full, you can call the meeting, thereby resetting the scale to 0. When your scale is full, summon your group by pressing L1 + R1. Listen carefully to the command to choose the correct words. In this case, say that you are laughing in the face of danger. If the meeting is successful, then all team members will receive an increase in damage. If you pick up the wrong words, then only Qwill will receive an increase in damage. Whatever the outcome, all Guardians will be back on their feet.

After winning the battle, turn on the visor and scan the yellow panel to the left of the door. Ask Rocket to interact with it. Go to the room and watch the cut-scene. Destroy the boxes in a circle so that the mysterious creature has nowhere to hide. Then ask Groot to catch the monster. Watch the video with the appearance of the monster, and then control the ship dodging obstacles. Use the ship's cannon to destroy some obstacles and bombs. When a hint appears, hold down the "cross" to accelerate.

Chapter 2. In the West

Choose what to hide, watch the video and follow the military. Here you will meet the Great Unifier Raker. Click on the "triangle" when the ring is in the green area. Climb to the left to jump off the pipe. Click on the "triangle" to help Nikki go upstairs. Move the debris out of the way. Please note that the visor is temporarily unavailable. Continue following Nikki, picking up various components. Move the box forward, but don't follow Nikki. 

Walkthrough Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Instead, make your way through the hole ahead, although the girl will walk off to the right. Here you will find a new suit for Quill "Nova Lord". When Nikki opens the passage behind the pipe, walk past it and turn right to find improved components. Move the debris out of the way; at the fork, turn right to find the components. There are other components at the end of the corridor. Follow Nikki and examine her secret hideout. There are several components here that you can pick up. Also behind the yellow boxes in the center of the room is the Universal Translator collectible. Try to look behind the slightly opened door and then follow Nikki.

Walkthrough Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Watch the video. If you support Nikki and distract attention at the end, she will trust Qwill and give him the pass. If the llama is hidden, then the penalty will be 7000 units.

Walkthrough Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Chapter 3. The Price of Freedom

You can look around on the ship and walk through the rooms of the companions. You can also use the Rocket workbench. Collectibles collected earlier can be found in different parts of the ship. Go to Quill's room and examine all the items. Choose who to sell to Lady Hellbender. 

Walkthrough Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

You can chat with friends in the cargo hold, and then go outside. Follow your friends, jump over plates and collect resources. To collect more resources, you need to deviate from the path that your comrades are on. Use somersaults or active boots to avoid falling when the wind is strong. Eventually, you will fall down and find the old Resistance ship. To damage the enemy, you will have to destroy his red armor. Don't forget to use the team's abilities. After the battle, Gamora will climb the ledge, and you will destroy the growths and ask Drax to push the block. Continue to destroy the growths and order Rocket to hack the control panel. In the open area, where traces of the monster will be seen, we are looking for a secret passage on the right.

We follow through it to collect many resources. In the same place, we destroy several growths in order to find improved components and Gamora's "Guardians of the Galaxy 2014" suit. Back out and go forward. Ask Gamora to clear the bushes. Then there will be a pit. Drax decides to redeploy Rocket. If you stand up for Rocket, then he will be grateful to you. In this case, look for the growths on the left that need to be destroyed in order to find a stone block. Ask Drax to overturn this block, cross it to the other side and go down the slope. Destroy new enemies and ask Gamora to cut the thickets in two places.

Walkthrough Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Follow to the left, jumping over the ledges. Jump over the cliff and fight a new monster. Use the skills of your allies in battle. Destroy the growths ahead to reveal the Rocket Workbench. You can buy an advantage for Quill. There is a yellow wall to the left of the growths. Ask Gamora to hook on it, get closer and jump up to grab Gamora's hand. To do this, jump up twice. Shoot the growths that hold the reactor. Ask Drax to lift the reactor and carry it to the ledge on the right. Climb up and pick up the components. Now ask Drax to move the block to the left, towards the wall where the branches highlighted in yellow are. After that, order Gamora to cut these branches. Jump over the yellow tiles and roll to the right to find upgraded components. Slide down the slope and watch the video. Click on the indicated buttons to save your teammates.

Walkthrough Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

From now on, you can use elemental shots. Ice shots are available to you, to which slugs are vulnerable. Win the battle. Examine the yellow objects, ask Drax to extend the weapon and shoot the mechanical part with ice cartridges. This will keep the block in place. Ask Rocket to climb into the hole above the block. After that, the second block will start moving. Freeze it and climb up. Order Gamora to cut through the thicket. Again ask Drax to leave Rocket alone. Shoot the growths on the right and squeeze through the gap to find the improved components. Scan the stone and the yellow crack in the wall, then ask Drax to throw this stone into the crack. Watch the video. Then defeat two monsters. Jump to the left, pick up resources and ask Groot to create a bridge. Cross the bridge and find some smoke that needs to be frozen. Take your time and go into the gorge on the left. Inside it, pick up resources and freeze the smoke. Climb up the ice block to find a container with Groot's Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse costume.

Go back, freeze the smoke and jump forward. Keep moving and create two more ice blocks to climb up. Squeeze through the gap and you will find yourself in front of the bridge leading to the Hellbender fortress. Watch the video. At this point, you can confirm or change your decision. Move across the bridge until Peter's flashback begins. Leave the room and go upstairs to chat with your mom. Then go up to the second floor and go to the back bedroom to examine the present lying on the bed. The memory will end.

Walkthrough Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Chapter 4. Queen of the Monsters

Move forward and let Drax negotiate that will be successful. You will earn 12,000 units. Move between the tables, trying not to hit enemies and bottles. You can use the visor for this. Go down below and go through another segment with enemies. Jump over the table, move between the two closely standing tables and scan the panel on the right. Ask Rocket to hack it. 

Go to the huge hall and look around. Move to a high rise, go around it and scan the stones. Scan a debris nearby and ask Drax to throw a cobblestone at the stones near the stove. When you break them, scan the hole and order Rocket to get inside. Use the visor, move around the site and rotate the nodes to supply power to the desired locations. But be careful, as one of the far nodes is facing towards the door. If you don't want to fight enemies, rotate it beforehand. Climb the steps and activate the panel. Go downstairs and take the elevator, standing on the circular platform.

Walkthrough Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Further there will be another section with a bar in which the drunken guards of Hellbender sleep. Do not hurry! There are standard components up front. The heroes want to leave to the left, but you turn right by jumping over the table. Walk forward between the crate and the sleeping enemy and follow through the hole in the container to find several components and a container with the Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse Rocket Suit.

Once in the pit room, look around the three additional rooms on the sides to pick up improved and common components. In addition, Groot is in one of the cells. Watch the video and follow Groot. Watch the video, after which the boss fight will begin.

How to defeat the Abode of Darkness

First, scan the monster to understand that you need to attack the tentacles. Shoot at one specific tentacle until the white bar fills up. After that, attack the fallen tentacle using different abilities of your companions. So you will have to destroy all four tentacles. Finally, every time the tentacle's HP is empty, you need to press the "triangle" so that Quill freezes it and Gamora chops it off. When you destroy all four tentacles, the enemy will start throwing bombs. He does this once in a while. Use the triangle to create bombs from the rubble and order Drax to throw them at the boss. After 4-5 successful hits, you need to click on the "triangle" so that Gamora finished off the boss. In the intervals between throwing debris, the boss will incite normal opponents on you. It is better to attack red cubes with Drax's ability, which destroys the enemy's armor as quickly as possible.

Chapter 5. Pay or Die

You can use the workbench, chat with the rest of the team, and then sit in the captain's chair to go to the Corpus-Nova outpost. Move outside, away from the ship and turn right. Walk past the doorway on the left to find improved and standard components. Continue to the terminal, but no one will be there. Head into the room on the left and see a jammed hatch on the duct. Shoot him and ask Rocket to get deeper. Do not hurry. Use the visor to rotate the knots. To get started, open the second door on the left to get to the toilet, where the container with Drax's "Corpus Nova" costume is located. Apply power on two lines to the door on the right and go through it. You can turn left, into the room where the Rocket was, and pick up the components. 

Walk forward along the corridor. There are components on the right, and there are confinement chambers in the room ahead. In one of them there is a guy who will ask to release him. You can click on the control panel on the left to make his camera go down. Go further along the corridor and examine the rooms with tables. The prisoner will fall even lower. Chat with partners (optional) and follow through the door on the left. Go to the room with the Centurion's armor and examine the jammed door. Shoot the panel to the left of it and freeze the rotating mechanism for the door to open. You can use the workbench.

Hack the panel near the next door. You will need to ask twice. I didn’t say anything into the helmet. The Guardians will agree that keeping silence is the right decision. Go to the elevator and start it. Going down, destroy many enemies. Don't forget to use the abilities of your allies. Gamora can drop hanging containers down. After killing all the enemies, continue moving and clear the corridors. Standard and improved components can be found in the side rooms. Squeeze forward and see the praying soldiers. Jump down, ask Rocket to break the panel and kill all opponents. Go through the door and pick up the components on the right. If you tried to free a prisoner before, then outside the window you will find his cage. Watch the video and go to the hangar with the ship. Don't waste time on enemies, instead turn on your visor and look for orange rings to destroy. Each of these rings has a flashing light that you need to shoot. As soon as all six rings are destroyed, a cutscene will start.

Chapter 6. Between a rock and a hard place

If you wish, you can look into the room to the Rocket. When you're ready, sit in the captain's chair and find yourself in Oblivion. Go along the wide road, look around and pick up components. There is an elevator at the end of the path. Stand on the platform and interact with the remote control. Continue through the marketplace, collect resources and you will soon encounter Mantis. After the video, follow your comrades, and when they leave, go left to find improved components and a trading shop with components. Optionally, pay 1500 units to buy a neutralizer that will disable Nova's tracker on your ship. On the other side there is a terminal with lottery tickets. You can buy one ticket by paying 1000 units. The terminal will refuse to sell more than one ticket. You can go even further from the terminal to find the "Empire of Wonders". 

A ticket costs 5,000 units, but a visit to the museum will really do nothing. You will be able to see some interesting exhibits related to Marvel comics. There is also a gift shop around the corner on the right. You can buy one of three items in it. It is unlikely that you have enough money for these things, so buy a green doll for 2000 units. It is not necessary to buy a ticket to the museum. The shop is available without it. Go in the opposite direction and turn left from the lottery ticket terminal. Here you will find a brain offering to play a simple game, you must agree, carefully watch the glass under which the ball is located. In the first one, you can win the game, but do not settle for the second one, since you are guaranteed to lose more money.

Walk to the right of the brain, turn left and go through the door. At the far end of the tech corridor, there is a narrow slot through which you can enter a cache with normal and advanced components. There will be a slot machine even further, to activate which you need to pay 500 units. Qwill will win, but the machine will break. Go forward and to the left of it, buy a souvenir (750 units) if you wish, but unlike the green doll from "Empire of Wonders", it is not a collectible. A little further there is an observation deck, on which Drax is located. You can talk to him. Return to the slot machine that was activated for 500 units. There is a food shop opposite him. Before reaching it, jump over the fence on the left and use the red pipes to get to the cache with the Quill Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 suit. Finally make your way to the Cosmo base. The guard at the gate will say the bridge is closed and direct you to an alley on the right. Follow there, pick up the components along the way and you will find yourself in a maze. Go through it to be trapped by Rosson and Garek. So the battle with blood brothers will begin.

Dodge attacks until Gamora appears, as without her you won't be able to deal damage. When Gamora appears, you can use her ability to split the brothers and destroy their armor. Only then will it be possible to inflict damage on them. Then Drax will appear and you can use the abilities of both characters, which will greatly simplify the battle. Sooner or later, Peter will lose knowledge, events will take us to the past, where you need to go up to the second floor and, finally, examine the gift lying on the bed. Leave the house and shoot the enemies until the cutscene starts.

Chapter 7. A dog's life

You will find yourself in jail. Interact with glass, Gamora and a video camera located under the ceiling. Chat with Rocket and Cosmo, follow the dog and watch the video. Fly to the end of the hangar, use the visor and pick up the orange battery. You may need to scan it. Fly to the opposite side with the battery and use the visor to find the yellow circle. Insert the battery into it and select any connector. At the end of the cutscene, shoot the control panel. From this moment on, Quill can fire electric projectiles. Select them and shoot at the yellow panel (can be found through the visor). Move forward by jumping over electrical parts of the floor. Shoot the slot above the closed door and head into the corridor. 

The door on the right will be closed, so move through the gap in front. Run up the steps, make your way under the blue pipe and jump up. Before going through the door, you can jump down onto the yellow pipes and pick up resources. Go to the reactor room and look around. You need to lift two arms. There are platforms next to them. To climb each of the platforms, ask Gamora to hang on the highlighted wall. Jump to Gamora and push off from her towards the platform. Shoot the glowing light bulb on each manipulator. When you activate both manipulators, enemies will appear. Use electrical projectiles to temporarily stun them. After winning, click on the button and find yourself at the top. Kill all the enemies and go to the control room. The rocket will open the doors.

Go to the room on the right and ask Drax to destroy the door with a crack on the right side. Enter the room and look to the right to see a socket that you need to shoot with electric projectiles. Do this, leave the room and stand on the square panel highlighted in yellow. Ask Groot to pick up this panel by specifying the height yourself. At the top, you will find another socket, which you need to shoot with electric projectiles. Return to the reactor and go to the second room. Shoot the slot on the wall on the right, and then stand on the yellow platform and again ask Groot for help. When he lifts Quill with the platform up, make your way further through the open air duct. There will be several connectors on the other side. First, pay attention to the locked door in the far corner. Shoot the nearest socket to energize it. Hidden behind this door is a container with the Rocket Nova Corps suit. Then shoot at the connectors so as to apply power to the other door and return back to the previous room. Go to the control room and activate the terminal. Quickly return to the reactor to climb even higher together with the team.

Ask Drax to destroy the grate and go forward. Move along the narrow alley, jump over the pipe and turn into the narrow opening on the left. Go down closer to the beam cannon, find the yellow crossbar and ask Groot to create a bridge. Defeat all opponents and find an air duct in the far right corner. Ask Rocket to climb inside, then ask Drax to move the block with the crane. Shoot the connector on the crane to lift the block and go further. Go downstairs, find the yellow crossbar and ask Groot to create a bridge. Walk forward through the rubble until you find yourself in a dead end. Use the visor, look to the right and find the yellow cable. Ask Gamora to cut this cable, then tell Groot to create a bridge. Go to the other side, go downstairs and you will see an open passage.

Even lower is the electrified water. Find a connector on the wall, shoot it and go down into the water. Ask Gamora to cut the pipes and find a container with Gamora's Nova Corps suit behind them. Move through the corridor until you find pipes with poison. Shoot the holes with freezing projectiles to shut off the poisonous gas supply. After climbing the yellow pipes, turn right and find an area where Gamora can cut the pipes. Shoot freezing projectiles into puffs of smoke to create ice blocks that can be used to access upgraded components. After picking them up, shoot at the rotating part above the door. Go back to the corridor where Gamora cut the pipes, and follow through the narrow opening to Nikki's secret hideout.

Walkthrough Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

If you remember, there is a room in Nikki's hideout that the girl did not let you in the first time. Provided that you stood up for Nikki while communicating with her mother, Quill will have a pass. With it, you can open the door. If there is no pass, find the air duct to the right of the door and ask Rocket to climb inside. In addition, to the right of the door, there is a connector assembly that you must fire electrical projectiles at. Enter the room where you will find a workbench. Watch the video and leave the room. Turn left immediately so that the Rocket opens the way further.

Move forward to the elevator, kill the enemies and search the room on the right. In this room, you need to block the pipes with poisonous gas, shooting freezing shells. At the end of this room are the upgraded components. Go back and take the elevator. On the new floor, look into the room on the right, ask Drax to break the floor grate and get resources from the cache. Go through the far door to the commander's room. While Rocket examines the computer, go right and look into the bedroom. Then examine Nikki's room, and when you leave it, Rocket will report that he found something. Go back to it and interact with the computer. The team decides to go to them on the bridge.

Walkthrough Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Go through the opened door until you fall down. You are attacked by a robot priest. He is vulnerable to fire, but so far Peter has no such projectiles. Therefore, use the many abilities of your allies. After winning, shoot the slot above the open passage to trigger a platform. Stand on this platform and activate the raised control panel, after moving to the other side, look for a passage in the far left corner. Jump over there and stop at the bend. Wait a bit: as soon as the power goes out, quickly run through the area with wires and pick up standard components. Shoot the slot to safely return to the back. Climb onto the white block in the opposite corner, jump to the right and find the bridge. In the far right corner there is a device with an access code.

Examine it, go to the left and look at the photo of Nikki's mother to get a second access code. On one of the adjacent tables, there is another device and a note that lists two access codes. And one more code can be found on a single working monitor. Enter the passcode on the computer and examine the data. Go to the criminal dossier and inspect all materials. Close your computer and watch the video.

Chapter 8. Matriarch

To distract Raker, first show interest, and then say what he said about him. At the end, choose any phrase, in this case, you will buy time for Rocket, and he will be able to hack the drone and find the radio room. During the flashback, kill all enemies. Move away from mom until you can shoot. If you hug for a long time, you will move to another time. Examine the four parts under the hood of the car and do any other activity until the screen goes dark. The end credits will go, if you accept the promise, the game will supposedly end. If you refuse, you will return to the field, you can push your mother away and shoot at the monster. When you wake up, follow Nikki to the left and chat on all topics. Then look at the cake and projector at the other end of the table. Configure it, go to the back room, take the gift from the shelf on the right and take it to the kitchen. Place the gift on the rest of the boxes and open the door. 

After the cutscene, fight the Unifier. Use different skills until the boss disappears. Then the usual enemies and two priests will appear. It is best to destroy priests, especially those with a yellow aura, as he will constantly heal his normal companions. After defeating everyone, talk to the team and climb up the stairs. Run to the end of the corridor. After falling down, ask Drax to break the wall with a crack on his left hand. Jump down after Drax into the red pool and move forward through the ventilation. Do not hurry. There is a block on the right. Move it so that you can climb up into the room above the tunnel along which you crawled here. There you will find resources and a container with the "Hooligan Lord" Quill costume. There are also improved components under the block.

Walkthrough Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Continue driving and you will find yourself in a spacious hall. If previously they were able to distract Raker, in this case Rocket encoded the drone and he will point to the right door. When the battle begins, just run to this door and move on, as the enemies in this room will spawn indefinitely. When a drone is chasing you, ask Drax to drop the column and go through the hole in the wall. Gamora has to cut the wires. Make your way further and fight enemies. Then go up the steps to the door and ask Rocket to hack the terminal to get into the radio room. Watch the video.

Continue moving, collecting various items, use the workbench and examine the door. A little further on, there is a corpse with a battery lying around. Pick up the item and insert it into the hole by the door. Talk to Drax and enter the elevator. Kill the enemies and stand on the platform that Rocket will hack. Clear the next location and get to the new platform to continue your journey. Fight enemies on the next platform, and when you go down inside the complex, take your time to go through the door. Instead, walk in circles to find components and a container with Drax's Cage Fight Suit. When Gamora chases Raker, kill all enemies and find the hole on the right. On the other hand, you can immediately chase after Gamora to fight Raker with her. Ask Groot to create a bridge, go to the other side and jump down. After picking up resources, run forward along the tunnel while the drone is chasing you.

After sliding down, kill several enemies and follow the elevator. Continue to fight opponents, fight off enemies while Rocket hacks two terminals. Then watch the video. At the end of the chapter, if they trusted Gamora and did not pursue her, she will be grateful for it. Also, if you bought a green doll in "Empire of Wonders", you can talk about it with Gamora. If you bought a Nova tracker neutralizer, you can show it to Rocket. He will laugh and say that this neutralizer is an ordinary fake. When you're ready, sit in the captain's chair.

Walkthrough Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Chapter 9. Desperate Times

Glory and his Mortal Legion will come out on you. Fight conventional fighters guided by the radar and white arrows. When you have destroyed all the fighters, fly in the direction of the cruiser Glory. Shoot at any of the highlighted locations. When each place is destroyed, the ship will teleport to another part of the location, and mines will remain in its place. So dodge right away. Also, dodge the red beam, which can severely damage your boat. Arriving at the right place, inform that you want to report a crime and are ready to pay a fine. In this case, you will contact the World Consciousness. If you want to convince the World Consciousness, choose the following phrases:

  • Share information.
  • Doubt the strategy.
  • Make you think. 
You have planted a seed of doubt in the logical subsystems of the World Consciousness. In any case, the World Consciousness will disappear, and you will learn that only the golden god Adam Warlock can stop the Church. Take a shower and go to Peter's room to go to bed. Don't press anything and Peter will fall asleep. You will be returned to the quarantine area. Go outside, run away from the monster, and when you get bored, stop and shoot at him.

Chapter 10. Test of Faith

Chat with Drax. Lie. That we took the promise. He will say that you need to eliminate the rest. Step up for the Guardians, tell them that you are one family with them. In any case, he will leave and Peter's ban in the cabin. Pick up the communication device lying by the mirror to chat with the team. If you hid the llama from Corpus Nova, then it gnawed a hole in the wall, and you can get out through it into the cargo hold. Go to the bridge and use the panel to open the cameras with the team. Go outside. 

Take the only route and follow the ledge until you find Drax, who will be pacified by Mantis. Follow the inside of the cave, move the only route and jump over the pits. Once at the waterfall, find the standard components nearby, and then go behind the waterfall itself to find a container with Gamora's "Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse" costume. Make your way through the hole near the ice floe, ask Gamora to hook on the wall and jump up. Destroy the growths to pick up improved components and find your way further.

Walkthrough Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Go down the tunnel, destroy the ice monster. From this moment on, you will have access to the fourth ability of Quill, which allows him to temporarily become invulnerable. Also, the monster is vulnerable to electrical projectiles. After the victory, look around. There is a stone head with a crack on the right, but Drax is not himself. There is a hole to the left of the head. Ask Rocket to get there and blow up the head. Go through the narrow opening and use ice shells to block the four holes where the poisonous gas comes from. Having done this, jump over to the other side and destroy the growths on the left. Pick up the standard components and stand on the stove. Ask Groot to pick it up. Outside, pick up the components and follow the right to find improved components and a container with the Rocket "Hero of the World" suit. Go downstairs.

Go to the ice wall opposite, scan it and move it aside by Quill himself. Go downstairs and go through the gap on the left. Shoot the growths, ask Groot to create a bridge, and then go downstairs. Move on and ask Gamora to cut the ice pipes. Having done this, walk along the cliff and head towards the huge head. After the cutscene, rescue Drax from falling down. From now on, you have access to wind projectiles. Shoot the luminous point in front and pull the object. Follow further and discover a huge area with enemies. Use the objects and abilities of team members located in a circle.

Destroy all stone enemies. You can pull the stone head on the right, go inside the cave, block all the pipes from where the poisonous gas comes from, and attract another object to you. Walk forward and look in the right corner, at the edge of the ledge, for a collectible - a meditation stone that will be of interest to Gamora.

Follow further, through the crack in the rock, and you will find yourself in front of the waterfall. Shoot the growths on the left and right. Ask Gamora to hook onto the wall on the left and jump upstairs. Jump over the abyss and shoot several growths. Now you can go down and use the wind projectiles to turn the first ice tower. Walk under the waterfall and turn right into a cave with a platform. Pick up resources and ask Groot to lift you up on the platform. Once done, jump onto the ledge on the right to find the upgraded components. Go down the ledge and go right. Ask Gamora to grab the wall and jump towards it. She will throw you up. Destroy the growths on the left, pick up the components, and then destroy the growths on the right, at the top of the plant. Go downstairs and unfold the second ice tower. There is no waterfall, so Groot and Rocket are ready to move on. Ask Groot to create a bridge and go to the other side. Follow through the hole in the wall.

Groot will create a lantern. Follow him, but at the first opportunity, turn off the path to the right. Go forward along the cliff and you will find a narrow gap, behind which a container with a skin glows. Squeeze in there and open the container to get the Annihilation Conquest Groot Outfit. Climb the ledges and pick up the improved components. Kill the enemies and head downstairs. There will be fog here again. You will name opponents, they will appear again and again. Therefore, do not react to the words of the command and just wait without saying anything. You will find yourself in front of a stone statue, where there is also a fog. You will fight against endlessly appearing copies of the Guardians. First, find the passage to the left of the head and ask Rocket to go through it. One explosion will not be enough. The second passage is located behind the waterfall to the right of the stone head. Ask Rocket to go there. He will refuse. Keep begging as Groot and Gamora are captured by the fog. In the end, Rocket will agree. After the second explosion, use the wind projectile to destroy the statue. You will soon reach your destination. Approach it and see a cut-scene.

Walkthrough Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Chapter 11. The mind is stronger than the mother

Go forward, get to Drax and jump after him. Defeat Thanos. From this moment on, the Rocket will have access to the ultimate ability "Five-squall fire". You will not be able to defeat Thanos as endless copies of him will appear. Follow Drax through the maze, watch a video and destroy three nests, after which you can go further. You will see the following video with Drax's wife. Then destroy 5 more sources of shadows and move deeper. Call Drax and walk towards the light. Follow Adam Warlock, chat on any topic, it doesn't affect anything. 

Walkthrough Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Chapter 12. Running to Oblivion

And then you again find yourself in Oblivion. Chat with everyone and sit in the captain's chair. Leave the ship, kill the enemies and ask Drax to push the yellow block out from under the walker. Climb up to find the standard components and a container for Drax's Imperative Thanos suit. Get to the elevator, picking up 3 portions of the standard ingredients along the way. Ride down, kill the enemies and go past the red door, near which you fought. There is a crack on the right. You can pull the object with the help of wind projectiles, and then pick it up from the container of the Rocket "Smuggler" suit. And then make your way through a narrow gap in the wall, to the left of the place where you found the suit. Pull out the wall in one more place, ask Gamora to hook on the wall on the left and climb up. Go around the obstacle and tear it out from the other side, where the Rocket is. Scan the red wall in front and slide it. 

Walkthrough Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Turn left at the crossroads and kill the enemies. There are standard components on the left. To the right of them is a descent downward. After going down, shoot freezing projectiles at the holes with poisonous gas, and jump over there to find a collectible - the Rocket mask. You can also go down to the left for other resources. Follow further, cutting the wires with the help of Gamora, go forward and move the metal wall to the right. Gamora will get excited, and you will have to fight the next fight without her abilities. Although she will still fight the enemies. Go to the energy barrier, go around the device on the right and pull the element with Quill's wind projectiles. Kill enemies while moving across the bridge. Ask Gamora to cut the cable to drop the billboard.

Keep moving and kill the enemies, then ask Drax to punch through the floor where there is a crack. Slide down, turn around and follow through the hole under the slope to find a container with Gamora's "Easy Kill" costume. Rip out the billboard and create the Groot Bridge. Slide down and go right. Scan the crack and talk to Rocket. He will agree to be thrown to the other side, but Drax will throw an object at the gate. Go to the elevator, go downstairs and kill all the enemies, including the two big guys, after which the cutscene will begin. Stretch out your hand to Cosmo, ask him to focus on Oblivion and tell him that he has his own family, puppies. Receive the message "Cosmo appreciated your help in breaking the Promise." Break the wall on the right with Drax and get to a new place. Kill all the enemies, pull out the wall with Quill's ability and ask Drax to place a block in the right place on the left. Go up there. Go to the right, to the wall, which you can catch Gamora, climb to it and jump to the right. There are improved components and a container with the Quill "Apocalyptic Lord" costume.

Go to the other side and look for a workbench on the right. A little further, you can pick up the components, ask Groot to pick you up with the platform and find another one. Go the other way. Components are hidden under the platform. You can chat with Rocket standing on the edge. And then move through the gap in front of which the enemies are. Defeat all the opponents below, then ask Groot to create a bridge. Kill enemies elsewhere and head inside to see a cutscene.

Fight enemies, and then jump to the left far tower and pull out the first cable. Platforms will begin to appear on which you can jump to the second cable. And so on until the third and fourth. The last cable cannot be pulled out, so come close and interact with it. Press the "triangle" to pull out the last cord, and watch the cut-scene.

Chapter 13. In spite of everything

Chat with all team members. Then talk to the llama if you left her with you. Control the ship by moving it up, down, left and right. You can sing the hymn in Katatian and then leave the ship. Move forward, descending lower and lower. Break the wall and pick up resources. Follow the left and defeat two monsters. Then ask Gamora to break the ice floes in the corner. Also to the right of them there is a place for a hook. Ask Gamora to climb the wall, and use her to jump up to find the improved components and a container with Gamora's "Black Vortex" suit. 

Go ahead and ask Gamora to break the ice floes on the left. Quill's weapon pull another object and ask Drax to throw it into the cracked rock. Jump over to the other side, collect the components, go through the gap and kill all opponents. Pull the object towards you to get through the gap. Create a bridge with Groot, follow the thin ledge along the cliff to the right and turn right to find a dead end with a container that contains the 5 O'clock Sprouts suit for Groot. Move through the ice cave, destroying growths and using freezing shots to close holes with poisonous gas. Ask Drax to destroy the wall and kill the enemies.

Create a bridge with Groot, destroy the growths and have Drax push down the stone block. Continue on, slide down the slope and discover a gorge. After the cutscene, shoot the wall in time to melt the ice. From this point on, the last weapon is available to Quill. Melt the ice in front, and when you find yourself near the reservoir, shoot into the ice to the side of it, to the right, so that a stone falls. Use the same principle to knock down other parts of the cave to get out. Soon you will find plants that you can burn with Quill's fire cannon, and then enemies will appear. In the end, you will kill the Wendigo leader. Climb up on a platform that Groot can move, then melt three chunks of ice to drop a block for allies to climb up. Slide the metal debris to get inside the cave.

In a burning village, you will find an unknown one. Chat with her, collect standard components along the way and find a workbench. If you are ready to move on, go to Drax on the side of the workbench and follow between the stakes in front. Slide down through the cave, and then pay attention to the ledges on the left, where there are dangerous poisonous flowers. Destroy them with fire and go upstairs to find a container with Drax's Catatian Monk costume.

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