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Walkthrough My Beautiful Paper Smile


Walkthrough My Beautiful Paper Smile

How to find all tickets in the first chapter

White tickets:

  • The first ticket is located at the very beginning of the game. It is on the table in the room where we wake up.
  • We can find the second ticket after passing the "test" on the way to our room.
  • We can find the third ticket on the night of the escape. He is in a room with a long table and two notes.
  • The fourth is in the room with monitors and lies at the entrance.
  • The fifth can be found after the alarm in the dream room. He will lie on the stairs, in the place where we should go according to the idea of ​​the game.

Gray tickets:

  • The first is in the test room on a table with a TV.
  • The second is in a small room in the hallway. A little further than a room with a long table, where there is a white ticket. He is lying on a chair.
  • The third should be taken before contacting the rangers behind the counter a second time. It will lie in the left corner of the room.
  • The fourth is in a large room. On the way to the key (plot) in front of the bridge, you need to go down. There will be a ticket.

Black tickets:


  • The first black ticket is in the test room right after the pedestal with the key. You need to go a little to the right and there will be a door. It looks like all closed doors before, but it has no texture and you can walk through it.
  • The second ticket is in the same corridor where the white and gray ones are. The room where he lies is dark and there are mannequins in a row. In order to go through the room and not die from the monster, you need to remove the "life" at the beginning of the room and run. At the end of the corridor there will be a room where the ticket will be.
  • The third ticket opens at the place where the second ticket is. In addition to the second ticket, there is a door, when pressed, there will be a sound that differs from the usual sound of the door. You need to press on the door until you hear the standard sound of pulling the handle. The ticket itself is in the same room as the last gray ticket. You need to go through the center, it will lie to the right of the door, where you need to bring all the black tickets.

How to find all tokens in the second chapter

Triangle Tokens:

  • In order to find the first token, you need to reach this place. Walk a little to the right and the token will lie between the boxes.
  • The second token is in the hut, which we definitely need to go into. In the corner of the room.
  • We can find the third token when the hunter leaves in search of the blood of perfection, and we go to the right. Immediately behind the gate is a small house and a token lies in front of its door.
  • We will find the fourth token in the house where the hunter is resting.
  • The fifth token lies on the porch in front of the house, where we sleep a second time.

Square Tokens:

  • The first token is in the boat after the bridge, which we must lower.
  • The second token lies on the floor in the temple, where we summon the spirit.
  • The third token lies on the steps in the location where the hunter and I are looking for the key to the building.
  • We can find the fourth after the hunter leaves us (or we kill him, but it is better to kill him, as this opens the third token with a crescent moon). We leave the gate and walk down the lighted street down to the lantern.

Moon Tokens:

  • We can pick up the first and second token when we sleep for the first and second time.
  • We get the third token from the hunter's corpse.

How to find all the switches in chapter 3

Check if you have a rusty key in your inventory from the beginning. If you do not have the key, then it can be found in the second chapter. When the hunter asks you to wait a little, you go to the place where you need to lower the bridge. On the other side of the river, at the very end of the location, there is a long house, the key is there.

Small switches:

  • The first one can be found in the house where the chapter begins. After talking with the leader of the heretics, he will ask you to go to the next room with a dagger. The switch will be there.
  • You can find the second switch when the heretic accompanies you. Immediately in front of the gate there will be a passage downward, where the switch will be located.
  • You can pick up the third switch during the chase. You should run a little further than where the character falls down. He will lie on the ground. The rangers will most likely catch up with you, but don't worry, the switch will be in your inventory after you reboot.
  • You will find the fourth switch at the very beginning of the dungeon, in the room with 4 fans on the left side. It will lie on the box.
  • The last switch is on the table in the room. The room is located on the first floor of the dungeon.

Middle switches:

  • You can find the first middle switch almost immediately after the second small one. You need to walk along the bottom side of the screen (as shown in the screenshot) and enter a long dark alley. At the very end there will be a switch.
  • You need to quickly pick up the second switch during transport. It will lie on the steps of the first left tower.
  • The third switch can be found in the pantry, which is next to the room, where you need to move the bridge from one door to another.
  • The last switch is located on the second floor of the dungeon in a long corridor. It lies on the right wall.

Huge switches:

  • For the first switch, we need a key, which is found in the second chapter. It is in the barracks where all the children are brought. One of the doors will open with a key and there will be a switch.
  • You can find the second switch in the corridor in front of the entrance to the dungeons. At the end of the corridor there will be a creature, when it disappears, a switch will appear in its place.
  • The last switch is on the third level of the dungeon. You need to go there BEFORE you turn off the gas. It will lie right at the entrance. If you turn on the gas, and then go into the room, then it will disappear.