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What is the Roblox Royale High Ban Wave? (2021 year)


What is the Roblox Royale High Ban Wave? (2021 year)

After updating and then re-updating Roblox's terms of service on October 6, 2021, a lot of questions arose regarding what is allowed and what is prohibited on the platform and under certain conditions.

It is a known fact that Roblox has never committed any kind of cheating, at least to the best of its ability, however with the influx of Roblox players over the years and the ongoing development of their platform (including the newly integrated voice chat) Roblox is taking additional measures to prevent cheating. ...

While the term banning wave may sound daunting, it shouldn't worry most players Royale High . Assuming you've never used an auto-clicker to farm in-game currency or items, trade for a jailbroken item, or use hacks to get limited edition items - your account should remain in pristine condition! 

However, if you have done any of this, you may be at risk of temporary or permanent suspension of your account. If you have ever traded with someone at Royale High and received an item that was used, whether you knew it or not, rumor has it that it is also a prohibited crime.

To protect themselves from being banned during a ban wave, players are advised to temporarily stop trading. Those who own exploited or hacked items may try to trade them in order to save their account from being banned. More mischievous users who have fun trolling others may also deliberately trade used items during the ban wave in the hopes that they can trick naive players into thinking the items are genuine.

If you notice that you have been banned from Roblox and feel like it was a mistake, you can always contact their support team and explain your situation to try to restore your account.

There is no time frame as to how long this will last wave of bans , however, daily visits to Royale High have been declining over the past two days. It is clear that the players do not take risks. If you avoid trading and avoid cheating for a while, you will be able to play the game as usual, there is nothing to worry about!