Battlefield 2042 How to change the fire mode (PC and console)

 The maps in Battlefield 2042 are so huge that long-range fights are not uncommon. If you want to change the fire mode so that you can target even distant enemies with a single shot, you can find out here in a nutshell how this works on PC and console at the push of a button.

Battlefield 2042 How to change the fire mode (PC and console)

Change fire mode on PC and console

When you change the fire mode, you can hear a click in the game. In addition, the upper line disappears in your crosshairs, as you can see in the picture above. You have to press the following keys on the PC or console if you want to change the fire mode ( with standard control ):

  • PC: V key
  • Console (PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X): Press the directional pad down
If you use a controller on the PC, you also have to press the control pad down. In the options you can also place the button for the fire mode on a fourth or fifth mouse button. So you have quick access to it even when aiming. And in general, we recommend that you make use of the fire mode often.

What weapons can change the mode of fire in BF 2042?

Not all weapons have an alternate fire mode. With assault rifles or submachine guns, you can almost always change the fire mode. Single-shot weapons such as pistols or sniper rifles do not offer you this option.

The tools of war's alternate fire mode is actually useful in many situations. Especially when targeting enemies at great distances, you should change the fire mode from automatic to single shot. The recoil of the weapon is then much easier to control. But always keep an eye on your crosshairs so that you don't start a "1-on-1" duel at short range with single-shot mode. It will be fatal. There is currently no other indicator for the fire mode (as of November 30, 2021) .

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