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Card System in Red Dead Online - ALL Skills

Card System in Red Dead Online - ALL Skills

 We explain the new card system to define the character's abilities.

Red Dead Online incorporates a new system to improve the skills of our character. In total we have four holes (one active ability and three passive ones) that we can freely modify through the use of cards. The first one is unlocked during the tutorial, while for the second, third and fourth you have to reach levels 10, 20 and 40 respectively.

First space (Dead Eye)

This first card is an active ability that will influence the character's Dead Eye. The Dead Eye in online mode does not slow down time, but it does help us to aim better . In this slot we can activate different types of cards, the first one we choose being completely free, and having to pay for each of the other 50 dollars.

Each of these cards can be improved as we get Experience Points during Free Roam missions or competitive modes, as long as we have it in the selection panel. 

Active Card

These are the cards available for the active card slot:

Concentrated fire

With Dead Eye active, you and your gang members deal slightly more damage. If another member of the gang has this ability activated, the effects stack. 

Paint it black

With the Dead Eye activated, aim at the targets to mark them and shoot all of them. Each shot reduces an average amount of Dead Eye.

A moment to recover

With Dead Eye activated, your health slowly regenerates. If you take damage, the Dead Eye will be deactivated.

No rush but they are pause (Level 24)

With Dead Eye active, you will take slightly less damage and headshots will not kill you directly, but you will not be able to run or sprint.

Great Inspiration (Level 44)

With Dead Eye active, you and your allies slowly regenerate health. If any member of your team has this ability active, the effects do not stack.

Sneaky Worm (Level 50)

With Dead Eye activated, they won't be able to target you, but you won't be able to target others either. Other enemies are somewhat less accurate when shooting at you. The rate at which your Dead Eye runs out is greatly increased. 

Passive cards

Passive cards are unlocked at levels 10, 20 and 40. Soon we will bring you all the information about the passive abilities that we can activate.