Farming Simulator 22: Money Cheat for PC (Without Mod)


Farming Simulator 22: Money Cheat for PC (Without Mod)

You can also use a money cheat in LS 22, which conjures up any amount of money on your account. So you can buy all the machines and equipment and build your dream farm. At this point we will show you how the money cheat works for the PC version.

This is how the money cheat works in LS 22

If you want to cheat yourself for money in Farming Simulator 22, you have to either be in the main menu or quit your game. So leave your savegame, go back to the menu in the title screen or quit the game. The money cheat only works on the PC version and you don't need any mods for it. This is how you do it:

  1. Navigate on your PC to the file path with your savegames in LS 22. By default, this would be the path  This PC → Documents → My Games → FarmingSimulator2022
  2. There are various folders with savegames, depending on which of the slots you have saved on. For example, savegame1 corresponds to the first slot. Open the folder that you want to cheat money for.
  3. Now open the XML document "farms" in the folder with any text editor (eg Notepad ++).
  4. Here you search (CTRL + F) for the entry "money" . Behind it is the monetary value of the respective savegame.
  5. Now enter the desired amount that you want to have in the game. So for a million euros you have to write money = "1000000".
  6. Then save the document and start the LS 22 again. Select the savegame and enjoy the warm money rain.
Be careful not to enter an amount that is too utopian in the document, otherwise problems may arise. With the money you can now buy all the machines without any worries, build all the stables for animals in LS 22 or make other expenses. If you want to try different things, the money cheat is the perfect tool.

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