Farming Simulator 22: Planting & Harvesting Grape Vines & Olive Trees


Farming Simulator 22: Planting & Harvesting Grape Vines & Olive Trees

Grapes and olives are new in LS 22 and you can grow these crops on your fields for the first time. Here we show you what you have to consider when planting grape vines and olive groves and how you can achieve the highest harvest yield.

Growing olives & grapes (LS 22)

Both grape vines and olive groves are planted in a row. To do this, open the construction mode and go to the “Plantations” tab in the “Production” tab. Here you can choose grape vines and olive trees. Note that you can only grow olives and grapes at certain times of the year, as long as you play with the harvest calendar.

If you have decided on one of the two, first click on a free area on your field. A meadow area is best suited for this. Now you can put the first stake / tree and pull a grape vine or an olive grove over the field from here. At the end, put another stake / tree to end the row.

You can now place the next rows right next to it, but you have to keep a certain minimum distance. Only when the stake / tree is sufficiently far away from the previous row can you set it and form the next row. The rows can only be set parallel to each other, because after all you have to cultivate, fertilize and harvest between the rows.

Mulching, cultivating & fertilizing for high yields

Olive and grape fields require special care in order to achieve the full yield. There are certain devices in the LS 22 shop for this, which you can find under “Grape / Olive Technology”. Alternatively, all suitable machines for grapes and olives are suggested to you in the menu under the "packages".

Uses a mulcher (e.g. attached to a Fendt 211 V Vario) to remove grass that has grown between the rows of vines and olive groves. Then cultivate with the Disc-O-Vigne V (don't forget to lower it into the ground) and then fertilize between the rows so that your olives and grapes can grow perfectly.

When the vines and trees are planted for the first time, 50% of your crops are fertilized, so you only have to fertilize one more time. In the following harvests you have to fertilize twice to reach 100% again.

Harvest olives & grapes

For harvesting olives and grapes, there are special New Holland brand machines in the LS 22 (New Holland Braud 9070L for grapes and New Holland Braud 9090X for olives) that you can use.

Drive along the vines and groves with the harvesting machines and then tip the olives or grapes onto a trailer for removal. You can use any trailer for olives, there is special equipment for grapes. You can monetize your harvest directly at a sales outlet or take it to a processing facility (e.g. for grape juice).

Important note: You should definitely prune grape vines with the foliage cutter after harvesting to make them ready again for the next season so that they can grow back unhindered. This step is not necessary with olives.

Do you still have questions or problems growing olives and grapes in Farming Simulator 22? Then let us know in the comments.

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