Final Fantasy XIV: 3 Useful System Settings for Endwalkers


Final Fantasy XIV: 3 Useful System Settings for Endwalkers

The new addon Endwalker from Final Fantasy XIV is just around the corner and you can make the start of it much more pleasant with some settings. Try them out.

This is what it's all about: With Endwalker 's Early Access on December 3rd and its release on December 7th, thousands of players will flock to the world of FFXIV to play new content.

In this article we will introduce you to some system settings and configurations with which you can better protect yourself from spoilers or reduce your loading times.

The seasoned players among you will certainly know them, but there have been many newcomers to FFXIV over the past few months. If you haven't discovered the settings yet, try them out.

Check your chat box

When an add-on is released, a large amount of story content is always published in FFXIV. Especially in Endwalker the amount will be a bit higher than in the predecessor Shadowbringers. After all, the addon should answer many open questions and bring the saga of Hydaelyn and Zodiark to an end.

The risk of being spoiled is correspondingly high. Accidentally, by accident, or on purpose because someone decided on shout chat that it would be funny. You can protect yourself from this by preparing your chat box for endwalkers

In the character configurations you can set which channels are exactly displayed in your chat. To do this, you have to click on the bottom icon and scroll down there. General chat usually shows all types of communication, from normal language to FG and contact circle chat.

For endwalkers, it is advisable to temporarily switch off public chats such as saying, shouting or shouting, as spoilers were provided there in the past.

But if you are in particularly talkative contact groups, then you would also be a candidate for a short-term ban.

Alternatively, you can outsource important chats such as FG and whispers to a separate day and completely hide the general chat for Endwalker.

Show and hide names

With the release of Endwalker, players can expect FFXIV to be overrun. Thousands will log in to play the new content and there will be a lot going on in those areas.

It is therefore a good idea to hide the name, title, and FG displays of other players around you. This has several advantages:

  • You will have less text on the screen and thus be able to see your surroundings better.
  • Quest NPCs besieged from all sides are easier to target.
  • Better performance because fewer items need to be loaded on the screen. This is particularly interesting for PS4 players and PC players without an SSD.

To hide the player names, you just have to

  • go to the character configuration,
  • then on "Name Display",
  • Scroll down to "Other PCs"
  • and under “Show name” select the option “Never”.

By the way, you can do the same for the companions of other players. This reduces the text displayed on your screen by a good bit.

You can choose to simply hide the names of uninvolved players who are neither in your group nor on your friends list. All others will still be shown if you want them to.

A little tip for mouse and keyboard users: If you have problems clicking an NPC because a huge cluster of players and mounts has gathered around it, you can press 0 on your Num-Pad. Unless you have changed your key assignment for this, the key will immediately target the NPC who is closest to you.

Reduce combat effects

This setting is extremely useful outside of Endwalker as well, but will be of great help there. In the new areas of the addon there will be a lot of players doing quests or leveling up at FATEs.

So that you can still see something on the screen during the fireworks of effects from dozens of EXP-hungry players, you should reduce the amount of combat effects in the character configuration.

To do this, go to the “Controls” tab and select the optimal settings for you under “Character”. This function is particularly useful for players with weaker hardware and helps with FPS drops during battles in dungeons or FATEs in the open world.

For your group in dungeons you should at least select the simplified effects so that you can see where the healer dome or AoEs are. If you turn them off completely, then these useful AoEs will be invisible to you and you will miss their healing or damaging effects.

Bonus: accessibility

Hidden in the system configurations, FFXIV also has its own tab for settings that can help people with disabilities play.

This includes the ability to visualize sounds by showing them as green bars on either side of the screen. Or the option for people with color weakness to adjust the color settings in the game.

Even if you don't use these settings yourself, you can refer other players to them. It can help others enjoy the game more.

Is there anything you will be paying particular attention to when launching Endwalker? Perhaps you will log out in certain areas in order to be able to try out the new jobs more quickly? Write us your plans in the comments.

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