Genshin Impact White Dust and Snow Shadow Event Guide: How to Complete All Challenges and Find All Parts of the Snowman


Genshin Impact White Dust and Snow Shadow Event Guide

In the new Genshin Impact White Dust and Snow Shadow themed event , players must complete various challenges, collect rewards, and find chubby snowman pieces. For collecting all parts of the snowman, you will receive additional rewards. In this guide, we will describe how to complete all the challenges of the event and collect all the rewards.

How to start the White Dust and Snow Shadow event

To access the event, you need to reach rank 20 of the character's adventures and complete the "Bitter Tears" quest . After that, complete a few more tasks "Experience on the Traveler" and "Lost in the Snows" . Only after that the themed event "White Dust and Snow Shadow" will become available to you .

During the period of the event, you can complete challenges and receive special items "Seals of the Snowmobiler" . These items can be traded in the event themed store. More details about the items that can be purchased in the store are below.

How to complete the "Snowy Past" quest and access the event challenges

Open the events menu (key "F5" ), select the event "White dust and snow shadow", then press " Go to task". In the opened task log, click "Track task" . Travel to Mondstadt and talk to Sucrose.

Use Fast Travel to Camp at Dragon Spine and speak with the Adventurer's Guild Master. In the region "Dragon Spine" you need to find traces of Ember. Follow the markers on the map and look for footprints on the ground.

How to complete the "Snowy Past" quest and access the event challenges

Explore Albedo's camp, then reach the cave entrance. Collect two pieces of star silver in front of the entrance and watch the cut-scene with Bennett. Now you need to find the key to the cage and free the guy. To do this, search two tents to make enemies appear. Fight monsters and take the key.

Return to the cave, then go to Albedo's lab. Clean up the lab and talk about what happened at the adventurer camp. This completes the quest, and you will get access to the trials of the event.

Dragon Spine: Speed ​​Training

This part of the event is divided into four challenges that will become available over time. All tests are similar. You need to get to the starting point and finish the race as early as possible. During the race, you can collect different blessings:

  • Blessing of Jump (Blue Icon) : Significantly increases your jumping ability. While collecting this boost, you can jump over tall objects and obstacles.
  • Blessing of Toughness (yellow icon) : Allows you to smash columns of ice within a short range. With an active blessing, get as close as possible to the pillar containing the Adventure Emblem. The column will be destroyed, and you can pick up the emblem.
  • Adventure Emblem (Gold Coin) : Each emblem collected increases the overall challenge score.

Rewards (for each completed challenge):

  • 10,000 points : Stone of the Source (30), Mora (30,000), Seal of a snowmobiler (120);
  • 20,000 points : Mora (30,000), Snowmobiler's Seal (120);
  • 30,000 points : Mora (30,000), Enhancement Magic Ore (6).

Dragon's Ridge: Pathfinder Training

In this challenge you need to get to the place marked on the map, find and destroy eight piles of ice crystals. Some Molten Crystals can give you Snowman Parts or other valuable resources.

Dragon's Ridge: Pathfinder Training

It will not be difficult to find piles of ice. Examine the training area carefully and use your characters' pyro abilities to destroy crystals.

Rewards (for each completed challenge):

  • Stone of the East (30);
  • Snowman Piece (1);
  • Snowmobile Stamp (120).

Dragon Ridge Combat Training

In this test, you need to deal with a large number of monsters in the allotted time. The difficulty of the test lies in the fact that the battle will take place in the region "Dragon Ridge". As you know, in this region, the heroes are affected by a special effect, "fierce cold", which reduces the health level of the characters.

Before starting each test, look around the area and find three special mechanisms. They will be highlighted in blue. In this case, the mechanisms emit cold air, which accelerates the accumulation of "fierce cold". To create a source of heat and reduce the effect of the "fierce cold", you need to find "scarlet quartz" (red stones), pick it up and hit each of the three mechanisms.

Dragon Ridge Combat Training

Rewards (for each completed challenge):

  • Stone of the East (30);
  • Snowman Piece (1);
  • Snowmobile Stamp (120).

Born from the snow. How to Collect All Parts of a Chubby Snowman

During special training sessions, you will find and collect different parts of the snowman. For every snowman you make, you will receive special rewards.


  • Snowman. Model # 1 : Cinnabar Spindle Sword, Mora (20,000);
  • Two snowflakes in a row (two collected snowmen) : Source Stone (30), Mora (20,000);
  • Three little snowmen : Stone of the Source (30), Mora (20,000);
  • Snowmen of special importance (four collected snowmen) : The body of the "Rabbit jump" snowman, the body of the "Egg Fortress" snowman, the body of the "Assertive" snowman.

What can be purchased from the event theme store

To open the event themed store, go to the events menu (key "F5" ), select the "White dust and snow shadow" event and find the "Event store" button . Here you can track all available items. The Challenge Trophies tab is currently locked. It will become available on 12/01/2021.

Available products:

  • Alkagest : 400 seals;
  • Lion's Fang Chains : 15 Seals;
  • Lion's Fang Shackle : 45 Seals;
  • Decarabian wall fragment : 15 seals;
  • Fragment of the Decarabian epic : 45 seals;
  • Cracked Arctic Wolf Tooth : 15 Seals
  • Broken Arctic Wolf Fang : 45 Seals
  • Hero's experience : 10 seals;
  • Enhancement Magic Ore : 5 Seals.

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